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Alan bleiweiss bgla2012


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My slide deck from #BlueglassLA 2012 where I spoke on the topic of how to perform SEO in spite of Google having hidden many organic referrer keywords in their "not provided" bucket

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Alan bleiweiss bgla2012

  1. 1. Google Took Your Keywords Away! Now What? #NobodyPanic #ItsNotASignOfTheApocalypse Alan Bleiweiss Search Team Director @Click2Rank @AlanBleiweiss Obligatory Mention: Unicorns Ponies Rainbows Kittens Puppies@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  2. 2. Don’t assume the data hidden in “not provided” was even that valuable to begin with@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  3. 3. And it’s never been very scalable Unless you enjoy scouring hundreds of thousands of phrases for a few gems@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  4. 4. Sometimes “Not Provided” isn’t even the worst fail. “other” can be a lot worse@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  5. 5. The smart bet is on organic keyword data eventually disappearing completely So what’s an SEO to do?@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  6. 6. Search Engine WatchHow To Understand Google Not Provided Traffic You can read articles on magic waysAvinash Kaushak’s to get around the wallSmarter Data Analysis of Googles https (notprovided) change: 5 Steps Of SearchYet Another Way to Reclaim Your (not provided)Data InteractiveIs (not provided) Driving You Crazy? Get Some ofYour Data Back @AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  7. 7. Or you can Join the new wave of hipsters! Use information that’s been right in front of your face the whole time@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  8. 8. @AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  9. 9. From 15k organic visits a day to more than 60k visits a day without the use of granular keyword data@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  10. 10. Even smaller sites can still see tremendous annual growth Without relying on Google Organic Keyword Data@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  11. 11. No, I’m not talking about having a magic fairy Sprinkle pixie dust on your site* *Missy Ward probably has an affiliate link to one If you really need that@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  12. 12. Maximum SEO without granular keyword data will only work if your site is already properly optimized@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  13. 13. If your site is an unorganized, chaotic, poorly optimized pile of trash Forget about what I am about to show you. You have bigger problems to fix first.@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  14. 14. My methods can help only if you have a well organized site with discoverable content@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  15. 15. Remember What it was like Before you Became Dependent on Granular data Unlearn your organic keyword habit@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  16. 16. Remember there’s other data already waiting for you to make use of@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  17. 17. Look for ways other than Google’s keyword data to determine phrases people find relevantGoogle Analytics “In Page Analytics” can revealareas to improve or remove #BlueglassLA@AlanBleiweiss
  18. 18. Track actual keywords you optimized your landing pages & converting pages for Embed landing page & converting page keywords into your conversion tracking solution@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  19. 19. @AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  20. 20. Review Page Level Data average Visit / time Conversion Page Visits on page conversions Ratio./blue-widgets/ 15000 6:43 744 20.16./red-widgets/ 12941 7:28 936 13.83./big-widgets/ 8000 3:29 54 148.15./fuzzy-widget-balls/ 399 8:21 227 1.76 •Highest Visited •Stickiest •Total Conversions •Most Conversions To Visits (Lowest ratio) #BlueglassLA@AlanBleiweiss
  21. 21. Already have highly converting pages? Don’t ignore them or rest on your laurels! Add more pages directly related to themDo more off-page SEO to keep the momentum going Use social media to remind people “these are our best products/services” @AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  22. 22. Highest Visited and/or Stickiest Pages not converting?Test ways to improve them!•A/B Test your Call to Action•A/B Test your content wording and message•Review the persona the page is targeting Is it your likeliest prospect? Or is it speaking to lookers not ready to buy? @AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  23. 23. Lowest visited, least sticky, and lowest converting pages Can they be salvaged? Should they be salvaged? On your worst performing pages: ask: can you better optimize them or should you 301 to higher value pages? Remember to evaluate individual pages and then entire sections @AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  24. 24. Poorly performing pages? Do new keyword research to see if there are better, more appropriate, more relevant phrases Sometimes phrases that made sense a year ago may no longer be valid Sometimes a market has learned new ways to describe something@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  25. 25. Follow this process And you just may get such great results you’ll think you’re in heaven!@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA
  26. 26. Takeaways:Organic Keyword Data will go away completelyMake use of other data you already haveTrack referrer & page title data through to conversionExamine page visits, stickiness, conversion ratiosLook for opportunities to build on the great, improvethe good and fix or scrap the bad@AlanBleiweiss #BlueglassLA