10 01 12 Plan For Safety Wr


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Plan for Safety 2012 - Planning for safety is not just another part of the job, It is the job...

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10 01 12 Plan For Safety Wr

  1. 1. Health, Safety and Environment SIMS awaiting ManagersWeekly Safety Review 12 First Aid Recordable Comments No. injuries ytd 1 0 Injury rate ytd 0 0 Injury No. days worked since last 217 Performance Issue Date : 10/ 1 / 2012 OSHA recordable (30/5/11) 1 INJURY No. days worked since last 217 THS RIDDOR injury (30/5/11)First Aid Injury WEEKLast week a there was a “dust in eye” injury. Following treatment thecontract employee was able to return to work.Planning for a Safe 2012.Its that time of year when we are planning what, when and how we are to achieve thecompany targets and goals. The top of the list is of course safety.We will shortly be rolling out this years Safety Improvement Plan.This week we are asking everybody to take a look at their work group/place to identify thesystems and information we should have in place to help not only with the SIP but toensure a safe year for you and your colleagues. Training • Have we reviewed our work groups training requirements and competency ? Risk Assessments • Have we developed and reviewed risk assessments for the work we do ? • Are they communicated to all that are affected ? Work Equipment • Do we have a list of work equipment used by our work group? • Have we assessed it ? • Are there maintenance requirements ? • Is specific training/authorisation required (e.g. overhead cranes) ? Workshops • Do we have a workshop assessment ? • Do we know who can use what equipment ? • Is it secure from use by others ? Housekeeping • Have individuals been given housekeeping responsibility for areas or tasks ? Substances • Is there an up-to-date substance list for your place of work ? • Are assessments communicated and available for the hazardous ones ? Contractors • Are risk assessments and method statements being formally reviewed ? • Is work being monitored ? Management Procedures • Do we know the top ten MP’s affecting our work group ? • Have they been adequately communicated. is training needed ? Environment • Are disposal routes for waste from your department known ? • Are spill kits etc in place in areas they may be needed ? P.T.O.
  2. 2. Planning for a Safe 2012 continued ….. Actions • Are actions and issues closed out to prevent safety issues? • Are Mod forms signed off? Health • Are assessments in place and carried out ? • Are those required to use RPE face fit tested ? Communications • Are records of communication of safety related documents and systems in place ? Planning for safety is not just another part of the job, It is the job The safety department is setting up meetings with key personnel to advise on complying with these and other, safety procedures or systems This will be an ongoing support process throughout 2012 If you require help Please contact the Safety Department (Ext 2856)