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Animated storyboard

  1. 1. Animated Storyboard
  2. 2. Shot 1
  3. 3. • This shot is going to be of the killer standing underneath a lamp. The killer is going to flash from being in the centre of the frame to the back and the close to the front of the frame to make the film seem uneasy. • Over the top of this frame we’re going to use a section of The Lords Prayer. Shot 1 explanation
  4. 4. Shot 2
  5. 5. • Shot 2 is going to be a mid-shot of one of the girl characters being dragged out of bed showing the audience the attempting to keep her self safe from the kidnapper. • This also makes the audience think that the kidnapper is the killer. Shot 2 explanation
  6. 6. Shot 3
  7. 7. • This shot is going to be a long shot of the cult leaders standing around a bonfire with weird masks on to create suspense and uneasiness. • Again over the top of this shot there is going to be another section of The Lords Prayer. Shot 3 explanation
  8. 8. Shot 4
  9. 9. • Shot 4 is a crane or an over the shoulder shot of seeing three characters sending a note to the cult leaders asking them if the can join the cult. • The audience will see the piece of paper slide over the table but not the characters who wrote the note. Shot 4 explanation
  10. 10. Shot 5
  11. 11. • Shot 5 is going to be a close up of a character being dragged through mud whilst on the last initiation task. • This shot is going to be silent however the audience will see the character screaming whilst an eerie piano sequence will be played during this clip. Shot 5 explanation
  12. 12. Shot 6
  13. 13. • This shot is an extreme close up of the cult leaders mask to then zoom out to a mid-shot so that the audience can see the leader in their mask and cloak. Shot 6 explanation
  14. 14. Shot 7
  15. 15. • Shot 7 is another mid-shot of a character being grabbed by the leg once she has fallen over from running. The killer has hold of their foot, however, the audience don’t know whether it is the killer or the cult leader. Shot 7 explanation
  16. 16. Shot 8
  17. 17. • Shot 8 is an inter-title of the director of the film. • It will tell the audience of the others films that they have created. • The font colour is going to be a deep red and the font type is going to be bold and creepy Shot 8 explanation
  18. 18. Shot 9
  19. 19. • This shot is similar to shot 3 where the cult are around the bonfire chanting. This shot is going to have a different section of The Lords Prayer. Shot 9 explanation
  20. 20. Shot 10
  21. 21. • This inter-title is going to tell the audience what the film is called. • The font type and colour are going to be the same as the directors inter-title. Shot 10 explanation
  22. 22. Shot 11
  23. 23. • Shot 11 is going to be of the surviving character hanging upside down in a tree. • To begin with her eyes will be closed and then suddenly open. This is unease the audience and scare them from how sudden the character will breath in and open her eyes. Shot 11 explanation
  24. 24. Shot 12
  25. 25. Shot 12 explanation • The last shot is going to another inter-title which is going to tell the audience the release date of the film. • The font colour and type is going to be the same as the other two inter-titles. • Over the top of this inter-title another short section of The Lords Prayer is going to be said. And then a loud scream is going to be used.