Children right to play


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Children right to play

  1. 1. Children Right to Play By Ibrahim Osmans, Albaraka School. This week you asked me to continue the work on children’s rights. Before two days I tried to apply an article in (little book of children’s rights and responsibilities) inside the class. The article that I chose is article 31, which is about (All children have a right to relax and play and to join in a wide range of activities). As it is obvious in the article the children have right to relax and play. To make that applicable in my class I gave the pupils that day an off day (day without learning something) that day I played with the pupils and invited one of my colleagues to share me that day. During that day we played different things like to making drawings from there imagination, making competitions inside the class by asking questions to the other group, and telling stories to the pupils by me and my colleague. In here I am attaching some pictures of the class during that day. Some of my colleagues interested my idea and also tried to do the same in there classes, but unfortunately they didn’t do so because lack of time. After two periods I gave the students their time of refreshment, also during that time they were partly playing and happy at the same time. At that time I took some other images in my cell phone and here are that images.
  2. 2. According to the school the principal liked the idea and told the other teacher to do the same thing like that. Because the children should like the school and feel fun to come and study everyday.