Mens Health Week 2011 Toolkit


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A Toolkit that focus\' on how new technologies can be used to improve men\'s health.

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Mens Health Week 2011 Toolkit

  1. 1. MENS HEALTH ONLINE TOOLKIT Mens Health Week 2011 (13-19th June) will focus on how 70% of male new technologies can be used to improve mens health. respondents to a Many men are reluctant users of traditional health services, survey in 2009 such as GPs and pharmacies, and do not always respond to said the internet mainstream health awareness campaigns. However, most was their first stop men care about their health and do respond to messages for health when the information is presented in formats that appeal to information them. We know that men are enthusiastic users of wide mainly because it range of new technologies – online systems, mobile phone was quick, private applications, social networking, gaming, etc. We want to and free. harness this interest in new technologies to develop health services, information and products that engage men so they take action to improve their health.
  2. 2. How to get apps on your android Internet Service Providers Firstly select the android marketplace icon If you want to access the internet at home you will have to get an on your phone. You will then see a screen internet service provider (ISP) and a modem to connect to the ISP. A that allows you to search for the app you good place to start looking for an ISP is the Internet Service Provider would like to download. Once you have Association. Although this is a voluntary body, it is recognised by found the app select the icon image and government for its knowledge and expertise. All ISP’s on the site have you will see further instructions on how to agreed to certain rules and standards set by ISPA, therefore you can download the app. be confident that your chose ISP has good business practice. How to get apps on your BlackBerry To get apps on your blackberry you need to have BlackBerry App World, this is usually already downloaded onto your Blackberry Internet Access at local libraries/UK Online Centres but if it isn’t you will need to go to (Community) and download it Some local libraries now have computers with internet access, from there. You simply need to go on which can be booked for half hourly or hourly sessions. Contact BlackBerry App World and search the app your local council who can provide you with details of the local you would like to download and further libraries in your area that can provide you with free internet instructions will be given from there. access. Alternatively, you can go straight to your local library to see what they have to offer and the information they can How to get apps on your iPhone provide. Firstly you will need to register on the Apple Store Website. After registering, use your phone to click on the App Store button and scroll through to find the app you want to install. You will need to enter your username and password to download the app. Once your phone has started downloading the app a status bar will appear to show the downloading process.DISCLAIMER - Whilst we are promoting within this document a variety of websites and smartphone applications the NHS does not endorse orguarantee the functionality or full quality of these resources. This is a general guide and not a definitive list of apps or online resources. Many moreresources are available, some at cost, and we encourage you to complete your own research.
  3. 3. There are UK Online Centres all over your local area which is a great place for beginners to get started using the internet and computers. There are over 6000 centres across England staffed by people ready to offer help and advice, many ofwhich started out as beginners to UK Online Centres so they understand beginners concerns. The following venues offer a range of free or low cost computer courses for all ages. If you live outside any of these areas please visit to find your nearest venue. In the Redcar & Cleveland area, you can also visit to find out how to access free training in lots of different informal venues. Call Jackie Godward on 01642 447721. Stockton Borough Libraries Middlesbrough Church Road, Stockton, TS18 1TU Hartlepool Redcar and Cleveland Stockton 01642 528023 Humanah Academic Enterprise, Teesside Hartlepool Libraries The Junction 124 York Road, Hartlepool, TS26 9DE 19 Station Road, Redcar, TS10 1AN Newtown Community Resource Centre University, TS1 3BA 01429 242900 01642 756000 Durham Road, Stockton, TS19 0DE 01642 384517 01642 614126 Greatest Expectations HVDA Roseberry Library Rockhaven, 36 Victoria Road, Roseberry Road, Redcar, TS10 4NY Learning Links Europe36-40 Grange Road, Calvary House, Hartlepool, TS26 8DD 01642 483326 33 Bridge Road, Stockton, TS18 3AE M’bro, TS1 5BQ 01429 262641 01642 614433 Omega Dormanstown Library Hartlepool Borough Libraries 3 Farndale Square, Redcar, TS10 5HQ Portrack Baptist Church 13 Clifton House, M’bro, TS1 4BZ Foggy Furze Library, Stockton Road, 01642 483626 St. Anns Terrace, Portrack Lane, Stockton, 01642 350092 Hartlepool, TS25 5BQ TS18 2HT 01429 274095 Marske Library 01642 534926 Central Library Victoria Square, M’bro, TS1 2AY Windy Hill Lane, Marske, TS11 8BL Low Grange Community Resource 01642 485440 Knowhow POA Learning Centre 01642 729002 Centre HMP Holme House, Holme House Road, Low Grange Avenue, Billingham, TS23 Grangetown Library Stockton, TS18 2QU TRICS 3PF Birchington Avenue, TS6 7LP 01642 607151 2 St. Pauls Road, M’bro, TS1 5NQ 01642 227411 01642 649101 01642 454417 Elm Tree Community Centre West View Advice and Resource Centre Guisborough Library Elm Tree Avenue, Elm Tree, Stockton, TS19 BME Network 30 Miers Avenue, Hartlepool, TS24 9HH 90 Westgate, TS14 6AP 0UW 169 Victoria Road, M’bro, TS1 3HR 01429 271275 01287 632668 01642 611333 08448845945 Middlesbrough Training Centre Chartlons Community Centre Unit 2 Innes Street, Riverside Park Charltons Village, Saltburn, TS12 3DA Industrial Estate, M’bro, TS2 1JA 01287 637739
  4. 4. Every Body – Loss or GainCalorie Counter & Diet Tracker by Healthy Recipes BMI Healthy Weight Calculator Healthy Heart Recipe FinderMy Fitness Pal This app pulls information from Online BMI Calculator to check if A great range of meal optionsTap in your age, gender, lifestyle the Spark Recipes Website and you are a healthy weight. BMI suitable for people withchoices and weight loss goal. Set a allows you to sort the recipes by measures to see if you are a cholesterol, high blood pressuredaily calorie limit and help you dietary needs (low fat, low carb, healthy weight for your height. and diabetes. Choose from overtrack your food and exercise. gluten free) 100 recipes from all over theiPhone & iPad Android App c4mt9h world.FREE FREE iPhone & Android FREETraining/Nutrition Advice Personal Dietician Waist to hip ratio calculator The Snack AppTwo PDF documents – Lifeline After entering your weight, age, An online tool increasingly being Keep track of the calories in snack1. LL_Training_Advice -PDF height and desired weight you are used by doctors to measure the food you love to eat. Provides2. LL Nutrition Advice given a choice of diets and an risk of obesity and cardiovascular ideas for burning calories andBoth available to download: entire week worth of healthy disease. making healthier snack choices.From the mens health section on: meals is chosen for you in a handy calendar. iPhonefrom Mens Health week 13th June Android App FREE Adults should eat no more than 6g salt per day, 75% of the salt we eat is already in the food when we buy it.
  5. 5. Get Moving! Walkmeter FitFu Couch to 5K Football Fan Fitness ChallengeVersatile pedometer that not only Aims to get users exercising NHS running plan to developed to Test your fitness and see how youcounts distance and steps walked, throughout the day and uses the help absolute beginners get into rank in the World Cup healthbut can also factor things like movement detector on the iPhone running. You can download league. Play daily World Cupwalking uphill when working out to record your activity. It’s like podcasts to plan on your iPod or challenges to boost your value andthe number of calories you burn. having a personal trainer in your mobile phone to help you along get your chosen team to the top ofiPhone App pocket! your way. the table.£2.99 iPhone App £0.59 Walk 4 Life - Track your progress iFitness Let’s Get Moving! VirtuaGym FitnessSign up to track your progress and Hundred of gym based training A one stop shop of local Free full workouts for home & gymyou can plan your own walks, see programmes. You can customise information on activities, clubs with clear 3D demonstrations,how far they are and record your your workouts, set goals and and ways to be active with the exercise directions and personalprogress over time. monitor your progress. family and individually. Most trainer Brad Fit. activities are Stockton-on-tees iPhone based but are accessible to Android £1.19 everyone. FREE Physical activity includes gardening, washing the car, DIY and walking the dog!
  6. 6. Alcohol The NHS Drink Tracker Unit Calculator Drinkulator Winning RoundsFollow how much you drink over Add up your drinks to see how The drinkulator traffic light quiz Do you know your units? Use thistime, analysing your habits to many calories and units you drank can help you check to see if your game to see which alcoholic drinksprovide tailored feedback. yesterday. drinking is putting you at risk. are higher and lower.iPhone or iPod Touch App Track your drinking – Alcohol Myth Buster Alcoholics Anonymous SMART Recovery Online Meetings Drink Aware Test your knowledge of alcohol Find your local AA group to meet Go online every Sunday at 6.30pmFind out how many units are in related risks and find out the facts others to share experience, to have an online meeting withyour favourite drinks, add them to about drinking. Can you tell fact strength and hope with each other others recovering from alcoholism.your diary and see the running from fiction? to solve problems and recovertotal! from alcoholism. www.alcoholics- Drinking 5 pints of lager a week adds up to 44,200 calories over a year, equivalent to eating 221 doughnuts.
  7. 7. SmokingSmokefree Quit Smoking Widget NHS Quit Smoking app North Tees Stop Smoking ServiceAll of the NHS resources in one Receive daily support on your Provides daily support and instant Information on local stop smokingplace to help you quit smoking computer. This tool gives you daily tips as well as showing how much service drop-in session timetableswith access to an online advisor. messages, and keeps track of how money you’re saving and how long and Pharmacies One Stop Shop much you’re saving and how many it has been since your last Services. days it’s been since your last cigarette. cigarette. www.northoftees- iPhone FREE Ash Nicotinell Addiction Test Can Stop SmokingInformation on the benefits of Crave life not cigarettes. Use this simple quiz to see how A helpful website that providequitting, help lines and stop Information on products that are addicted you are to cigarettes. information on getting ready,smoking links. readily available to increase your This will give you a better idea of beating cravings and trying again chance of quitting. how easy it will be to give up as well as handy tips and tricks smoking. help you along the way! g Men who quit smoking by 30 add 10 years to their life.
  8. 8. Mental Health Mind Mental Health Audio Leaflets Yoga Trainer Lite MoodometerA website that provides Adapted from Northumbrian Yoga tutorials for all abilities plus Discrete, portable and easy to useinformation, advice, training Leaflets, the Hearts and Minds easy to follow, calming interactive mood diary whichprogrammes, grants and services group in Middlesbrough have meditations. helps you monitor and understandto help people take control of their produced these audio leaflets your emotional wellbeing.mental health. iPhone FREE lhealthvoice FREE CBT Online Cruse Bereavement Care Living Life to the Full Self HarmAn interactive site that teaches Cruse is committed to breaking The site uses a self help format, This website offers informationpeople to use ways of thinking the stigma around grief insuring and also the CBT model which has about self harm, the causes andthat will help using cognitive- that everyone, no matter how old a proven effectiveness in helping diagnosis, self-help strategies,behaviour therapy. or young, can access the highest people develop life skills that help living with self harm and many quality support following them tackle feelings of low mood, other resources. It bereavement. stress and distress. advocated that there is no shame in self harming. uk 1 in 4 of us will have mental health problems at some point in our lives. 1 in 100 people has a severe mental health condition.
  9. 9. Men’s Cancers Spot Cancer Early Cancer Signs and Symptoms Understand Skin Cancer Healthy LivingTry this online app by Cancer An app designed by Cancer An app with a series of 3D There is a lot of information aboutResearch to find out the possible Research to highlight some of the animations that visually explain lifestyle and cancer, this short quizwarning signs and symptoms of possible symptoms of cancer. what Skin Cancer is, how it is will make it easy to find your waycancer. Spotting the signs sooner rather treated, and the damage sun through it and get tips on how you than later can really make a burns can do to your Skin. could reduce your cancer risk. difference. iphone iPhone FREE FREE Cancer Resource Centre Cancer Information and Support Macmillan Learn Zone OrchidThis site includes information Services Learn more about how to manage Fighting male cancer. Informationabout treatment, support issues, Services for cancer patients, their the day to day impact of living on male cancers and gettingtesticular self exam and over 600 carers, families and friends with cancer to make a difference involved.links to testicular cancer and providing information on all forms to your quality of life. Here yourelated issues. of cancer, screening, treatment will find a range of self and prevention. management courses, and e-learning. Over 95% of men with early stage testicular cancer will be completely cured.
  10. 10. General Health th 13 June 2011 - YOU TUBE LINKS MENS HEALTH CLIPS: Man MOT WebMD Mobile Bloke Noises NHS Life CheckAn online surgery every Monday Use the body map symptom Create a health profile based on Free, easy to use, online servicefrom 6pm-10pm offering men a checker to narrow down your lifestyle and get all relevant that will help you to assess yourfree and secure service where they symptoms and get a ‘diagnosis’. health advice sent to your phone. lifestyle and improve your futurecan talk to a GP anonymously and Access information about health. Results tailored to yourin confidence. medications and treatments, Smartphone’s age, gender and lifestyle. including a useful first aid tool. iPhone FREEScreening and testing timeline Healthy Heart Check Find your focus quiz Back CareAn interactive timeline which Aims to help lower your risk of Take this quick and easy quiz to Provides information on allshows what testing and screening common but often preventable find out which areas might be best aspects of back care and measuresyou should be going for at each diseases. This website includes for you to focus on to becoming a to help people with back pain.stage in life. information on all areas of health. healthier you! iPhone www.healthyheartchecktees.nhs. FREE uk 43% of the people using the NHS Midlife Check lifestyle- assessment website are men. The average age of men completing the lifestyle questionnaire was 49. These men are an average 2 stones, 3lbs overweight (14kg) with a 37 inch waist.
  11. 11. Men’s Health Week Calendar 13th 14th 15th 16th TOOLKIT OFFICIAL 5.15am Urban Fitcamp ALL EVENT DETAILS CD Launch (all day LAUNCH! ON NEXT PAGE event) + CD Launch (all day LAUNCH OF YOU TUBE 5pm Men’s Health CLIPS ON event) Drop-in user/TimeOutofthebox1 17th 18th 19th ALL EVENT DETAILS 9am Park Run ALL EVENT DETAILS ON NEXT PAGE ON NEXT PAGE 10am & 11am Urban Fitcamp
  12. 12. Urban Fitcamp Park RunMiddlesbrough Council Sports Development Team is delivering non- A 5km run – you against the clock! Running formilitary Urban Fitcamp classes in Middlesbrough. They will help you your own enjoyment whatever your pace. to improve overall fitness levels, lose weight, boost energy levels Albert Park, Middlesbrough and feel better! Open to people of all ages! This is a weekly Tuesday - Centre Square, Middlesbrough, 5.15pm-6pm activity, please register in advance. Saturday – Sandy Flatts Pavilion, Acklam, 10am-10.45am & 11am- 11.45amOpen to men and women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels! This is a weekly activity! CD Launch Go along to Central Library in Middlesbrough all day for the launch of the mental health audio CD’s! Be the first to listen to the CD’s which will cover all areas of health related issues, such Men’s Health Drop-in as sleep problems and depression. You can also access them Come along to the Men’s Health Drop in Centre for a online at wide range of health services including BMI checks, stadium walks, boxercise and healthy heart checks. Middlesbrough Football Club 5-8.30pm Featuring laptops to explore the online resources discussed in this toolkit. Also, Hearts and Minds will have their own laptop their with new audio mental health leaflets.
  13. 13. Start Walking Today with Healthy SteppingWhy walk and what are the benefits? Want to become a Volunteer Walk Leader?Lack of physical activity has been described as a ‘silent killer ledour A good walk leader should be familiar with theService of Southable Healthy Stepping is a programme of structured and of health walks offered by the Healthy Improvement walk route, be Teestime’ and is one of the biggest causes programme is accredited to the national Walking new walk routes, ensure everyone in the walk NHS Foundation Trust. The of illness, disease and death into plan and assess for Health Campaign. Healthy Stepping aims tothe UK. The current local people of all ages and ability to increase30 is registered with Healthy Stepping and has signed the a fun way to encourage government recommendation is a minimum their level of physical activity through walking, providing walkminutes a day (on health, get days aand make moderate intensity Stepping offers shorter walks to beginners and longerwalkers feel improve 5 or more fitter week) of new friends. Healthy register, be friendly and approachable, ensure new walks to moreactivity, such as brisk walking. experience walkers. All the walks are FREE. punctual, be aware of any hazards on welcome, be reliable andSome of the benefits are: walk routes and be encouraging and supportive. How to become a Volunteer Walk Leader  No specialist equipment required – just a pair of comfortable Just ring 01642 777845 to speak to the Health Walks Co- shoes and sensible seasonal clothing ordinator.  Helps you manage your weight We will provide:  Keeps your heart ‘strong’ and reduces blood pressure  A FREE 1 day volunteer walk leader training package  Reduces stress and helps you sleep better  A FREE rucksack and first aid kit for each walking group  Reduces the risk of some cancers and type 2 diabetes  Ongoing support from health walks co-ordinator  Helps prevent the development of osteoporosis  FREE quarterly newsletter and walks programme  Socialising and meeting new friends.  FREE CRB check  FREE insurance cover during walks  FREE first aid training (if requested) For more information call 01642 777845
  14. 14. Middlesbrough Football Club, 1st Thursday of every month, 5pm-8.30pm The MFC drop in is a programme designed for men with a DIY approach of kicking those habits for good! MANage your weight!The weight MANagement programme will help you think The drop in centre will offer:differently about the way you eat and live and show you  Healthy heart checkshow to lose weight by making the fewest amounts of  Chlamydia screeningchanges in your life.  Stadium health walksDuring the drop in session you will:  Boxercise and circuit  Review and understand your current eating habits  BMI checks  Learn approaches that will help you think differently  Mid life check about food and eating  Weight MANagement  Use simple techniques to make the food you enjoy  Cooking quick fixes healthier  Stop smoking advice  Identify and manage times in your life where there are particular temptations put before you  Wii fit challenges  Resources to help you increase your physical activity For more information call 01642 777845
  15. 15. How healthy is your business? ONLINE How healthy is your business? have launched a new website! Through this website you can access a wide range of health information and complete health quizzes to see how much you know! Visit