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2010 OWP Youth Writing Camp @ Miami University


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This is the slideshow presented at Friday's reading (without "These Are the Days" by 10,000 Maniacs and "Live Like We're Dyin'" by Kris Allen).

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2010 OWP Youth Writing Camp @ Miami University

  1. 1. 2010 Youth Writing Camp hosted by
  2. 3. Desks? We don’t need no stinkin’ desks!
  3. 4. For some reason I feel like writing about Humpty Dumpty.
  4. 5. Coincidence? I think not!
  5. 8. This camper REALLY likes bacon!
  6. 9. They may be young, but their tastes are worldly!
  7. 10. The older campers are definitely not just two-dimensional!
  8. 12. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my jacket… where did it go? All I can find is my pen!
  9. 13. All bow down to Red Delicious!
  10. 14. Real writers find their own ways to be comfortable when they create their masterpieces.
  11. 15. The Standard Academic Posture
  12. 16. Broken Arm Stocking Feet Pose
  13. 17. Pillow on the Floor Posture
  14. 18. Intense Podium Posture
  15. 19. Side-saddle Left-handed Write Across Pose
  16. 20. Uncomfortable yet Comfortable Hard Wood Floor Pose
  17. 21. Cute as a Button Writer’s Pose
  18. 22. Knee as a Desk Pose
  19. 23. Comfortable as a Queen Pose
  20. 24. Reading and writing are two sides of the same coin! Heads AND tails, you win!
  21. 25. They were bad boys and girls, so we had to separate them!
  22. 26. Just kidding! We had to keep them separate while they created their monsters!
  23. 27. First you draw a monster.
  24. 28. Then you write a description of that monster.
  25. 29. Then someone else does their best to draw your monster based on your description. Get it?
  26. 31. All that creating made them hungry!
  27. 33. We normally don’t take new campers after day one, but Brownie was so cute we couldn’t resist.
  28. 34. Dude, John is so smart! … so that’s why the chicken crossed the road. End of story.
  29. 35. Woa, he’s right!
  30. 39. So by now you may be wondering, what’s the deal with the toilet paper tubes? They were actually a useful tool for focusing attention on details.
  31. 41. What would these pictures inspire you to write?
  32. 42. What would these pictures inspire you to write?
  33. 43. What would these pictures inspire you to write?
  34. 44. What would these pictures inspire you to write?
  35. 45. What would these pictures inspire you to write?
  36. 46. We went swimming, too – but you probably heard a lot about that already.
  37. 48. They had a lot of fun AFTER they finished swimming their required fifty lengths!
  38. 50. Donald is my name, water polo is my game.
  39. 51. Our parents think we’re writing right now! Ha! Yeah, I can’t wait until the manicures later this afternoon.
  40. 52. Okay girls, next I’ll teach you some great synchronized swimming moves!
  41. 53. Look Ma! No Hands!!!
  42. 54. Post-swimming munchies
  43. 55. Scavenger hunt!
  44. 58. Okay, fun’s over. Get back to writing! Wait a minute… writing IS fun!
  45. 59. Oh no! I’m fading into my imagination!
  46. 60. No, Hannah’s writing rocks! No, Katie’s writing rocks! Your writing rocks!
  47. 61. We even practiced tornado drills…
  48. 62. … and, of course, plotted for world domination.
  49. 63. I don’t need x-ray vision to know that Donald’s story is funny!
  50. 64. The Ladies of the Boardroom
  51. 65. This was the saddest part each day!
  52. 66. BEFORE
  53. 67. AFTER
  54. 68. Why do we do what we do? We’ve got a few reasons.
  55. 69. They are awesome!
  56. 70. The counselors would like to thank: - the campers for their creative genius - the parents for letting us borrow your kids for the week - and the OWP Office for everything– You gals rock!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep on writing! - Matt, Meghan, Julie, Melissa, and Liz