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Business Intelligence solutions using Excel 2013 and Power BI


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Presented for the "Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR) - Ponce" (Feb 8, 2014). Presented in Spanish.

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Business Intelligence solutions using Excel 2013 and Power BI

  1. 1. Enabling Self Service Business Intelligence using Excel CIAPR – Ponce February 8, 2014 Alan Koo Senior Consultant | Nagnoi, Inc. | @alan_koo
  2. 2. Who am I? • • • • • • • • • • Senior Consultant at Nagnoi, Inc. 14+ years in SQL Server 9+ years in BI & OLAP Member of the Microsoft BI Advisors internal group Microsoft MVP (5th year) MCT Regional Lead – Puerto Rico MCT since 2004 for Business Intelligence / SQL Server / .NET Co-Founder of Puerto Rico PASS PASS Regional Mentor - LATAM Blogger: Alan Koo |
  3. 3. Agenda Intro Modern Self Service BI tools Excel and Power BI Discover and combine data Visualize Model & analyze What is Next? Alan Koo |
  4. 4. Industry Trends
  5. 5. Enormous amounts of data online behavior of Facebook users tissue samples of cancer patients purchasing habits of grocery shoppers crime statistics of cities “internet of things” 24/7 outpatient monitor real-time telemetry devices Big Data 90% Of data in the world, has been created in the last 2 years Alan Koo |
  6. 6. The sexiest job in the 21st century Data Science Alan Koo |
  7. 7. Data Scientists The magicians of the Big Data era They crunch the data, use mathematical models to analyze it and create narratives or visualizations to explain it, then suggest how to use the information to make decisions Alan Koo |
  8. 8. Where to begin? Alan Koo |
  9. 9. Business Intelligence (BI) A broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Search Data Management Alan Koo |
  10. 10. BI solution scenarios Operational Reporting Access to existing data from operational systems Business Process / Activity Management Analysis and reporting capabilities for specific business processes or activities Data Mart / Integrated Reporting and Analytics Tools and access to business users of an application. to enhance its value by improving decision making Enterprise Data Warehousing / Information Management Comprehensive integration of critical information across the enterprise. Breaks down the barriers between applications. Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism Alan Koo |
  11. 11. Traditional BI: Integrated Reporting and Analytics 8: 7: Delivering canis dataprocess of continuous dirty data 6: ManualuseBI enablesmanages populated reduce contention 5: Stagingmayvarioussimplify query the cleanse business 4: The sourcesaccessperiodically datafor analyzing and reporting 3: Datadata warehousemirrored/replicated towarehouse improvement 2: Clients needaccessmay data thedata to datafrom data sources 9: warehouse betoa be required warehouse population areas may toolssources directly cleansing to 1: Data Warehouse Data Sources Data Marts Staging Area Client Access Manual Cleansing Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism Client Access
  12. 12. Silos of Data Call Center Web Apps CRM Finance Inventory Data Warehouse HR Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism ERP 15
  13. 13. From Traditional to Self Service BI Alan Koo |
  14. 14. Self-Service BI or simply better results? • • • • Because the organization has insufficient insight into its data Because traditional BI is too expensive Because traditional BI is too slow Because you were told to go get it A self-serve BI tool is a means to an end You need one to solve some combination of #1-3 above. Alan Koo |
  15. 15. Modern Self-Service BI players Alan Koo |
  16. 16. Microsoft Excel for BI??? “…self-service BI solutions to everyday business users through the familiar tool they already use ..” Alan Koo |
  17. 17. Microsoft Excel for BI It is very likely that Excel is already the lifeblood of your organization These people will be the primary power users of any new self-serve tool you adopt All of the tools tend to look a lot easier to learn than they are Excel is FAR more flexible than ANY of the other tools “Export to Excel” exists because of Excel’s flexibility, not just because of Excel’s popularity • If Excel isn’t your BI tool, all of that “Export to Excel” activity leads to fragmented intelligence. • • • • • Alan Koo |
  18. 18. Power BI () …bring the power of big data insights to the people who are closest to the business – not a specialist with an expensive, specialized tool -- but everyone in the organization can find deeper insights that will help them make better decisions..” Alan Koo |
  19. 19. Power BI (Excel) Alan Koo |
  20. 20. Power BI (Cloud – Office 365) Alan Koo |
  21. 21. Power BI (in Excel) Power Query Power Pivot • Query data • Clean data • Model tables • View in Pivot Tables / Charts Discover & Combine Model & Analyze Power View / Power Map • “Prettier” visualizations • Can map Visualize Alan Koo |
  22. 22. Power BI for Office 365 (Excel) Components • Power Pivot (embedded in Excel 2013) – need to be enabled • Power View (embedded in Excel 2013) - need to be enabled • Power Query – need to be downloaded and installed • Power Map – need to be downloaded and installed Alan Koo |
  23. 23. Power BI for Excel components requirements • The following Office versions are supported: – Office 2013 Professional Plus – Office 365 ProPlus • Supported Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista – – – – Windows Vista (requires .NET 3.5 SP1) Windows Server 2008 (requires .NET 3.5 SP1) Windows 7 Windows 8 Alan Koo |
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Power BI: Discover & Combine Power Query Help customers easily discover, access, and combine their data Alan Koo |
  26. 26. What can I do with Power Query? • Search public data • Import data into Excel from a wide variety of data sources • Shape it: Custom columns Aggregate data Combine Advance querys (formula language) – Drill down – Filter – – – – – – – – – – Group rows Remove duplicates Replace values Sort Split Unpivot / Pivot Alan Koo |
  27. 27. Power Query in action! Demo Alan Koo |
  28. 28. Power Query: more flexibility??? “M” language Alan Koo |
  29. 29. Power BI: Visualize Power View Help business users discover and share new insights with colleagues through interactive charts and graphs Power Map Allows user to create rich 3D geospatial visualizations Alan Koo |
  30. 30. Power View An interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience. Provides intuitive ad-hoc reporting for business users such as data analysts, business decision makers, and information workers. Alan Koo |
  31. 31. With Power Map you can.... • Map Data: plot up to a million rows of data in 3-D, visually on Bing maps. • Discover Insights: gain new understandings by seeing your data in geographic space and seeing time-stamped data change over time. • Share Stories: capture screenshots and build cinematic, guided video tours that can be shared broadly, engaging audiences like never before. Alan Koo |
  32. 32. Power Map in action! Dallas Utilities Demo Alan Koo |
  33. 33. Power BI: Model & Analyze Power Pivot Create flexible models, process hundreds of millions of rows of data in split second times Alan Koo |
  34. 34. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) • Programming language for PowerPivot (SSAS 2012 Tabular) • Simple, clean, powerful, fast, not easy • Tabular requires simpler data modeling for good result • Thinking in DAX is a new attitude Alan Koo |
  35. 35. Sample Data - Contoso
  36. 36. Enriching your data with a Power Pivot model Demo Alan Koo |
  37. 37. Power Pivot features learned today 1. Import from text files (CSV) 2. Excel as linked tables (Calendar) 3. Pivot table Slicers 4. Hierarchies 5. Create relations between tables 6. Model cleansing 7. Calculated Columns 8. Basic DAX functions (IIF, RELATED) Alan Koo |
  38. 38. PowerPivot flavors PowerPivot for Excel  Personal Analytics PowerPivotfor Excel  Personal Analytics PowerPivot for Sharepoint  Team Analytics Analysis Services  Corporate Analytics Alan Koo |
  39. 39. BI Semantic Model: from personal to corporate BI
  40. 40. Bonus
  41. 41. Twit analysis tool for Excel
  42. 42. Q & A Feature of Power BI (coming soon) • Natural language based experience for interacting with data “Show London clients” “Number of songs per year” “Show number of products” “Total number of employees for finance, HR, marketing in Europe by employee country” Alan Koo |
  43. 43. What is the best selling Song of All Time? Power BI Video Alan Koo |
  44. 44. Wrapping up: Self Service BI Opens a new window of opportunities Increase productivity while giving visibility Scalable to an Enterprise BI Solution Foundation for Business Intelligence (BI) to the Masses Just play and have fun! Alan Koo |
  45. 45. Questions? Alan Koo |
  46. 46. Authorized Training Center Designed for professionals who want to use PowerPivot’s full capabilities, the PowerPivot Workshop is a two/three-day course that covers PowerPivot topics, starting from basic concepts and moving on up to complex data models and DAX formulas with the goal to facilitate the use of PowerPivot in the real world. Nestor Figueroa | 787.671.8244 Alan Koo |
  47. 47. Puerto Rico PASS Chapter Subscribe to our newsletter
  48. 48. Thank You! Alan Koo Labrín Senior Consultant | Nagnoi, Inc. Blog: Twitter: @alan_koo
  49. 49. Resources • • • • Power BI Home Page Gapminder Microsoft Power Query for Excel Help • Power Query basics • Importing Data From Multiple Log Files Alan Koo |