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Wwii games instructions (pods)


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Wwii games instructions (pods)

  1. 1. Bridge Tactics (for P1 –P2)Game objective:To bomb up the bridge to prevent the soldiers and their tanksfrom crossing the bridge to enter the country.Link to World War II:Similar to British soldiers bombing up the bridge connectingto the Straits of Johor to slow down the Japanese fromcrossing the bridge to enter Singapore on 31 January 1942.However, by 9 February 1942, the Japanese soldiers managedto repair the Causeway and they crossed into Singapore.
  2. 2. Warfare 1917 and 1944 (for P3-P5)Game objective:A strategy game that aims to retrieve back the lands owned bythe Germans during World War ILink to World War II:Helps us understand what the soldiers went through duringWorld War II and understand some war tactics employed duringbattles.