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Rebello - Breedsheet

  2. 2. What’s Special?You may be thinking, there are a lot of newbreeds out lately. What makes this onedifferent?Let’s start here.No Wings. No Magic. No birds. No cats nordogs. No blues. No greens. No spots orstripes. No potions or big flashy motions. Nosir. This is a normal horse.
  3. 3. What’s Special?They may be a rare thing to find in HARPGthese days, but this is a normal horse.Something that you would believably findat a local show or on the campgroundtrails.
  4. 4. What’s Special?Too many “unique” breeds these days aretoo unreal. I like the occasional fantasyhorse, but two thousand fantasy horses? Nothanks. I’ll pass. Making these unique horsesmore and more common is indirectlymaking them less unique, and suddenly achestnut quarter horse gelding in HARPG isa rarity!
  5. 5. So what do we have here? The Rebello horse is a special type of draft horse that isvery similar to the halflinger or Belgian horse, thoughthey have some quirks that separate the two. The Rebello is a cross between several heavier breedsas well as a Tennessee Walking horse.
  6. 6. History The Rebello horse was actually an accident on anAmish farm in Southern Ohio (USA) Halflingers and Belgians are common farm breeds for classicalAmish and Mennonite work. To combine the compact body ofthe halflinger and the size and power of the Belgian, these twowere often cross bred. When a local Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion got loose, hemade his way to one of these farms and covered a mare or two.
  7. 7. History Found at a slaughter auction, there was a Belgianlooking horse with the gait and head of a TennesseeWalker. When buyers from a local horse rescue saw this, theypurchased and rehabilitated him and found his fullpotential. Seeing what a beauty this crossbreed was, theyinstantly turned to a close friend looking to start abreeding program for a comparable animal. After a couple years of finding the “right match”,they found something that was incredible.
  8. 8. History Crossing the right breeds and types together, theycreated a large horse that is big, muscular, andblonde. Enhancing the halflinger and Belgian blood and carefulselection of other refiners, these horses are only flaxenchestnut. Don’t fear the TWH influence. There is only a slightchance that the gait will be passed along in acrossbreed. There are many Rebello’s that are notgaited.
  9. 9. About the Breed These horses vary in size, but all stayin a similar proportion◦ Aprox. 15.2-16.3hh◦ Most are flaxen chestnut, but a few areother colors that seeped through. These“odd colors” are not favored, and don’trepresent the breed well.◦ Most have white marks, blaze, snip,socks, cornets, or even stockings/highwhites.
  10. 10. About the Breed Though inspired by a rescue case,these horses have compact and largebodies. With stunning conformationThey carry much dense muscle. A 15.2hh horse can weigh up to1800lbs, unlike similarly sized stockbreeds, averaging about 900lbs. These horses are powerful and can bevery athletic if given the right exercise.
  11. 11. GAITED OR NOT?Because of the Tennessee Walking Horse influence, some of these horsesare gaited, they will have only three gaits.• The Flat Walk (a smooth movement that seems like gliding)• The Running Walk (equivalent to a fast trot, but very smooth)• The Rocking-Horse CanterSome Links here to help you understand:^ My own personal horse btw
  12. 12. These horse can be very athletic, though they can bestubborn and unwilling. They require unusual trainingroutines and methods to motivate them opposed tothe average stock or sport horse.Uses
  13. 13. Despite being stubborn, with a patient rider, thesehorses can be fantastic at many disciplines. Excelling intrail, cowboy races, pleasure driving, and evendressage. They are well rounded horses that can begreat for anything, just be sure to use a lot of leg!Uses
  14. 14. Conformation
  15. 15.  Every Rebello horse MUST be registered with thegroup. Non-registered horses are considered impure and maynot be titled a member of the Rebello breed. Non-registered horses may not breed or reproduceand are therefore sterile. Horses earn breeding slots through activity andusage, this is to keep inactive horses from breedingas well as offering a quality control through lineage.See Powerpoint BREEDING AND REGISTRATION formore information on this subject.Breeding & Registration
  16. 16. » Anyone can get a Rebello, but it may not beeasy.» You can get one by:˃ Purchasing in import via art auction, point auction, or custom order.˃ Purchasing an older character off of a member.˃ Obtaining a foal from a horse.» No, you can not:˃ Make your own˃ Copycat another breed to be just like it˃ Steal a design, horse, foal spot, or character.
  17. 17. PURCHASING AN IMPORT» In the folder in the gallery, there are lots ofimport horses for sale. Find one you like andmake a bid!» You may custom order an import horse. Look onthe front page of the group for links on how todo this!
  18. 18. PURCHASING AN OLDER CHARACTER» To find horses for sale by other owners, eitherlook on their personal pages/journals, or gothrough our sales folder in our gallery! Manymembers will list them here for greaterpublicity!» All conditions and terms are up to the seller todecide how the sale is completed. Do not askthe group how to buy a horse.
  19. 19. BREEDING» Breeding is a popular way to get a foal, but tokeep the breed limited and at a low population,each horse must EARN his breeding spots. Thehigher ranked a horse is, the more it ispermitted to breed.» Breeding price and conditions are up to theowners of both horses. Read the “Buying,Selling, and Breeding” powerpoint on the groupfor more information.
  20. 20. Making your own, copy-catting, or stealing a character or aspect of theRebello is distinctly forbidden. Violation of these rules will result in apunishment accordingly. See our Code of Conduct powerpoint in the group formore information.** Acontesthorsegirl, also known as Alana Kekel, and all affiliated accountsare the sole creators of the Rebello. Claiming the breed or aspects of thebreed is not permitted. Excessive disobediance of the rules can and will leadto the banning and possible reporting of a given member. Don’t make us dothat. **It’s not fun.CODE OF CONDUCT