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The situation:
You were at home watching television when you smelled something burning. You realized that your kitchen was on fire.

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  1. 1. English Composition for E-LearningDone by AlanYou were at home watching television when you smelled something burning.You realized that your kitchen was on fire. It was a Saturday morning. As I leaned out of the window, I inhaled the fresh air smelling ofwet earth. I looked up and saw the clouds slowly gather together so that they could shower theircool drops upon us down below. The trees were swaying slowly to the light wind that had picked up.It felt as if Mother Nature herself was getting ready for her dance in the rain. Since my mother and father were doing extra shifts and my brother was in a tutioncenter toimprove his Science, I was alone at home. After cooking an omelette, I quickly ran to the sofa tocatch my favourite sitcom. Little did I know anything about what was happening in the kitchen. After a few minutes, the acrid smell of smoke wafted into my nose, making me cough. Ididn’t take much of notice of that, thinking that it was my neighbours who were playing withfirecrackers to celebrate Christmas.Ten minutes later, the hair on my neck stood on an end as I could feel heat radiating from thekitchen. In a split second, I turned around and I froze in my tracks. I was pale with terror andgasped. The situation suddenly dawned clear to me. The kitchen was on fire! I rushed to thewashroom, brought a big bucket of water and started to douse the fire on the newspapers.But, tomy horror, the fire started spreading, making it impossible to extinguish it. I quickly tried to open thedoor but I found out that it was locked. I went into a frenzy and shouted “HELP! HELP!” Luckily, a fewboys who were playing football heard my plea for help and quickly dialled the fire engine.I felt giddy from inhaling all the poisonous smoke in the air and started coughing, my breath comingin gasps. I remembered my fire safety training and quickly fell to the ground, contentedly breathingthe fresh air. I could hear the wailing sirens from the fire engine as they arrived. Quickly breakingthrough my house door, the fire fighters carried me out of the house. As I turned and looked, I sawthe roof collapse on the exact spot I was standing on a while ago and gulped nervously.The fire was put out and I realised I had left the stove open. I scolded myself for the carelessness advowed that I would always look after my house.