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12th June Meeting Summary

NESHEP - June Main Meeting Summary

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12th June Meeting Summary

  1. 1. NESHEP Main Meeting (12th June 2012)Junes meeting was another great turnout with over 50+ members & guests. Alan welcomedattendees and presented useful information such as SHE updates, he grabbed everyone’sattention by showing a devastating car accident, which had members clearly horrified judging bytheir reaction – others updates included - towed trailer becomesdetached and boomlift catapult can alsobe found on our LinkedIn page.Henry Simonds (Communications Manager - Planet Positive)Henry presented the ‘Environmental’ topic focusing on 5 steps which included: • Sustainability – What is it? • Why become Sustainable. • Best Practice – Case Studies • State of the Market • Practical StepsHe started his presentation by explaining what sustainability is, why businesses should becomesustainable, how ‘Sustainability is a Win Win for Business’ and why being sustainable is best foryour business – Henrys presentation can be seen in full at provided statistics throughout his presentation to provide examples of how businesses cansave money through the year before the energy prices and demands rise in the future (find thesestatistics in Henry’s presentation). Benefits of being energy efficient included saving money (onecompany of 332 employees made a saving of £315K over 4 years just from making changes) andwinning business, as some business are now only working with companies that areenvironmentally friendly.Members were shown a video of a ‘business case of sustainability’ which showed externalcompanies that are using Planet Positive to improve their businesses.Case studies from retailers where shown so that members could get a better handle on thechanges and improvements that can come from just being that little bit more environmentallyfriendly, ranging from small changes such as swapping light bulbs to energy efficient ones,switching off lights and all equipment at the end of the day to large changes like purchasing bikesand riding to work instead of driving or taking public transport.
  2. 2. Henry provided members with information on DEFRA and a free 7 day sustainability programmewhich helps business become more aware of how to become sustainable and if your business isdoing enough. Programmes can be found at these links –•• ended his presentation by explaining how you could start your very own environmentallyfriendly journey.HSE Update – (Andrea Robbins & Andrew Mulligan)Andrew Mulligan gave a brief update on the plans HSE have for COMAH Sites and discussedcompetency management and how the sites are keeping up to date, there is a competent deliveryguide available from the HSE & they are also keeping clients up to date and how you can becompetent. Alan has sent them information on the EMSS Competency Scheme and will be workingwith them to ensure the scheme meets future requirements and new guidance etc…Andrea Robbins also gave a HSE update regarding the construction division, looking into smallsites, asbestos, refurbishments and local issues.To view all this information and list of events, demos etc (such as an upcoming mock trial forworking at heights) and seminar dates please visit the HSE website - – Peter Walker (Health Safety & Training Manager - British Constructional SteelworkAssociation Ltd)Peter Walker gave a brief update on the HSE myth busting challenge panel, fees for interventionand Electro Magnetic Fields Directive (EMF) – Information and links for this update can be found at- Healthier Business for FabricomFabricom recently received the Bronze healthier business award from NHS Public Health NorthEast, in recognition of achievements in promoting a healthy workplace for their employee -
  3. 3. Alan then closed the meeting and members and guests had time to network and share bestpractice.Names and companies of attendees from June 2012 meeting:Alan Bassett – Cognition Media Keith Davidson – RES Teesdale ScaffoldBianca Kemp – NESHEP Alan Samuels – Russell Jones & WalkerEd Levie – NESHEP Karen Slack – Russell Jones & WalkerColin Ellis – NESHEP Bill Hardwick – Persimmon HomesJohn Raftery – Arco Henry Simonds – Planet PositiveGary Watson – ABC Safety Services Maria Tuck – SBV FabricationsBob Sheppard – Bell Truck & Van Ged Suggit – SGS Safety ServicesMike Lee – CIS Northern Limited Gloria Grace – SelwoodTony Wilson – Cordell Pete Walker – Steel ConstructionMick Stephenson – DP Consultancy (NE) Lisa Robinson – TSI TrainingMichelle Woodhead – Geocore Site Caroline Mortlock – Thermo Fisher ScientificInvestigations Limited Linda Newlove – Wolviston Training ResourcesKeith Symington – Falck Nutec Andy Barnes – XERVON PalmersTony Valley – Fastrack Interiors Andrea Robbins – HSEDave Dixon – Interserve Andrew Mulligan – HSERay Fox – Marske Site Services Steve Terrance - Gentoo GroupMichael Leonard – MC2 Training Solutions Dave Box – Gentoo GroupMichael Hebner – P.H.L Alan Gray – AC ServicesPaul Currie – MAN Diesel & Turbo UK Mick Langley – Interserve ConstructionCath Measor – Northern Safety Roy Taylor – 100 % SuccessBrian Lewis – Northern Safety Dave Swalwell – Deborah Site ServicesAmanda Buckingham – Northern Safety Karl Churchill – ABBSteve Taylor – OEL Group Bob Hartley – SembcorpNeil Agar – Opus J Williams - ABBThere are a few people that didn’t sign in based on the head count; if you are not on the list ofattendees please inform Bianca ASAP.Please note that our August 7th 2012 meeting will be a site visit to SITA Recycling plant. If you areinterested in this site visit please also inform Bianca (Places are limited)!