Digital identity and amplification for faculty


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Digital identity and amplification for faculty

  1. 1. Amplification
  2. 2. Synergies story Print Synergies Alumni Association email Synergies online Former distribution methods
  3. 3. Synergies story OSU Today Oregon Stater PAC12 Networks PHHS All OSU Home page Outreach and Engagement OSU Foundation ASPPH Friday Letter Undergraduate Listservs CPHHS Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + Life@OSU OSU Terra Research Magazine Gazette Times The Nation’s Health Posters Local TV stations MailChimp – Alumni Bulletin boards Fellow OSU Communicators Beaver e-clips OSU Extension Print Synergies Graduate Listservs Synergies website CPHHS Home page Various CPHHS web pages OSU Social Media College of Public Health and Human Sciences Current distribution methods Tammy’s Take OSU Yearbook
  4. 4. Amplification through social media One of the key differences of social media over traditional media. Not only easy for us to share our message on a global scale… …social makes it easy for others to share our messages.
  5. 5. Amplification through social media 456 302 52 463 1,72 5 2,70 4 5,702 impressions Alyssa Hersh is Undergraduate Researcher of the Year
  6. 6. Amplification through social media 456 Mark Hoffman named NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer 4,595 9,720 181 12 2 47 86 208 15,415 impressions
  7. 7. Amplification through social media Influencers Molly Kile is followed by Bina Venkataraman – “Senior advisor on climate/innovation @ White House, writer, lecturer @MIT, former @nytimes @bostonglobe journo. hot sauce addict- audiophile-aspiring surfer." CPHHS is followed by Katy Muldoon – "Writing news and features on people, places, life, trends, personal health and other interesting stuff in the Northwest for @Oregonian"
  8. 8. Amplification through social media Influencers ● APHA Student Assembly ● UNC Greensboro Dept. of Public Health Education ● 2x2 Project – run through Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health ● APHA ● UW School of Public Health ● EatRight – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ● Samaritan Health Services ● John Kitzhaber’s official twitter account ● Portland Monthly Magazine ● Michelle Forman – senior media specialists -Association of Public Health Laboratories ● Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ● Colorado School of Public Health ● Public Health Institute ● And many more…
  9. 9. Good for researchers Citations You don’t do research in a vacuum Networking Don’t let conferences be the only time to interact with colleagues Be an influencer Supplement the authority of your research with the authority of your knowledge. Promote your students Social media isn’t about you (mostly) - build your network to promote your amazing students.
  10. 10. Good for the College’s goals Social Signal Social engagement influences our search ranking Land Grant University (& Sea & Air & Space & Sun etc…) We are an institution for all of Oregon. CEPH Accreditation Obviously this is big. We want the everyone to know, know why and how it is good for all of Oregon.
  11. 11. Steps from here Bootcamps (unless a better name… which is likely) Alan lead howto’s based around separate social media platforms ● LinkedIn ● Twitter ● General best practices regardless of SM platform.
  12. 12. Thank you!