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4th june meeting summary


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NESHEP Main Meeting Summary - 4th June 2013

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4th june meeting summary

  1. 1. NESHEP Main Meeting (4thJune)Opening our June meeting was Chairman Alan Bassett, Alan gave his usual brief SHE updates andcirculations to members. Alan also played a video to members which focused on safety in theworkplace and how to look out for others. He then went on to give members an update on theEMSS (Essential Minimum Safety Standard) Competency profile, which tied in perfectly with ourmain speaker HSE Representatives presentence on competence. Alan informed members on howthe new sections including contractor and client profiles. If you are a client or contractor you canset up and use an EMSS profile for FREE. For more information on EMSS please follow the linkwww.emssonline.orgANDREW MULLIGAN – HSEAndrew’s presentation covered 5 topics - What is competence? What can go wrong? What the lawsays? How can competence be demonstrated? How can competence be managed? During his‘what is competence section’ he provided members with a number of definitions of competency.Throughout the ‘What can go wrong’ section Andrew provided us examples of things that can andhave gone wrong throughout the years, when people haven’t been fully competent including theESSO gas plant explosion, Longford, Australia, 1998 and Flixborough, 1974. Other cases includeBuncefield UK, Toulouse, Texas City and many more. What the law says covered COMAHRegulation 4, HSW Section 2, 3 & 7 and MHSW 5 & 7, MHSW Regulation 10 information toemployees, Regulation 12 Information to contractors, Regulation 13 Capabilities & Training,Regulation 14 Employees Duties, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1988,Regulations 9 & 10 Information Instruction and Training and many others. Failure to managecompetence is liable to be a breach of law. Andrew explained how training is often seen as thebasis for competence; he did also however explain how training isn’t always enough. He thencontinued on to show members 2 videos; including a fire demonstration carried out byprofessional fire fighters which took a turn for the worst and a large petrol spill gushing from apetrol tanker. Andrew then moved on to explain competence assurance, covering the 6 keyprinciples. Bullet points of what competency is needed where presented to members, pointsincluded:-• Focusing on major accident prevention• Competency for all roles• Standards• Formal training (NVQ/SVQ’s)• Procedures
  2. 2. • ‘On the job’ training• Resourcing• Foreseeable operational modes• Competency includes experience• Proportionality• Validation and evaluation• Trainers and assessors• Audit and reviewAndrew then drew his competency presentation to a close with a brief summary of overallcompetency and some useful links which can be found below. ReportAfter Andrews’s presentation he also gave us a brief HSE update including information on SEVESOIII, A new Directive dated 24 July 2012 on the control of major accident hazards involvingdangerous substances (known as Seveso III) was published on 24 July 2012 and will be writteninto domestic legislation which will come into force on 1 June 2015. It will amend andsubsequently repeal the Seveso II Directive. The HSE & LA are looking into Legionella by looking atcooling towers; details of the project are at the links displayed. HSE FOD intends to look at all sitesthis year, HID have a rolling programme over the next 2 to 3 years. There will be a focus on watertreatment companies and overall control. Links for more information on SEVESO III and Legionellacan be found below. Andrew also informed members that they can sign up for a HSE quarterlynewsletter.
  3. 3. Names and companies of attendees from June 2013 meeting:Andrew Mulligan – HSEAlan Bassett – Cognition MediaBianca Kemp – NESHEPColin Ellis – NESHEPJulie Webster – MorsonJulian Garratt – MorsonGeorge Stuart – GuestPete Walker – BCSABrian McGough – CIS Northern LimitedShaun Bottomley – Harsco Metals &Minerals GroupStuart Langston – Hartlepool BoroughCouncilJoyce Wilkinson – Innov8 Disposal LtdBref O’Rourke – Northern Safety LtdCath Measor – Northern Safety LtdNeil Agar – OPUSBill Hardwick – Persimmon HomesJimmy Witt – Rainham Industrial Services LtdStuart Gibbon – Redcar & Cleveland BoroughCouncilTerry Bye – Wilton TransportTony Abbott – My learning Friend LtdSue Cant – British StandardBill Coulson – UK Safety ServicesBob Hartley – SembcorpMichael Hebner – P.H.LB Newton – WearmouthLinda Newlove – Wolviston GroupEd Levie – NESHEPMaria Tuck – SBV FabricationsGloria Grace – SelwoodMark Armstrong – TolentRonnie Reason – FabricomPlease note that attendance of meetings can count towards your CPD.Please note our next meeting will be held at the Caterpillar Factory in Peterlee. Spaces for thistrip are limited to 25 people so if you wish to attendee this trip please contact Bianca ASAP