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Université Laval - Analyste d'affaires - agence affaires électroniques - Alain Fortier


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Présentation à l'Université Laval - conférencier invité dans le cours Atelier en analyse d'affaires
SIO 3100

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Université Laval - Analyste d'affaires - agence affaires électroniques - Alain Fortier

  1. 1. Alain Fortier, MBA, Adm A.directeur processus d’affaires UNIVERSITÉ LAVAL Atelier en analyse d’affaires SIO-3110 7 février 2013
  2. 2.  Profession Web Processus d’affaires au sein d’une agence web Basecamp Appel d’offre
  3. 3. ALAIN FORTIERDepuis près de 20 ans, il évolue dans le domaine du développement desolutions d’affaires, entre autres en commerce de détail dans la relationclient-entreprise (B2C) et entreprise-entreprise (B2B). Son expertisecouvre lexpérience client ainsi que la transformation et la mise en œuvredes processus daffaires en centre de contacts clients. En tant que membrede lAssociation des administrateurs agréés, la gestion de projets complètesa pratique de conseiller stratégique. Depuis bientôt 10 ans, il estégalement conférencier et chroniqueur dans le cadre de congrès et magazinesdindustries, et de cours de niveaux collégial et universitaire. Ses sujets deprédilection couvrent en particulier la satisfaction client, le développementdurable et les impacts des technologies dans les affaires.
  4. 4. NOFOLO NOFOLO est une agence Web qui accompagneses clients dans la conception et la réalisation deleur projet, qu’il soit mobile, post-PC, Web 5.0 ou non. Nous réfléchissons, nous agissons et nous prenons soin des produits que nous livrons (et de leurs usagers!).
  5. 5. Following a detailed website design and development process can speed up yourwork and help your client understand your role in the project. Luke Raimer, Smashing Magazine
  6. 6. PROFESSION WEBCustom designs are always going to cost No two websites are the same, andmore but the result is something youll the most important thing you can do isnever get from a generic template: a site to get into the mindset of your usersthats been designed to drive real through research, analytics andbusiness for you. That requires a team of interviews. As designers, we’re used topeople including an information architect, a being conscientious while we’redesigner, a front-end coder, a back-end adding interface elements; we need todeveloper, a quality assurance expert, and be even more careful when removinga project manager to coordinate all of the Homemade Website Isnt Cutting It Anymore Should you ask the user or their browser? shouldnt-build-your-own-website.html 3/02/04/remove-interface-elements/
  8. 8. PROCESSUS D’AFFAIRESIt’s a response to a question, a BrowserStack is the holy grail ofbusiness problem, an organisation’s cross-browser testing. Realissue … something macro. We need to virtual machines that you can runcommunicate our design decisions and test with right in your browser,in much the same way that we should including localhost!be approaching the designsthemselves – content first. Use BrowserStack for Live Web-Based Cross Browser TestingCreate a website style guide browserstack/website-style-guide
  10. 10. The result was Basecamp, a lean buteffective platform requiring no costly servers, tricky installations, or technical support. Andrew Park, Wired Magazine
  11. 11. BASECAMPNo matter how good a cloud platform The new and improved featuresis, its often truly brought to life by far outweigh the few negativesthe apps, add-ons, and integrations and we can expect to seeavailable to users and IT pros. more additions, improvements and7 great add-ons for Basecamp possibly the re-addition of former features in the near future. Basecamp Next or Classic? asecamp-next-or-basecamp-classic
  12. 12. BASECAMP
  13. 13. Use your contract to set the tone for the relationship with your clients. Of course, you’ll need to cover all the issues, butthere’s no reason you can’t do that while still being you. Andy Clark, Smashing Magazine
  14. 14. APPEL D’OFFRE The RFP process
  15. 15. APPEL D’OFFREMake sure that whoever you are Do you really want to kick this offworking with clearly understands what with an impersonal 15-pageyou are trying to accomplish before document that look likeyou pay them to build you something. something out of a law schoolYou wouldn’t hire an architect text book? Help your prospectivewithout a detail project plan and web agency truly understand yourdesign is no different. situation before they offer their75 questions to help you write an RFP solution. Why we won’t answer a website design RFhelp-you-write-an-rfp-for-website-design/ answer-a-website-design-rfp,1658/
  16. 16. “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicatedsimple, awesomely simple, thats creativity.” Charles Mingus, musicien jazz