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Colored hair fading and layering techniques


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When that happens it is helping to know how to fade hair dye without seriously damaging your hair.

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Colored hair fading and layering techniques

  1. 1. Colored Hair Fading and Layering Techniques From Your Beauty Advisor It often happens when we experiment with different hair colors that some just do not turn out the way we want. When that happens it is helping to know how to fade hair dye without seriously damaging your hair. The process of fading can also be helpful when you would like to have different types of layers in hair that reflect different shades or highlights.
  2. 2. Fading and Layering Both the fade process and the colored layer process can be similar. For layers the steps are a bit more complicated because you may want to section your hair. With fading or layering you need to be cautious about the condition of your hair to avoid damaging your hair too much. Just the act of coloring hair alone can be damaging enough, but the additional work needed for fading and layering can cause breakage, thinning, and uneven color.
  3. 3. Helpful Hints When you are ready to take on the task of fading or layering your color treated hair, try some of these hints to make the process more effective:  Chemical dye remover – the harshest way to fade hair dye is to use a chemical treatment. The chemicals used in this process are very damaging to your hair and can result in brittle hair, split ends, and in extreme cases hair falling out. Do a test on a small area first to determine if it would work for you. Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.  Salt water – the natural minerals in salt water can help hair to fade without a lot of harm. The process of swimming in salt water also adds some nice layered colors and shades to your hair that gives you the beach look.
  4. 4.  Layered color – you can carefully add layers of color to your hair. First, section your hair based on the types of layers you want, starting at the scalp or base of the head and working to the top layer. Starting at the bottom layer, make sure all other layers are pulled away. Apply the color or your choice and let it set. Ideally you should wait a day or so before moving to the next layer, but if needed you can cover the bottom layer with foil and apply the next color to the next layer.  Spray on highlights – there are some products that provide a spray bottle formula that helps to lighten hair. You can pick an area and apply the spray, then allow a couple of hours for the fade to take effect. This can work well for a few highlights but may not provide an even color for a large area of hair.  Frequent washing – one of the best ways to fade hair as quickly as possible is to wash it multiple times in a day. You can use shampoos that are clear gel or have tar, which will accelerate the fading process but can be more harmful to your hair. Be sure to condition your hair as much as possible to moisturize and reduce damage.
  5. 5. Overall Hair Care Maintaining your hair can keep it looking great for a long time. Healthy hair that is well kept can reduce the problems that often occur with aging. Wash hair regularly with a safe shampoo and condition it as much as possible to moisturize and improve the strength of hair. Keep hair trimmed on a regular basis to remove split ends and frayed strands. When coloring your hair, be sure to avoid extreme changes that you may regret. Find ways to gradually adjust your hair color to a shade that you enjoy. Then keep that shade maintained for long lasting beauty. For more information visit us:
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