NESHEP Main Meeting (1st
October 2013)
Our October meeting was held at the usual venue of the Wilton International Centre....
Bob then went on to explain how companies can benefit from having great first aiders, what it
would mean to your customers...
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Neshep meeting summary october 2013


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NESHEP Main Meeting Summary and Useful Links covering The Health & Safety First Aid Regulations 1981 (Amended 1st October 2013)

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Neshep meeting summary october 2013

  1. 1. NESHEP Main Meeting (1st October 2013) Our October meeting was held at the usual venue of the Wilton International Centre. Alan opened with recent updates including ‘Plant Operator Safety’ a tracked excavator which had overturned during a routine task after a loose drinking water bottle caused the control pedals to jam ( A toolbox talk on RIDDOR Reportable Hand Injury (, and the 10 Golden Hand Safety Rules ( to go alongside. Alan also circulated a document on Scaffolders – Vehicles & Drivers. Members got involved in a lively discussion following on from the video Alan presented in regards to misuse of equipment/working at height. This involved a worker using a BIFFA bin, mesh frame, pallets and a tyre stacked on top of each other to erect a sign. Attendees decided it would be a good idea to collect evidence such as this (anonymously) to inform the HSE and follow up regularly to determine if any action was taken, if any. Bianca will be collecting any evidence from members as discussed and it will be treated in strictest confidence. Members also pointed out that not many people are aware of the contact details for the HSE to report misuse/whistleblow; there are various contact numbers for the HSE in regards to different reporting’s, which can be found at Last but not least, COFELY Fabricom GDF SUEZ took part in a Big Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support and managed to raise £1,150 so a huge well done to everyone who participated!! BOB CAMPBELL – (Life Aid Training) Bob’s presentation covered first aid and amendments to the Health & Safety First Aid Regulations 1981 which was on 1st October 2013, and fitting in perfectly with our meeting. New regulations L74 and GEIS3 are available to download from the links provided. Members were also shown a number Lifesaving Skills, using CPR and Choking as examples, Bob played 3 videos, depicting heart attacks and choking which enabled attendees to understand the signs. Demonstrations involved the teaching technique for choking, with a member of the audience using a ‘choke-vest’. An explanation on diabetes was also given, through the use of charts and other resources.
  2. 2. Bob then went on to explain how companies can benefit from having great first aiders, what it would mean to your customers, staff and your directors. He also explained having the right first aiders can remove business risks and followed on by explaining what those risks were. The morning session ended with questions from attendees, and further discussions following questions and answers. Names and companies attending our October 1st meeting: Alan Bassett – Cognition Media Bianca Kemp – NESHEP Roy Taylor – 100% Success Chris Rhodes – Guest John Raftery – ARCO Brian McGough – CIS Northern Steve Waggett – Clugston Construction Mick Stephenson – DP Consultancy (NE) Alison Morfitt – DP Consultancy Guest Grant Bell – DP Consultancy Guest Ed Levie – NESHEP Bob Hartley – Sembcorp Linda Newlove – Wolviston Training Solutions Cath Measor – Northern Safety Gerry Shaw – Nortech Solutions Colin Ellis – NESHEP Simon Ellis – NESHEP Mike Emery – Middlesbrough College Tom Hough – Northern Safety Bob Campbell – Life Aid Training Gloria Grace – Selwood Steve Prest – Sulzer Dowding & Mills Arthur – Sulzer Dowding & Mills Michael Hebner – Portrack Handling Lee Hepple – Growhow Keith Davison – RES Teesdale Maria Tuck – SBV Fabrications Please note that attendance of meetings can count towards your CPD. Our next meeting will be held on 3rd December 2013 – as this will be our Christmas meeting there will be a light buffet, we will also have additional time for networking and sharing best practice before the Christmas break. Details for this meeting will be circulated in due course. If you wish to provisionally book your place please contact Bianca at