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Interview script updated v2(answer) sanglee


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Published in: Education
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Interview script updated v2(answer) sanglee

  1. 1. Interview Script (Update v.2)For the iremembermySchoolDays School CompetitionInterview Questions Their AnswersHi! Good _________. Thank you for agreeing to Tech Whye Primary Schoolbe interviewed. First of all, what school did youstudy in?Talking about school, what did you think when I thought about a place of learning, excitement,you first entered the school. What impressions meeting more pupils my same age, and of coursedid you first have about the school? Did it my bullies. My friends told me about this, but Ifollow your expectations? really never faced the ‘bully’ problem before. About the school, I thought it was just learning with teachers droning about the studies. It actually went over my expectations.Did you enjoy coming to school? Why? On and off. Probabaly, because I had good friends, and some of my classes, I liked them. But, some teachers are not that good. You know what I mean, right.How was the personal appearance of the Good, very clean, conducive learningschool? Was it clean? environment. Now that I think about it, It was quite clean, like my house (laughs).
  2. 2. How was the teaching like? Share with me a Good, okay. I can give them a thumbs-up. Theteacher that you admired or hated the most. teachers were really good. They were friendly,Why? and sometimes help me if I don’t do too well. But, sometimes I hate the teachers because I don’t like that specific subject and they started hating me too. Oh. (Thinking) I shouldn’t have done that.What activities did you do when you were in Playing catching, playing soccer with my friends,school? getting dirty. Yeah! Real fun.What was a memorable experience you had in Of course something related to soccer. I joinedschool? the National School Soccer Team. I was real proud of myself.Do you still miss your school? At times, when I think about it. Like now. Ah, but my memory is quite faint now.Thank you for the sharing! Have a great _________ Thank you!ahead.©Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.