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Meeting Review NESHEP 7th June

NESHEP meeting review/summary - 07/06/11

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Meeting Review NESHEP 7th June

  1. 1. NESHEP – Meeting Review (7th June 2011)Our June meeting was held at Wilton International at 10.00 O’clock; The Chairman welcomedeverybody and was pleased yet again with client support and their input to the meeting. This wasour first meeting since merging with Teesside Safety Group; the enthusiasm from the memberswas tremendous and there was excellent interaction with our guest speaker. The workshop wasextremely positive to the point that we have planned a follow up meeting specifically to discussthe feedback and set up additional subgroups to facilitate some of the ideas. A detailed summaryof the workshop feedback will follow to stimulate further discussion.This extra follow-up workshop ‘implementing action’ will be held in the Exhibition Hall (usualvenue) on Tuesday 5th July at 10:00 and a light buffet will be provided. In addition, there will be anoverview/tutorial on the use of LinkedIn, as we see this being an invaluabletool for the Partnership in developing our network and sharing valuableinformation.The Chairman brought a number of items to our attention prior to the main presentation: 1. Safety Groups UK are holding a free half day seminar on 16th June supported by EU-OSHA on Safe Maintenance - 2. NETA Training - FREE Critical Bolting Workshop on 22nd June - 3. National Mens Health Week 13-19th June; free Toolkit for 2011 which focuses on how new technologies can be used to improve mens health - 4. We also have ambitious plans to set up a North East Centre of Excellence where NESHEP will provide an unrivalled hub of expertise and the EMSS Scheme the resources to maintain the centre’s sustainability – contact Alan Bassett directly if you would like to get involved.Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Our main speaker Terry Connor, Legislative Fire Safety Officer for Cleveland Fire Brigade brought us up to date on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which included: who does it apply to; general fire precautions; the terms Relevant and Competent persons; plus the role of the fire service in enforcing the order. There weremany aspects of the presentation which stimulated a lot of discussion and numerous questions,some of which were answered by our members who had relevant experience in that area. Manythanks to Terry for taking the time out from his busy schedule and here is a link to thepresentation - Feel free to contact Terry direct if you have any otherquestions or need his support.
  2. 2. Workshop SummaryA review of the feedback raised many excellent ideas, a few of which have been listed below toprovide a flavour for those that weren’t able to attend but may still be interested in participatingat our ‘implementing action’ workshop on Tuesday 5th July: • Develop a NESHEP Member Directory and encourage company sponsorship • Identify ‘Champions’ within the partnership who specialise in certain fields • Produce a NESHEP Safety Alert/Newsletter (input from members paramount) • Issue quarterly report to Teesside Contractors Group and other partner organisations • Develop additional active subgroups (eg social, networking, collaboration etc) • Awards for best practice/innovations/outstanding individuals • Special slots for legislation changes (6th April and 1st October) - link to the HM Governments report - One-in, One-out: Statement of New Regulation • External Site Visits (eg Boulby Potash Mine, Tata Steel’s R & D Facility etc) • Develop/expand on HSEs input to the partnership • Facilitate a ‘Meet the Buyers’ type of event • Explore the many funding opportunities • Invite more client input – Clients, tell us what you want/need from your contractor support/service organisations; helping everybody to me more efficient, competitive & pro- active, utilising local resources • Knowledge Exchange – develop a vehicle for members to post questions and canvas support from the experts (flipchart & post-its available to kick off at the next meeting)We are looking for volunteers to take these initiatives forward and ‘run with them’ which couldenhance your exposure to various organisations/clients, generating business opportunities andbuilding your network – get involved and reap the benefits!
  3. 3. Names and Companies who attended our June meeting: Alan Bassett – Cognition Media Linda Newlove – Wolviston Management Bill Hardwick – Persimmon Homes Mike Lee - CIS Northern Bob Moodie - RAMS Neil Agar - CIS Northern Bob Robinson - A1 Training & Safety Malcolm Guest – Sabic Colin Ellis – NESHEP Mark Templeman - Interserve Dave Swalwell - Deborah Services Michael Collier - SESS Ed Levie – NESHEP Mick Stephenson – DP Consultancy Glen Murphy – Koppers Neal Granycome – Sulzer Chemtech Gloria Grace – Selwood Ltd Paul Drake - Sapere Software J.Waters – Tolent Construction Peter Vickery – CA Pumps James Juwitt - RIS Roy Taylor – 100% Success John Appleby – Hertel Steve McKie – DP Consultancy John Raftery - ARCO Scott Hearn - Cordell Group Jim Benson – Area North Simon Calvert – ATB Fleet Jimmy Witt - RIS T.Connor - CFB Kevan Crossley – Cordell Group Vicky Smith – McNaughton & McGregor Len Wilson – Cognition NetworkWe are currently doing a detailed membership review where we will consolidate both databasesand review attendance; please ensure your subscriptions are up to date or you may miss out on theextensive and valuable resources that the Partnership has to offer together with any futuremarketing materials being developed.As you know subscription payments are vital to the group’s success and continued operation.
  4. 4. Here is a list of all members’ company logos; if you can’t find yours or need it updating, or indeedwish to join this growing partnership, please let me know and this will be amended prior to anyforthcoming publications.If you have been missed from the attendance register or if you have any other suggestions you cancontact me direct via email - or ring me on (01642) 619322. Our Member Companies