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2010 WWMS CC Slideshow


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This is the slideshow we watced during the Fall Sports Awards Night. The soundtrack was "Live Like We're Dyin'" By Kris Allen, "Good Riddance" by Green Day and "Happy Trails" by Van Halen.

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2010 WWMS CC Slideshow

  1. 1. 20102010 WWMSWWMS CroSS CountryCroSS Country We’re baCk andWe’re baCk and better than ever!better than ever!
  2. 2. Aren’t they cute? Or do they have faces only a mother could love?
  3. 3. Did anyone find my earring?
  4. 4. I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! Choo-Choo!
  5. 5. Achoo!
  6. 6. Catch me if you can!
  7. 7. I can’t wait until the kick!
  8. 8. What’re you lookin’ at?
  9. 9. Get out of the way! My coach is talking a picture of us!
  10. 10. I just love cross country!
  11. 11. Me too!
  12. 12. Me three!
  13. 13. Fly like an eagle…
  14. 14. … hide like an armadillidium vulgare! (pill bug)
  15. 15. Reading is almost as much fun as running!
  16. 16. Uh…
  17. 17. Peace .
  18. 18. At least coach didn’t make us wear hats like that! Maybe next year!
  19. 19. Try to look like I’m not dying! Try to look like I’m not dying! Try to look like I’m not dying!
  20. 20. Look not like try dying. Look try like not dyeing. Ding nike ot tying.
  21. 21. Didn’t work! Do you think that girl is okay? No! Call an ambulance!
  22. 22. If this were an album cover, it would be called Divine Preparation by Take It Down a Notch.
  23. 23. If this were an album cover… … it wouldn’t sell very well.
  24. 24. I’m sorry, I can’t hear your cheers over the sound of how awesome I am!
  25. 25. Ummm… cheeseburger. What runners really think about during races.
  26. 26. Ummm… french fries.
  27. 27. At least it’s not Oneheckuva Hill!
  28. 28. Good job cute guy in front of Jared!
  29. 29. Awesome Dawson is my name and helping out is my game!
  30. 30. Kevin is either: A. really happy. B. daydreaming. C. sneezing. D. all of the above.
  31. 31. I run, therefore I am.
  32. 32. I shuffle, therefore I wear through a lot of shoes.
  33. 33. Is that dude a giant?
  34. 34. What is the guy to my right pointing at?
  35. 35. What in the world is Kevin pointing at?
  36. 36. Betchya can’t guess what I’m thinkin’! ‘Cuz even I don’t know!
  37. 37. This scene looks a little familiar…
  38. 38. I must… get… Voldemort!
  39. 39. Justin is a blur, Irene is hungry, Jackson shrunk, Hannah escaped from jail, and Cristian is trying to eat his hand. What a team!
  40. 40. Can you spot all the Warriors?
  41. 41. Maybe!
  42. 42. There’s coach and his stupid camera!
  43. 43. Doesn’t Chris look super ticked-off? I’m a little scared.
  44. 44. Doesn’t Jordan look like he’s gasping for breath? I’m a little scared.
  45. 45. Doesn’t Jackson look like he’s going to pass out? I’m a little scared.
  46. 46. GRRRRRRRR! Nice try, Jared. You don’t scare me.
  47. 47. Hey Coach, what are all these other girls doing here?
  48. 48. Oh. Duh.
  49. 49. Where did they come from?
  50. 50. Jordan is so cool!
  51. 51. Yeah, I know.
  52. 52. The guys were trying out the “Let everyone else think they’re getting ahead of us and catch up with them later in the race” strategy. It didn’t work. Chalk one up to experience!
  53. 53. Look, ma! I caught air!
  54. 54. What‘re you lookin’ at?
  55. 55. Like the Flash, Irene is usually just a blur. She’s fast!
  56. 56. What focus! What speed! What an untied shoelace!
  57. 57. Oh yeah! We’re awesome! We’re the best! We’re the great--
  58. 58. Oh.
  59. 59. Does anyone else think these two are almost Siamese twins? It works for me!
  60. 60. The next few pictures are portraits in determination.
  61. 61. Well, maybe this one doesn’t show determination, but…
  62. 62. …this one does!
  63. 63. Thanks, Mr. Munz!
  64. 64. I don’t even want to know what’s on your hands!
  65. 65. Bye-bye.
  66. 66. Thanks for a wonderful season!Thanks for a wonderful season! • To all the parents that helped prepare the course, run the meets, and donate stuff and time – THANKS! • To all the kids, even though at times working with you all was like herding squirrels, you reminded me why I love coaching middle school cross country. • You all rock!