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Resume template ways of resume writing


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Resume is an informative document providing the overview of the applicant’s career to the prospective employer. A template is a predesigned document that can be edited and filled in with the relevant details to draft a resume. Use of resume template will save your time and you can utilize this time on listing more relevant details in this template.

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Resume template ways of resume writing

  1. 1. Resume Template
  2. 2.  Reviewed -10 to 30 seconds Must make immediate impression ▪ Overall appearance ▪ Organization ▪ Spelling and Grammar ▪ Use strong verbs ▪ Use descriptive terms
  3. 3.  Parts of resume template are as follows: Top Portion is critical ▪ Indicates to reviewer that you may be the right person ▪ Includes: ▪ Name ▪ Objectives ▪ Qualifications/Skills/Traits
  4. 4.  Middle Section ▪ Strongest supporting evidence first ▪ Education, maybe GPA and awards ▪ Relevant Job Experience ▪ Technical summary for technical resumes ▪ Certifications Bottom (if there’s room) ▪ Incidental Information ▪ Affiliations/Clubs ▪ APPROPRIATE hobbies ▪ Languages
  5. 5.  It’s just like a some resume tips Keep it Short Easy to Read Avoid Professional Jargon Curb Your Design Enthusiasm Tailor for a Specific Position Portray Yourself as a Problem Solver Quantify Accomplishments with Hard Numbers Do Not Mention Salary No Personal Information Check for Spelling and Grammar
  6. 6.  Age Ethnic identity Political affiliation Religious preference Hobbies Marital status Sexual orientation Place of birth Photographs Height, weight, health (There are exceptions to some of these items !)
  7. 7. Please check e-cover-letter.html e-tips.html