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Phrases to describe weather


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Phrases to describe weather

  1. 1. Log In Sample Composition – Lift Breakdown(INCIDENT) My favourite television show "Chefs Apprentice" was about tostartwhen Mom shouted," Tim, could you please go down to the supermarketand buy a packet of flour for me? I need to bake some muffins for your AuntSusan." I groaned, but knew that I will be crossing swords with Mom if Icomplained. The next thing I knew, Mom thrust a five-dollar note into myhand. As I entered the lift, my neighbour, Melissa, was in it. She was heading tothe bookshop to get a novel by Tiffany Anne. We were engrossed in aconversation when the lights started flickering. The ventilation unit stoppedwhirring. Without warning, the lift gave a violent jerk before coming toan abrupt halt. Melissa and I were in a state of panic. My heart could not stoppalpitating as I broke into cold sweat. The silence was eerie as I pressed my earclose the door, hoping to hear sounds of activities outside. The air grewwarmer and stuffier by the minute. Melissa started punching at the alarmbutton frantically but nothing happened. The two of us gathered our strengthand tried to pry open the doors. We began sobbing uncontrollably as we feared for our lives. Then, wesoothed ourselves by humming happy tunes. Instantaneously, an idea struckmy mind. I fished out my mobile phone and tried to call my parents but failedbecause there was no signal. After what seemed like an eternity, the lift sprang to life and began todescend. Melissa and I cheered as we wiped away our tears. The door openedon the ground floor and we ran out, much to the surprise of the lifttechnicians. We thanked them profusely and headed to our destinations. When I returned home, I laid out all the cards on the table to Mom andshe could not believe what had happened. She embraced me and said," ThankGod you are safe!"
  2. 2. Sample Composition – Killer Litter(INCIDENT) Whenever I see the scar on my head, it reminds me of the incident thathappened a few years back. It was a usual day. My mum asked me to buysome groceries for her to cook as my cousin’s family which had been staying inUSA for a decade, was visiting us. I was thrilled when I heard my cousins coming. I quickly went out of thehouse after mum passed me some money to buy groceries. I bought the thingsthat mum wrote on the grocery list and dashed home so mom could whip upsome wonderful cuisines. Out of the blue, I felt that something coming right on me. I could not avoidwhen I saw a potted plant. My face turned ashen and pallid, my knees werewobbling and my eyes were dilated with fear. With my blurred vision, I saw a crowd, some of them were in uniform. Myhead was spinning and suddenly it became numb. It was a total darkness, I hada blackout. The stillness in me seemed to age. I heard a faint sweet voice calling out myname. It was my mother. I realized that I was in the Intensive Care Unit whenthere were many intravenous lines inserted into my body. My mum muttered asilent prayer for my safety when she saw me as a helpless and frail frame lyingon the bed for four days. When I opened my eyes, I met some familiar faces which I have not met formany years. Taking turns, my visiting relatives hugged me. We certainly had anunplanned reunion in the hospital. My mum told me that Lily, my neighbour who threw the potted plantsbecause she was angry with her younger sister. Lily was placed on probationfor killer-litter offence by the Juvenile Court for fifteen months duringwhich she would have to be at home between 9am to 6pm.
  3. 3. Describing WeatherRain Good As I leaned out of the window, I inhaled the fresh air smelling of wet earth. I looked up and saw the clouds slowly gather together so that they could shower their cool drops upon us down below. The trees were swaying slowly to the light wind that had picked up. It felt as if Mother Nature herself was getting ready for her dance in the rain. Bad As I leaned out of the window, I smelt the damp smell of earth. Looking up, I saw the clouds gather together to drench us with their cold, wet drops. The trees swayed in the wind, as if they protested the unexpected drizzle that was coming their way. I felt as if Mother Nature was getting ready to cry and let out her pain onto us all.It was a blistering hot afternoon2. The sky was full of cotton-wool clouds3. The morning air filled my lungs4. Night fell. The setting sun cast an orange glow over the evening sky5. As the sun set, the horizon turned into shimmering goldBad weather1. A loud peal of thunder woke him up from restless sleep2. The rain pitter-pattered on the roof3. Rain pelted down from the sky4. The sun disappeared from the heavy clouds5. The howling and the roaring of the terrible wind frightened usDescriptive words – EYES1. They goggled in amazement
  4. 4. 2. He stood gaping at her3. She glared at him4. She peered at the solution on the paper, trying to make sense out of the maths problemsumDescriptive words – Face / feet1. The boy scowled at her2. He grimaced in pain when he is trying to stand3. He trot heavily and reluctantly into the classroom4. He paced the room back and fourth nervously5. He stomped into the room and closed the door behind him6. He sauntered in the park enjoying the breeze7. He scurried for shelter when the storm begins8. The people scampered off out of the burning building9. She hobbled with a walking stick10. She saw him coming and crouched behind the bush