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Lion opportunities plan BY AL AMIN


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Lion opportunities plan BY AL AMIN

  1. 1. Save life >> Belief Save Humanities >> Donate Build your Future >> Return Welcome to the World of Opportunities with Lion Charity Club
  2. 2. Save Life : Belief
  3. 3. The Lions Charity Club is addressing homelessness in our community by providing programs that develop economic opportunities for individuals while building their self.  HELP HOMELESS PEOPLE
  4. 4. Belief: OUR ORGANIZATION • Name: Lion Charity Club • SWITZERLAND OFFICE : Balz Zimmermann Starsse 7 CH-8080 Zurich - Flughafen. Switzerland. • Web Address : • E-mail Address :
  5. 5. Belief: OUR TEAM Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
  6. 6. Belief: YOURSELF If you believe in yourself anything is possible. You have to believe in yourself, that you're going to succeed.
  7. 7. Save Humanity: Our mission is to help the people, children who we are deprived of their basic needs.
  8. 8. How Do You Get Started? You have two very simple choices!
  10. 10. Power Line Donate Registration  Minimum Donation amount: 30$ (Form 20th April Minimum Donation amount: 33$) Binary Donate Registration  General Donation amount: 50$  Special Donation amount: 100$  V I P Donation amount: 200$
  11. 11. Build Your Future: Registration for Five types of Income Immediately get back to the person who referred you to the website or sent this presentation to you and ask the sign up/registration process. Donation Bonus (Spot) Power line Return Bonus Donation Binary Matching Bonus Binary Return Bonus Royalty Bonus
  12. 12. Donation Bonus (Spot)
  13. 13. Power Line Return Bonus The instant you submitted your information and donate 30$ on our site, we awarded you a TOP position in a FAST growing power line to give you a head start in building your business…and your INCOME! 1st Stage Member- 80 No’s Bonus 20$ Member - 250 No’s Bonus 30$ Member- 490 No’s Bonus 40$ Member- 970 No’s Bonus 100$ For get 1st Stage Commission You need 2 No's Direct Reference . 2nd Stage Member- 170 No’s Bonus 25$ Member- 410 No’s 35$ Member- 810 No’s 80$ Member- 1290 No’s 200$ For get 2nd Stage Commission You need 2 No's Direct Reference . 3rd Stage Member- 250 No’s Bonus 30$ Member- 570 No’s Bonus 40$ Member- 970 No’s Bonus 100$ Member- 1450 No’s Bonus 300$ For get 3rd Stage Commission You need 3 No's Direct Reference .
  14. 14. A B L RYOU C Donation Binary Matching Bonus With 50 BV With 50 BV D FE F 50 BV 50 BV50 BV 50 BV G50 BV 50 BV50 BV50 BV This 100 BV are Carry forward for get commission in next time.
  15. 15. Right side 50BV 50BV 4$ 150BV 150BV 12$ 500BV 500BV 40$ 1400BV 1400BV 112$ 4500BV 4500BV 360$ Donation Binary Matching Level 12500BV 12500BV 18750BV 18750BV 25000BV 25000BV Left side 1000$ 1500$ 2000$ Commission (USD) You need 2 Direct reference donate for earning commission.
  16. 16. Donation Binary Return Bonus First 100 day you get 1% return help bonus per day on your total donate amount. Next 50 day you get 2% return help bonus per day on your total donate amount. You get total 200% return help bonus within 150 days on your total donate amount.
  17. 17. Get 3% Royalty Bonus from your down line leader total income.
  18. 18. 10% deduct for service charge from your all types of income. 15% deduct for charity fund from your total power line bonus income. 5% deduct for charity fund from your total Binary bonus and royalty bonus income. Deduct: Service Charge and Charity Fund
  19. 19. Designation Total Earn (Binary Bonus) Get Special Bonus Lion 5,000$ 800$ White Lion 20,000$ 1,500$ Black Lion 50,000$ 4,000$ Green Lion 100,000$ 10,000$ Blue Lion 200,000$ 50,000$ Red Lion 500,000$ 150,000$ Special Bonus
  20. 20. Donate for Better Life
  21. 21. Donate for Better Future