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studioARCH e-Brochure 2010


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studioARCH e-Brochure 2010

  1. 1. I IRCH studio Architects . Planners . Designers
  2. 2. PROFILE studio I IRCH studioARCH JLT is an Architectural consultancy firm based in Dubai, UAE, with a portfolio of projects that spans several sectors: Mixed use, Offices, Residential, Retail, Hotels & Resorts, Corporate, Education and Health. Our team of professionals brings to the fore more than 25 years of experience in Design, Management and delivery of large-scale developments and prestigious projects across the GCC countries and MENA region. This document sheds some light on the capabilities, experience and work of the founding members of studioARCH, present and past. People IGNORE design that IGNORES people. Along with Architectural Design, the practice has dedicated capabilities in Interior Frank Chimero Design, Masterplanning & Urban Design and in public-private partnership projects. We also specialise in the production of professional Illustrations helping clients and consultants to achieve their conceptual aspirations and marketing tools. Green Building design and facilitation is a field where our LEED accredited professionals along with our strategic partners, can deliver world-class services by proposing an integrated approach to design with a special emphasis on Sustainability as the driving design element. T he environmental, social and economical impact of a design is paramount to the viability and ultimate success of any project. At studioARCH, we focus our considerable experience and ability along with our specialized partner firms to ensure the delivery of all key elements.
  3. 3. S E R V I C E S A R C H I T E C T U R E MasterPLANNING INTERIOR DESIGN ILLUSTRATIONS GREEN BUILDING F A C I L I T A T I O N At studioARCH we believe in providing unique design–led solutions that are functional, commercially viable, sustainable and highly specific to clients’ needs, with a special focus on the ‘Human Factor’ BUILDING G R E E N is NOT A CHOICE Sustainability is embedded in every aspect of architecture and a n y m o r e does not constitute a separate topic or principle on its own. It should be perceived as the driving factor behind all architectural requirements. This is not just in terms of energy conservation and renewable materials; sustainable architecture is also the design for INDIVIDUALS... MIXED-USE OFF ICES RESIDENTIAL RETAIL EDUCATION CORPORATE HOTELS & RESORTS
  4. 4. ARCHITECTURE M a s t e r Interior D E S I G N Is Architecture a pure form of expression, or does it need another acronyme to define it ? PLANNING Taking advantage of modern technologies to provide Is ‘Form & Function’ the only way to go ? Mixed-Use developments sustainable solutions and applications for indoor specifications, Should the use of a structure define its shape ? finishes and equipments, is the way to a “greener” future. create an ideal urban space What is the impact of the where a vibrant way of life can latest technologies on design ? flourish. Leisure and recreational These topics and many more will facilities along with retail, remain a matter of opinion... hotels, marinas, walkways and promenades, should compliment INTER A C T I V E ...! the other main components of a mixed-use development: C U T T I N G - EDGE residential and office space. DESIGNS L I V I N G PROGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT E C O - FRIENDLY SENSE OF D E S I G N S P L A C E These vibrant, pedestrian- NATURAL friendly common spaces L O W - E M I S S I O N V E N T I L AT I O N should form the nucleus of urban waterfront luxury living. . . . B I O - DEGRADABLE It is one of our strongest beliefs that Architecture is not Only about Style, but Also Future C I T I E S R E C Y C L A B L E about Substance, and the very methods to CARBON find the best organization of Program, Site and Context, to fulfill the needs of our clients. FOOTPRINT G R E E N B U I L D I N G FACILITATION ILLUSTRATIONS Architectural r e n d e r i n g s are the means to an end... and that end is Architecture
  6. 6. Master P L A N N I N G
  7. 7. Mina Rashed Mixed-Use Development DUBAI UAE Fu ture C I T I E S Creating “Livable” Urban Spaces in vertical cities is the most challenging task, since the human scale is at risk of being sacrified for the feasibility and the technical requirements of utilities and services
  8. 8. Master P L A N N I N G E N V I R O N M E N TA L L I V I N G SENSE OF P L A C E CARBON FOOTPRINT Jumeirah Beach Marina Development DUBAI HUMAN UAE Designing with the end-user in F A C T O R mind, should be the main target of any successful urban development. Special emphasis should be given to re-create common public spaces where people can meet, interact and socialize. The focus should remain on the Human Factor.
  9. 9. S E N S E OF PLACE At studioARCH our strength lies in our ability to create a Vision for a project, no matter how complex, from the client’s programme and the site’s context delivering a distinct solution and aesthetic that results in a real sense of ‘Place’. Central Business District Downtown Waterfront DUBAI UAE
  10. 10. Modern C I T I E S Modern cities are far more congested than anyone has ever anticipated. To be able to preserve the homogeneity of a neighbourhood, each building should be conceived to be a part of a scene, and not a stand-alone structure. At studioARCH, we believe that AL MANHAL URBAN DEVELOPMENT by using our Proactive approach, Downtown ABU DHABI we select and adapt the fittest UAE forms to the Lives we want to live, not the other way around. MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Urban Downtown DOHA QATAR DEVELOPMENTS
  11. 11. PROMENADES & WATERFRONT WALKWAYS C O M M U N I T I E S Pedestrian-Friendly developments are the only way to bring modern cities back to life. Highways and Fast-Lane motorways should give way to more adequately sized streets, with urban features and facilities, re-creating the social Urban street-life.
  13. 13. Designs should be unique, with each project having its own Personality... But of course, it has to make Financial sense. Each project creates a new challenge: how to reconcile between what we Like and what is actually Needed. This is the architect’s biggest temptation. ARCHITECTURE Mixed- U S E TOWERS INTER A C T I V E ...! KINGDOM TOWERS MANAMA BAHRAIN C U T T I N G - EDGE The avant-garde design of these twin-towers makes it PROGRESSIVE a in unique modern Manama’s landmark skyline. A 25/35-story office and apartment E C O - FRIENDLY towers with a total built-up area of 99000 m2. The four lower floors consist of retail shops and D E S I G N S common facilities to cater for this mixed-use development. FRONDS Mosques Palm Jumeirah D U B A I Using traditional elements to create a modern architectural expression can deliver sometimes an interresting solution (right). As the use of high-tech elements, can generate an interesting solution to a traditional expression (below)...
  14. 14. Commercial T O W E R S 63-Story TOWER Dubai UAE This mixed-use tower of 63 stories will have more than 70,000 m2 of residential and office spaces. The services and parking areas are located on the annexed 10-story building. Separate entrances on the ground level serve the apartments and the offices. RESIDENTIAL TOWERS Plots 4.1 & 4.2 Shams Abu Dhabi, UAE. This project, located in Shams Abu Dhabi on the Reem Island, consists of 4 residential towers of different Coastal heights linked with a 4-level Podium. The architectural DOHA GATE concept was to give the project a unique character, QATAR L I V I N G maitaining the efficiency and profitability.
  15. 15. V E RT I C A L CITIES ESHRAQ TOWER REEM ISLAND Abu Dhabi UAE M E C C A Gardens KSA The challenge in this project was the site itself. Surrounded by existing 10-12 stories buildings, the concept has to have a drastic approach. A podium of 10-story parking levels was conceived to form the base of 25 floors of different sizes apartments. The architectural style took into consideration the surroundings and the heritage of this particular site overlooking the Holy Ka’aba.
  16. 16. T O U R I S T AL BATEEN WHARF Abu Dhabi & BUSINESS UAE DESTINATION The Al Bateen Wharf is a 5-star Business Hotel and high rise condo project located along the fishermen’s lagoon in Al Bateen area, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This project would boast over 400 keys, distributed in two 15-story towers. There are extensive 5-star amenities including various Food & Beverage outlets such as restaurants and coffee shops, water features and swimming pools along with several sidewalk cafes on the waterfront promenade. The facility would also include a large conference center and banquet hall, health club and spa to make it a tourist and business destination. HOTELS HOTELS & & R E S O R T S R E S O R T S
  17. 17. WEEK-END R E T R E A T The unique site allocated for this resort offers panoramic views overlooking the city of Al Ain. The concept was to fully integrate the traditional style volumes from the top of the hill down to the man-made lagoons. AL-NAGFA Hotel & Resort AL AIN UAE HOTELS AL-NAGFA Hotel & Resort AL AIN UAE Al Nagfa hotel is perched on a natural rock outcropping & directly above the local Al Ain stadium. Clear, simple R E S O R T S and rational forms were used to define the hotel giving a modern interpretation of traditional construction. The main hotel bar ‘floats’ over a fully glazed amenities level giving 270 degree views over the city of Al Ain. This hotel targets itself as a corporate retreat center pulling from the booming markets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The facility will have 166 keys, including 70 Luxury luxury private villas as well as full fare restaurants and one anchor GETAWAY restaurant at the prow of the site.
  18. 18. C O R P O R A T E The challenge was to come up with a unique concept to reflect the growing strength of this young company. It was designed as a landmark with simple but yet aggressive lines and volumes. The training center has the latest technology systems with flight simulators and a cabin evacuation center. This project, located in a prime EMIRATES INDUSTRIAL BANK business area in Dubai, was EIB conceived to reflect the image of the DUBAI, U A E developer, EIB. The transparency in the elevations is assured by the use of glass and apparent steel structure. It was designed to imply an industrial, yet elegant and welcoming look. IT technology will be a main aspect to make this project an intelligent building. E T I H A D AIRWAYS HQ This building houses ABU DHABI UAE the HQ, Offices and Training Academy for the national airline carrier, C O R P O R A T E ETIHAD Airways. A C E HEADQUARTERS BEIRUT LEBANON
  19. 19. OMANTEL HQ MUSCAT OMAN This Hi-Tech building houses the headquarters of Omantel and Oman Mobile Telecommunication companies. The design was achieved with the challenge to merge Hi-Tech requirements of an intelligent building and traditional architectural elements. C O R P O R A T E P R E M I E R E C E N T E R This 10-story mixed-use building JOUNIEH includes a 7-floor high central LEBANON atrium lit by a skylight. The flexible interior spaces can accommodate showrooms, offices, clinics, retail shops, restaurants, and movie theaters in the lower floors. The building has a 3-floor underground parking space for more than 150 cars. NAM OFFICES I N T E R N A T I O N A L CITY DUBAI UAE
  20. 20. L I V I N G IN STYLE V I L L A TYPE S 4 0 GOLF GARDENS PALM JABAL-ALI DUBAI ABU DHABI UAE UAE The Golf Club Residential Community, one of the largest residential developments in Abu Dhabi, includes 389 luxury villas, ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet. The center of the development consists of a community center, which includes a variety of amenities: restaurants, tennis courts, squash courts, and retail shops. It also features a health center, community hall, and swimming pool. Residents will be able to stroll RESIDENTIAL around the area’s gardens and outdoor terraces. COMMUNITIES V I L L A S F. Al Ghosaiby V I L L A Riyadh KSA
  21. 21. L’ H A C I E N D A ADMA, LEBANON This is a 3500 m2 villa-like residential building. It includes 3 simplex and 2 duplex units, each with a panoramic sea view. It was designed in Spanish style and executed with first quality materials, reflecting the prestigious location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. SITE INTEGRATION This traditional Lebanese style residence is located on a 6000 m2 pine trees hill. Natural stone elevations reflect the traditional architectural elements: mandaloun, corner stone, triple arches… A double height reception area, along with the jalsa, has full view to the outdoor atrium and the garden overlooking the neighboring mountains. Villa E I D CHEDRAWI Hadath JEBBEH SPANISH L E B A N O N I M P R E S S I O N S TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE V I L L A S G R E E N FACTS The architects paid special attention to preserve the pine trees already existing on site. All elevation finishes are made of natural local stones. Floor tiles and interior wall decoration in the reception areas are made of local stone. Collection of rain water to be used for irrigation. Solar panels, timers, insulated double- walls were used for energy saving.
  22. 22. VILLA RAJA HADDAD ADMA LEBANON LUXURY VILLAS PANORAMIC V I E W S UNCONVENTIONAL VILLA JOSEPH MAKHLOUF RASKIFA D E S I G N S LEBANON A modern style villa with green shingles roof, natural local stone elevations and wooden shutters. The interior is dominated by a central double-height reception with a skylight. An indoor garden with a waterfall links the main VILLA SIMON BAKHT reception to a recreational ADMA open space at the lower LEBANON level. Terraces and gardens surround the villa at all levels. This Spanish style modern villa of 5 stories, located in the high- end residential area of Adma, enjoys a panoramic view over the bay of Jounieh. Curvilinear PRIVATE terraces and lush greenery seem to cascade towards the R E S I D E N C E S Mediterranean sea. The first basement houses a cross barrel-vaulted reception area opening into the front gardens.
  23. 23. AL JAZEERA ENTERTAINMENT CENTER ABU DHABI UAE E N T E R T A I N M E N T Designed to be the largest INDOOR recreational center for kids, this project consists of 6 floors of 20,000 m2 each, with 2 basement levels of car parks. The various functions are distributed on the different levels, creating a loop to cover all types of entertainment activities. The upper floor is covered by a glazed roof with the largest to-date indoor roller-coaster.
  24. 24. Interior D E S I G N
  25. 25. Interior D E S I G N L O W - E M I S S I O N . . . B I O - DEGRADABLE R E C Y C L A B L E P R E M I E R E Cafe Jounieh Lebanon This 2-level sidewalk Cafe is at the forefront of Premiere Center on the main road of Jounieh. It is the melting point for the residents of the ‘chic’ neighbourhoods of Kfarhbab and Adma. It also serves studioARCH the mixed-use building which OFFICES includes showrooms, offices, JLT clinics, retail shops and restaurants. DUBAI, U A E
  26. 26. PIZZA-HUT JOUNIEH L E B A N O N The first Pizza Hut Branch in Lebanon with the new face- lift. This is the pilot project for the new image/color scheme of Pizza Hut Middle East. D E T A I L P I Z Z A Hut Jounieh Lebanon DRIVEN This 2-level restaurant, with a total area of 800 m2, is one of the largest branches of Pizza Hut in Lebanon. The prime location of the building plays an important role as a main attraction spot for the neighbouring residential precincts.
  27. 27. B O W L I N G ALLEY M A R I N A MALL Prince AL WALEED BIN TALAL ABU DHABI, U A E PRIVATE RECEPTION FLOOR A 32-Lane Bowling alley with 16 Pool tables form the main KINGDOM TOWER Ryiadh crowd attractions to this entertainment venue on two floors, KSA in one of the most polpular malls of the capital, Abu Dhabi. On the 30th and 31st levels of the Iconic Kingdom tower in Riyadh, are respectively the private offices of Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal and his private reception floor. Each floor has an area of 2500 m2 with a central void that links the two levels. The original Interior D E S I G N interior concept design reflects the modern style of the tower. I M P R E S S I O N S ROGUE CAFE JUMEIRAH ROAD DUBAI UAE
  28. 28. R E F E R E N C E S L I B R A R Y PROJECT LOCATION INFO DESCRIPTION MASTERPLANS • Mina Rashid Master Plan Dubai, UAE 737 Hectares Mixed-Use Development • Bahrain Lagoon Development Manama, Bahrain Plot 220,000 m2 Urban Development • Workers Camp, Sector M36 Abu Dhabi, UAE 29,000 people Res. Accomodations • Mirdif Residential Complex Dubai, UAE Apartments & Villas Urban Development • Jumeirah Town Center Dubai, UAE Mid-rise Mixed-Use Development • Jumeirah Beach Developement Dubai, UAE T own houses, Cafes.. Touristic Development • Jebel Ali Development Dubai, UAE Low-rise Residential Development TOWERS • Eshraq Tower Abu Dhabi, UAE Waterfront R e s i d e n t i a l • 63-Story Tower Dubai, UAE Modern M i x e d - U s e • Mecca Garden Towers Mecca, KSA Traditional R e s i d e n t i a l • Residential Towers, Plots 4.1 & 4.2 Shams Abu Dhabi, UAE Contemporary M i x e d - u s e • Residential Towers, Plots 33 & 36 Shams Abu Dhabi, UAE Modern R e s i d e n t i a l • Rainbow Towers, Business Bay Dubai, UAE Modern 3 Residential • Moussa Furnished Apartments Sharjah, UAE 45 Stories Furnished Apartments • 12 Towers at Breakwater Abu Dhabi, UAE 15 to 25 Floors Residential Development PUBLIC • Fronds Mosques,Palm Jumeirah Dubai, UAE 100 persons Community Mosques • Cruise Terminal,Mina Rashid Dubai, UAE 6,000m2 Touristic Terminal • Mina Rashid Data Center Dubai, UAE 4,500m2 Data Center & Offices • Gardens Jumaa Mosque Dubai, UAE 1000 persons Friday Mosque • NAM Office Building, Intl City Dubai, UAE 3,500m2 NAM Team Offices • ADCO compound LEED Design Western Region, UAE Sustainable Staff Accomodations • M.E.S.C. Surgical Clinics Beyrouth, Lebanon Private Clinics M e d i c a l PROJECT LOCATION INFO DESCRIPTION HOTELS & Resorts • Al Bateen Wharf Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE 400+ Keys 5* Urban Resort RESIDENTIAL • Al Nagfa Hotel Al Ain, UAE 170 Keys + 70 Villas 5* Family Destination • Al Shaikh Masterplan Dubai, UAE Plot 18,600 m2 6 Villas & Majlis • Airport Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE 300+ Keys 3* City Hotel • Al Shaikh Villa Dubai, UAE Plot 21,500 m2 Spanish Style Residence • Kingdom Towers Manama, Bahrain Manama, Bahrain 4* Business Hotel • Al Issa Private Villa Al Khobar, KSA 3,000 m2 Modern Style Beach villa • JW Marriott Resort & Spa Abu Dhabi, UAE 350Keys +105 Villas 5* Themed Hotel • Bakht Villa Adma, Lebanon BUA 3,800 m2 Spanish Style Villa • Omar Al Mana Hotel Tower Doha, Qatar Doha, Qatar Furnished Apartments • Palm Jumeirah Canal Cove Villa Dubai, UAE Interiors Extension Works - Villa 92 • Hotel Grand Mercure Dubai, UAE 400+ Keys 5* Business Hotel • Beach Villas Western Region, UAE 200 Units Sustainable Community CORPORATE • Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi, UAE 389 Villas Luxurious Community • Prince Khaled Bin Saad Palace Al Riyadh, KSA 7500 m2 Plot Family residence • Etihad Airways HQ & Training Abu Dhabi, UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE HQ & Training Academy • Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Al Riyadh, KSA 2500 m2 Private Floor • Omantel Headquarters Muscat, Oman Muscat, Oman HQ & Offices • Sulayman Al Jasser Villa Damman, KSA 1800 m2 Spanish Style Villa • Emirates Industrial Bank EIB Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Dubai Branch & Offices • L’Hacienda Building Adma, Lebanon 5 Luxurious Units Spanish Style Building • Sheikh Khaled Twin Towers Doha, Qatar 100,000 m2 Furnished Apartments • Villa E. Chedrawi Hadath, Lebanon 5000 m2 Plot Lebanese Style • Jazeera Mall and Residences Abu Dhabi, UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE Shopping Mall & Aprts • A. Al Hawa Building Safra, Lebanon 5 Luxury units P r i va t e Building ENTERTAINMENT & RETAIL • Pine Hill Building Broumana, Lebanon 24 Units Re s i d e n t i a l Bldg • Fun Galaxy Abu Dhabi, UAE 132,000 m2 Indoor Entertainment • Al Bakhsh-Shakour Complex Dammam, KSA Traditional 3 Villas complex • Premiere Center Jounieh, Lebanon 34,000 m2 Entertainment • Villa R. Haddad Adma, Lebanon BUA 3500 m2 Modern Style Villa • IVY Cafe Western Region, UAE 150 m2 Modern Coffee Shop • Abu Jawdeh Building Bsalim, Lebanon 16 Units Re s i d e n t i a l Bldg • Dan Fashion shop Dubai, UAE 800 m2 Ladies Fashion • Villa J. Makhlouf Raskifa, Lebanon 3 Floors Modern Style Villa • Mother of the Emirates Hospital Abu Dhabi, UAE 20 Floors 5* Private Hospital • Bshara Maria Buildings Kfarhbab, Lebanon Total of 24 Units 3 Residential Buildings • Zayed University Abu Dhabi, UAE Plot 100,000 m2 Main Campus • Marina Mall, Extension 3 Abu Dhabi, UAE 300,000 m2 Shopping Mall & Offices
  29. 29. P E R S O N A L FACTS Youssef AL ALAM architect We have to stop what we have been doing for the last 100 years. It is our duty, or at least, this should be our goal for the next millenium ... Can we reverse the process ..? I hope so, for the sake of our children ... and our Planet. Since 1984 Simple, Striking and Sustainable Creative Design is one mean of Mahmoud Z. TANNIR c o m m u n i c a t i o n . architect Yet, to me... It’s the most powerful one. Since 1997
  30. 30. I IRCH studio Jumeirah Lakes Towers TIFFANY Tower Suite 506 Phone: +971 4 4474748 Fax: +971 4 4474749 P.O.Box: 282 996 Dubai, U.A.E