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Utilities demin plant sulphuric acid leak lessons learned


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Sulphuric Acid leak from corroded pipework - When did you last review your pipeline inspection routines...? Could you route any suspect pipework above ground to prevent this?

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Utilities demin plant sulphuric acid leak lessons learned

  1. 1. 20th Dec 2013. Utilities Demin plant – Sulphuric acid Loss from corroded pipeline. What Why Lessons •6.3 cubic metres of 96% Sulphuric Acid leaked from a holed section of transfer pipework •The Acidic liquors entered the drainage systems •Acidic effluent ‘backed up’ into the welfare and switchroom areas within the basement of The Utilities building •All pipework running under culverts or covered gullies should be inspected as part of a planned schedule of inspections •Consideration must be given to routing pipework above ground •Provision for easier access to culvert/gulley pipework should implemented HS&E LESSONS LEARNED GRANGEMOUTH Contact for info: Investigation Team Leader : Malcolm McGregor Tel:- 0132 49 7496 UK •External corrosion occurred on a section of pipework within a gulley/culvert, beneath concrete covers and steel plating •This section of pipework was not inspected as part of the scheduled inspection programme Hole found on underside of pipework Concrete culvert cover