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Sustainable SEO Critical Thinking Required


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Advanced, sustainable SEO now requires critical thinking more than ever. Without it, all you end up with is horror stories. With it, Google penalties can be a thing of the past.

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Sustainable SEO Critical Thinking Required

  1. 1. Sustainable SEOCritical Thinking in SEO Higher Level Concepts: Taking SEO to a New Level
  2. 2. Presentation Overview  SEO Gone Horribly Wrong  Higher Level SEO  The Key to Critical Thinking  Most Common SEO Issues SEOs Fall Short On  Online Reputation Management  Tools & ResourcesSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  3. 3. SEO Gone Horribly WrongSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  4. 4. SEO Gone Horribly WrongSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  5. 5. SEO Gone Horribly WrongSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  6. 6. Higher Level SEO The Common Understanding: SEO is the process of helping to ensure a site properly communicates that “this content is the best match for this search”.Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  7. 7. Higher Level SEO The Common Understanding: “Let Google Figure It Out” “Google Can Now Read AJAX” Google Now Encourages Responsive Design “Page Sculpting Matters” “Industry Tools Can Help Maximize SEO”Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  8. 8. Higher Level SEO The Reality: Billions of Pages Out There Horrific Code Issues Abound Magic Bullet Methods Gone Wild Out of Control Spam Automation Google Struggles with Script Driven SitesSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  9. 9. Higher Level SEO The Reality: Google was forced to take extreme measures at combatting spam Result: Ever Increasingly More Algorithm Layers Algorithms Do Not Cooperate With Each OtherSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  10. 10. Launching Redesign Before You ShouldSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  11. 11. Redesign Launch Without Higher Level InputSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  12. 12. Redesign Launch Without Higher Level InputSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  13. 13. Bad Architecture Left UncheckedSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  14. 14. Bad Architecture Left UncheckedSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  15. 15. Bad Architecture Left Unchecked Actual Pages: 2500 Indexed: 646,638Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  16. 16. Bad Automation Left UncheckedSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  17. 17. On-Site Unrestrained “Optimization”Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  18. 18. Higher Level SEO The Reality:Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  19. 19. Higher Level SEO So – What’s The Key To Higher Level SEO?Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  20. 20. Higher Level SEO So – What’s The Key To Higher Level SEO? More links? More content? More social? Better links? Better content? Better social?Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  21. 21. Higher Level SEO So – What’s The Key To Higher Level SEO? Critical ThinkingSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  22. 22. Higher Level SEOSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  23. 23. Higher Level SEO Critical Thinking in SEOSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  24. 24. Higher Level SEO Search Engines First Task: Searcher Intent What is the full question being asked by the searcher? e.g.: “ERISA Attorney” Looking for an attorney who specialize in ERISA? Want to know what an ERISA attorney specializes in? Want to know what it takes to become an ERISA attorney?Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  25. 25. Higher Level SEO Search Engines Next Task: Cross-Signal Validation “Is this content the best match for this search?” What is the primary topic for this page? Is this page the best source of information on this topic? Does it most closely answer the question asked ? Is this page trustworthy? Does the site offer a good user experience overall?Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  26. 26. Higher Level SEO Your Task: Match Topical Focus To Your Ideal Searcher Mind Model Send Consistent Topical Focus Signals Send Consistent Quality Experience Signals Avoid Crappy ShortcutsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  27. 27. Higher Level SEO Most Common Issues Site Owners & Most SEOs Fail At: Topical Focus On-Site Signals Off-Site Confirmation Trust On-Site Signals Off-Site ConfirmationSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  28. 28. Higher Level SEO Topical Focus What is the primary focus of this page? What is the primary focus of the section of the site this is on? What is the primary focus of the site this content is found within?Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  29. 29. Topical DilutionSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  30. 30. Topical DilutionSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  31. 31. Topical DilutionSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  32. 32. Topical DilutionSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  33. 33. Topical DilutionSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  34. 34. Topical Focus: Consider Relevant SynonymsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  35. 35. Topical Focus: Think Like Your Market ThinksSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  36. 36. Topical Focus: Rich Relevant Section Index PagesSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  37. 37. Topical Focus: Tight Sectional NavigationSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  38. 38. Topical Focus: Tight Sectional Topical IntentSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  39. 39. Topical Focus: Deep Rich Organized ContentSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  40. 40. Topical Focus: High Quality All The Way DownSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  41. 41. Topical Focus: Deep Rich Evergreen ContentSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  42. 42. Topical Focus: Deep Evergreen WinSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  43. 43. Topical Focus: Rich Unique Local ContentSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  44. 44. Topical Focus: Signal Confusion Robots.txt: Disallow: On-Site-Search/ On-Site-Search Page Level: Meta Noindex, FollowSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  45. 45. Topical Focus: Signal Confusion Page Title: Keyword One | Keyword Two URL: Keyword Three H1: Keyword Four Content: Keywords one, three, five, sevenSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  46. 46. Topical Focus: Off-Site Validation MattersSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  47. 47. Topical Focus: Don’t Ignore BingSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  48. 48. Topical Focus: Off-Site False SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  49. 49. Topical Focus: Off-Site False SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  50. 50. Topical Focus: Off-Site ConsistencySustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  51. 51. Topical Focus: Off-Site ConsistencySustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  52. 52. Off-Site: Google+ MattersSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  53. 53. Off-Site: Google+ MattersSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  54. 54. Off-Site: LinkedIn MattersSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  55. 55. Off-Site: LinkedIn MattersSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  56. 56. Higher Level SEO Trust Was a visitor unhappy with the results they clicked to? Were they confused when they got to the site? Couldn’t find the information? Info found wasn’t what they were looking for? Were they overwhelmed with distractions? Did they have to spend too much time on-site?Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  57. 57. Higher Level SEO Trust What do others say about this site? Its topical focus Its trustworthiness Its authority Its reliabilitySustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  58. 58. Trust: Perceived User Experience Errors Google Sees e.g.: 404 – Not Found, 403 (Soft 404), 500Sustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  59. 59. Trust: Don’t Forget User BehaviorSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  60. 60. Trust: It’s Not Just Main Page QualitySustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  61. 61. Trust: Review For Intermittent ProblemsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  62. 62. Trust: False SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  63. 63. Trust: False SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  64. 64. Trust: Reputation SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  65. 65. Trust: Reputation SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  66. 66. Trust: Reputation SignalsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  67. 67. Online Reputation Reality Check 1 Page on a scam site can rank for your phrases or brand because of site scale • 500,000 pages • 1,100,000 pages • 3,400,000 pages • 8,100,000 pages • 1,900,000 pages • 11,600,000 pagesSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  68. 68. Online Reputation Reality Check Scam Sites allow unsubstantiated complaints • Competitors & disgruntled employees can post anything they want • No proof of claim required • No personal identification confirmation required • Legal process can take two years to get court order to remove false claimsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  69. 69. Online Reputation Never Fight Fire With Fire • Don’t post fake reviews / comments • Don’t create fake news sites • Don’t create fake reviews sites • $500,000 fine • Permanent .gov site record • Legacy SERPs from news coverageSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  70. 70. Online Reputation Saturate Content Across The Web Main Site Company History Site Corporate Site Community Outreach Site Customer Support Site Giving Back Site Complaints Resolution Site Twitter Corporate Customer Testimonials Site Twitter Customer Satisfaction Debunking Scam Stories Site Twitter Member Services Member Services Site Twitter Consumer Advocacy Consumer Advocacy Site Twitter Community Outreach Product Return Policies Site Twitter Giving BackSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  71. 71. Online Reputation Saturate Content Across The Web Facebook Corporate Facebook Customer Satisfaction Facebook Member Services Facebook Consumer Advocacy Facebook Community Outreach Facebook Giving Back YouTube Channel YouTube Customer Satisfaction Channel YouTube Consumer Advocacy ChannelSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  72. 72. Online Reputation ORM Key Points Add value with each new site & profile Press releases for each new site Press releases for each new social profile Build Quality Links to each site & profileSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  73. 73. Online Reputation Trust + Uniqueness – Over-Optimization = ORM WIN Don’t hide corporate ownership of any site Vary Target Keyword Phrases across sites Link Social Profiles only to the appropriate siteSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  74. 74. Online Reputation ORM Attack Research Techniques “Other Sites On This Server” lookup on suspicious “reviews” sites Research ownership info of suspicious “reviews” sites Research online presence of attack commenter usernames Research cross-promotion of attack content by commentersSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  75. 75. Limitations of SEO Tools TBPR (inaccurate, non-timely shiny object) DA/PA (not accurate – can’t know how Google treats links) Link Reporting Tools (not comprehensive, no way to know which no longer are even counted) “All” vs. “Followed” Link Counts Disavow Process – not a cure-all – can take monthsSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  76. 76. Technical Quality Resources Google Webmaster Tools Bing Webmaster Center Speed Checks: Code Validation Checks SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  77. 77. Industry Tools & Resources (Pro Q&A) http://TheShortCutts.comSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss
  78. 78. Search Industry Blogs & News http://SearchEngineWatch.comSustainable SEO @AlanBleiweiss