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Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit - Experience Vision


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This presentation demonstrates why every product needs an Experience Vision: a simple sentence expressing the core of the experience that your customers will have with your product. An Experience Vision is the glue in great customer experience, and the coordinating force behind products we love. A vision creates a culture of shared ownership, helps projects stay on track, and keeps people focused on who’s important; your customers. At a time of such rapid change, a co-ordinating force has never been more needed to bring consistency across platforms, devices, and new models of interaction.

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Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit - Experience Vision

  1. 1. ALAN COLVILLE3Sixty Useful, Beautiful, Digital
  2. 2.
  4. 4. “to make it so simple that people would actually use it.”
  5. 5. 40% less code on the box1 million saved in supportSIMPLE, STABLE, FAST
  6. 6. WHY VISIONS WORK• Focus on who’s important• Create a culture of shared ownership• Help sell our ideas and get buy in• Consistent narrative across channels•....
  7. 7. Always simple and completeDoes this help make decisions?
  9. 9. WHY VISIONS FAIL• Set up front• Fiction not fact• Start with technology• Not shared•....
  10. 10. RECAP• What is an Experience Vision• Why they work• Why they fail
  11. 11. WHERE TO START?
  13. 13. GET INTOTHE REALWORLDIf content is king,context wears the crownSimon Waterfall
  14. 14. GET TO KNOW THEMIf we’re not designing for the users of the site, then who are we designing for?
  15. 15. Date: 3/22/10 Starbucks Experience Map Eric - Repeat Customer Enriched Experience Purpose: To work/drink coffee Tasty drink Free Wi-Fi Good drink Flavorable Appropriate temperature Aroma Polite People watching Crowd conversation noise Ambience Quick, convenient Sofa chair is comfortable Good byes baseline Greeting Fake Audible Sensations Closing time Worrying Loud Factory line Impersonal Poached Experience Second guessing Blasting air conditioning Loud music Distracting Unwilling to try something new, risk Annoyed about closing time Repeating, not my taste Cold, drafty Feeling rushed Annoyed about where I sat Slightly crowded Back hurts Not large work spaces Not large work spaces Feedback Furniture not ideal for computer work Confusing Lack of personal space Lack of seating Inconsistent Unstructured Lack of outlets Uncomfortable wooden chairs Anticipate Enter Engage Exit ReflectTouchpoints Office Car Walk-In Line Order Pay Sit Drink Work Pack Up Walk Out Car 1.a Discussing 1.c Hoping 2.a Notice 3.a The wait- 4.a The Barista 5.a The barista 6.a Grab my 7.a The cub is 8.a I place my 8.f I enjoy the 9.a The barista 10.a I pack my 11.a I head to with team the to find a close that there are ing line occu- acknowledges tells me the drink and look hot, steaming, drink on the free wireless walks by me things up and my car and local places to parking spot. a couple of pies the main me with a total and I pay for a place to but withstand- table next me and the unlim- and makes an head out the wish that I grab a coffee. people in line. traffic way. smile. with my credit sit. ing in my and place my ited use. The announce- door. could have 1.d Hoping card. He asks hand. bag on the signal strength ment to the stayed longer 1.b Decid- Starbucks is 2.b Notice the 3.b The 4.b I can see me if I want 6.b I need, floor. is adequate. tore that it 10.b The re- to work. I ing to go to not overly narrow, con- menus across the menu bet- my receipt, I most im- 7.b Smells will be closing maining staff know that Starbucks and crowded and fined layout. the counter ter now, but I decline. portantly, an roasty and 8.b I remove 8.g The music shorty -10 pm. tell me to have once I get work on de- will have avail- are hard to feel rushed to outlet and a sweet. my computer is really both- a good night. home, I will be sign reports. able seating. 2.c Enjoy the read while in order a drink. 5.b My inter- workspace. and accesso- ering me. I put 9.b I would like in the wrong aroma of line. action ends 7.c First sip is ries and now my head- to continue mind state 4.c I feel 1.e Consider- roasted coffee with him say- 6.c I notice too hot, but am shifting my phones on and to work. I feel to continue forced to ing alternative and mixed 3.c The line ing thank you. that there are flavorful. I’m coffee to find play my mp3 10pm closing working. make a quick places just in sweet, robust moves slow, He doesn’t use only a few happy with room for all of songs. time is much beverage se- case.. smells. people who my name. locations in the taste and my things on too early, 11.b The cof- lection. I play it just ordered the seating ar- my choice. this little cof- 8.h The bat- especially in a fee was very 2.d The light- safe by having are still in the eas that have fee table. tery use on my college town. good, but I ing is pleasant, what I always 5.c Now I same area. outlets. This is 7.d The computer is a was disap- not overly get. move to the 8.c The table Becomes discouraging. continued concern now. 9.c I stand pointed in the bright and not left of where is too low to crowded. 4.d The baris- sips remain I will begin up and walk environment. too dim. i paid. Once work from ta confirms 6.d Most satisfying. looking for around until I Distracting again I feel there, so I 3.d The order- my selection places are another table find a hidden music, small 2.e The music crowded and place my ing process and asks my occupied. No to work at. trash can to workspace, seems ethnic, out of place. laptop in my seems too name to write outlets are throw my cup lack of power extended People are lap. My drink slow. Inconsis- on the cup. available. 8.i The air into. outlets. vocals, soft in walking by me. remains on tent structure conditioning style, volume There isn’t a the table, my of service. 4.e He writes 6.e The work- seems inten- too load and designated bag on the down my spaces seem tion. It’s cold but my taste. waiting ,sitting floor. name and small and outside and area. some code impractical. cold inside. I 2.f The room Most are just 8.d I’m feel- slip my jacket on the cup 5.d As I stand, climate seems have a small ing crowded. on. and hands it the drinker intentionally round wooden I have no off to another EXPERIENCE MAPS cold. maker shouts room to use barista who table with 8.j I continually finished orders my wire- will make it two wooden finding myself and places less mouse. I when he is chairs. people watch- them on a now use the finished with ing while I drink stand. Customer Journey Mapping other orders. 6.f I find an surface of the work. There He screams arm chair as empty reclined are interesting Grande Chai. my mouse cushioned people here, 5.e Confu- sion. Is this my armchair. Next to it is a pad. Not very effective. so I’m not too bothered. I drink? Why small wooden never like feel- table shared 8.e The crowd ing alone. any did he not call by another talking doesn’t out my name person sitting bother me or name and in the other after awhile, drink? I pick
  16. 16. EXPERIENCE MAPS Customer Journey Mapping
  17. 17. JOINED UP C&A, Brazil
  19. 19. WORKSHOP AGENDA• Review key customer insights, like personas• Set boundaries• Post up• Find patterns - Affinity mapping• Prioritise ideas - Dot voting• Find best fit
  20. 20. BRAINSTORMImagine you’re a customer,list the qualities that mattermost to you in using theproduct?List also feelings associatedwith these qualities.
  22. 22. HIDDEN PATTERNSPredictable Definitive Usable Speed SafeConfident Comprehensive Clearly flowing Instant SecureControlled Finable Simple Fast TrustedExpected Engaging User friendly Quick SafeCertain Fully equipped Easy to use Speedy AccurateSolid Tailored Intuitive ConfidentStable Resolved Stress freeReliable StraightforwardAvailable EfficientAccomplished Associated Feelings to evoke: Confident - professional - relaxed - engaging - empowering - reassuring - in control
  23. 23. GO AWAY
  24. 24. PATTERNS EMERGEClear Concise In control Helpful EmpoweringStraightforward Comprehensive Flowing Supportive EngagingSimple Findable Well structured Contextual ReassuringUser friendly Fully equipped Quick Tailored ConfidentEasy to use Resolved Efficient Friendly TrustedIntuitive Expected Secure Useful Stress free Certain Stable Solid Reliable Accurate Available Safe
  26. 26. Concise, helpfuland puts customers in control We’ll deliver on the company’s brand promise: ‘To Make Investing Easy’
  27. 27. A GOOD VISION IS . . . Simple, attainable, measurable, and meaningful. Even the smallest thing we do, will be measured against this vision.
  28. 28. What do you think of when you think great customer experience?
  29. 29. GOV.UK TO SAVE IN 2011 150 MILLION CALLS COULD£3 BILLION HAVE BEEN AVOIDED THROUGH IMPROVED ONLINE EXPERIENCEFINDABLE - UNDERSTANDABLE - ACTIONABLE1 Start with needs*2 Do less3 Design with data4 Do the hard work to make it simple5 Iterate. Then iterate again.6 Build for inclusion7 Understand context8 Build digital services, not websites9 Be consistent, not uniform10 Make things open: it’s better
  30. 30. MULTI-CHANNEL CROSS-CHANNEL SERVICE SERVICE + + Peter Morveille’s 2011 UserFocus Keynote
  31. 31. FOUR THINGS1. Great customer experiences don’t start with the customer2. Vision helps overcome cross channel barriers3. Every vision needs a plan4. Test your vision in the real world
  32. 32. CX PRINCIPLES For staff1. Lead with empathy2. Empower with information3. Experience it first hand4. Every interaction is an opportunity5. It’s a marathon, not a sprint
  33. 33. Thank you!Work with me - Useful, Beautiful, Digital
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  35. 35. READINGSimple and UsableWeb, mobile, and interaction design by Giles ColborneGamestormingA playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and changemakers byDave Grey, Sunni Brown, James MacanufoUndercover User Experience DesignGreat UX with a tiny budget by Cennydd Bowles and James BoxThe Lean StartupHow constant innovation creates radically successful businessesby Eric RiesStart with whyHow great leaders inspire by Simon Sinek
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