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Online Reputation Management Warfare


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When dealing with or proactively dealing with online reputation at the highest level, use sustainable SEO methods to own organic search results.

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Online Reputation Management Warfare

  1. 1. Fighting The OnlineReputation War Presented by: Alan Bleiweiss @AlanBleiweiss @AlanBleiweiss
  2. 2. Brand & Reputation Strategies• Reality Check• Be Proactive When Possible• Prepare For The Unexpected• Think Like Big Brands• Sustainability Is Vital @AlanBleiweiss
  3. 3. Reality Check1 Page on a scam site can rank for your phrasesor brand because of site scale • 500,000 pages • 1,100,000 pages • 3,400,000 pages • 8,100,000 pages • 1,900,000 pages • 11,600,000 pages @AlanBleiweiss
  4. 4. Reality CheckScam Sites allow unsubstantiated complaints•Competitors & disgruntled employees can postanything they want•No proof of claim required•No personal identification confirmation required•Legal process can take two years to get courtorder to remove false claims @AlanBleiweiss
  5. 5. Reality CheckMalicious attacker Arsenal•Post to multiple scam & review sitesblanketing SERP rankings•Employ teams of fake comment posters•Create fake “review” sites to attack yourreputation•Interlink across scam sites as “proof” ofscam claim @AlanBleiweiss
  6. 6. Reality Check• The Reputation Team – Project Manager – Designer – 1 Senior Content Specialist – 2 to 5 Content Generalists – 2 to 4 Content Marketing Specialists – 1 Social Media Specialist – 1 or 2 Social Media Generalists @AlanBleiweiss
  7. 7. Reality Check• SERP Domination takes 2 to 6 months• $200,000 - $400,000 a year• Get buy-in from everyone on the team – Explain the 5 Ws – Your Team is Your Front Line • Let the team be additional eyes & ears • Take creative, strategy & tactical input & suggestions @AlanBleiweiss
  8. 8. Be Proactive• Get ahead of the situation• Take Action Before Problems Occur• Anticipate Future Problems @AlanBleiweiss
  9. 9. Prepare for the Unexpected• Grill your client/employer about skeletons in the closet• Monitor News, Search, Video & Social Channels for: – Brand – Brand + Scam phrase variations – Key People – Key People + Scam phrase variations @AlanBleiweiss
  10. 10. Sustainability Wins• Avoid crappy content sites – Crappy sites cause trust doubt, can’t sustain • Squiddoo Lenses • Weebly Pages • Knock-off Domains • Blatantly useless Sites & Profiles @AlanBleiweiss
  11. 11. Sustainability Wins• Don’t post fake reviews / comments• Don’t create fake news sites• Don’t create fake reviews sites • $500,000 fine • Permanent .gov site record • Legacy SERPs from news coverage @AlanBleiweiss
  12. 12. Think Like Big Brands• Create Multiple Legitimate Sites – Niche relevance – Unique value – Serve a real purpose – Fully supported as stand-alone @AlanBleiweiss
  13. 13. Think Like Big Brands• Every Site/Profile needs: – High Quality Content – Unique focus – Quality Off-Site Signals • Link Profile • Social Signals @AlanBleiweiss
  14. 14. Big Brand AMEX FourSquareAMEX Wikipedia Entry AMEX LinkedIn@AmericanExpress AMEX Facebook/OpenAMEX YouTube Facebook/ @AlanBleiweiss
  15. 15. Go Further than Big BrandsMain Site Company History SiteCorporate Site Community Outreach SiteCustomer Support Site Giving Back SiteComplaints Resolution Site Twitter CorporateCustomer Testimonials Site Twitter Customer SatisfactionDebunking Scam Stories Site Twitter Member ServicesMember Services Site Twitter Consumer AdvocacyConsumer Advocacy Site Twitter Community OutreachProduct Return Policies Site Twitter Giving Back @AlanBleiweiss
  16. 16. Go Further than Big BrandsFacebook CorporateFacebook Customer SatisfactionFacebook Member ServicesFacebook Consumer AdvocacyFacebook Community OutreachFacebook Giving BackYouTube ChannelYouTube Customer SatisfactionChannelYouTube Consumer AdvocacyChannel @AlanBleiweiss
  17. 17. Go Further than Big Brands• Create detailed Complaint, Scam Report and Customer Satisfaction pages with forms on every site• Or combine those into one single page and form on each site @AlanBleiweiss
  18. 18. Don’t Over Optimize• Majority of pages unique to each site• No Site-Wide Cross-Site Linking – NAV Links: • Only link to satellite sites from main site’s home footer, About & Contact page • Only link to main site home page from satellite site home, about & contact – Content Links: • Only link from within appropriate related page content areas @AlanBleiweiss
  19. 19. Don’t Over Optimize• Don’t hide corporate ownership of any site• Vary Target Keyword Phrases across sites• Link Social Profiles only to the appropriate site• Only Link to satellite site complaint forms from customer satisfaction & complaint related pages @AlanBleiweiss
  20. 20. Treat Each Site & Profile As Stand-Alone• Add value with each new site & profile• Press releases for each new site• Press releases for each new social profile• Build Quality Links to each site & profile @AlanBleiweiss
  21. 21. Takeaways• Think Like Big Brands & Do More• Shortcuts Will Bite You• Get Entire Team to Buy-In On Vision• Avoid Over Optimization• Avoid Fake Reviews – $500k fine if caught @AlanBleiweiss
  22. 22. Alan BleiweissForensic SEO Consultant @AlanBleiweiss @AlanBleiweiss