English Sentence Examples - Passive and Active


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English Sentence Examples - Passive and Active

  1. 1. MY SENTENCESDONE BY ALAN ANANDSELVIN 1. Format 1 a. The verdict is announced by the Judge during September i. The Judge announces the verdict during September b. The news of the explosion is announced by the police on the radio i. The police announces the news of the explosion on the radio c. The sighting of three aliens is telecasted worldwide by reporters and journalists i. Reporters and journalists telecast the sighting of three aliens worldwide 2. Format 2 a. Beacon Primary was classified as a future school by MOE i. MOE classified Beacon Primary as a future school b. The aeroplane was invented by the Wright Brothers i. The Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane c. Microsoft was co-founded by Bill Gates i. Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft 3. Format 3 a. This cutlery has been used by Michael Jackson i. Michael Jackson has used this cutlery b. That suit has been used by the FBIs i. The FBIs have used that suit c. That weapons have been featured in Halo i. Halo has featured that weapons