El compo ca1 draft 2


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El compo ca1 draft 2

  1. 1. CompositionQuestion:You were walking towards the school canteen. Suddenly, you sawsome pupils running out of the canteen.It was a normal Thursday morning. The sun was rising and as it spread itswarmth, the birds whistled a merry tune. Unfortunately, I was missing out onall of that. I was sitting in my seat in class, with the teacher boring me to death.I was counting down the final seconds to recess, my favourite part of the day.Suddenly, I hearded the bell ringing. It was the sweetest sound to me. Igrabbed my wallet and dashed out of my class. I was yearning for the savourytaste of Laksa.I queued up in line for it. I bought a bowl of flaming hot and I could feelthe tingling warmth of it on my hands. I hunted down a place to sit and satdown. Just then, I sensed something amiss. The usual cheery chatter of thehappy children was clearly absent. Suddenly, I saw some people running out ofthe canteen like a herd of buffaloes. Turning a blind eye, to the strangephenomenon, I took a bite. The taste of the Laksa was pure ecstasy, like I wasfloating on cloud nine. I began shoveling everything into my mouth.Just then, when I was lost in food haven, I smelt something apart frommy Laksa. I smelt him before I saw him. I could feel his stinky breath behindme. It hit me like a solid fist. I whirled around and saw the face I dreaded tosee. It was the face of the repugnant school bully, Adam. Before I knew it, I sawhis face coming towards me in slow motion. As the fist hit my stomach, mybreath was knocked out of me as I screamed in agony. His henchman formed acircle around me and started sneering. I looked up, just in time to see a fistland squarely on my nose. Blood streamed out of my nose. His henchmenkicked me repeatedly, and I rolled into a ball trying to protect myself, feelingvulnerable. At last, the kicking stopped and they left. Adam stayed back to spiton me. After that, he sneered and left .
  2. 2. Knowing that I had to do something to stop Adam, I immideately randown to the general office to tell the principal about Adam. The next day,Adam was caned and warned never to bully anyone again. Although hesneered at people, he never attacked them. The school was peaceful again.-