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Millennium development goals and NEPAD


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Millennium development goals and NEPAD

  1. 1. MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT TOPICS AND CONTRIBUTORS GOALS (MDGs) & MDGs and NEPAD-Is Africa Reclaiming the 21st Century? NEW PARTNERSHIP FOR AFRICA’S Alain A Ndedi (Yenepad Consulting Pretoria) DEVELOPMENT (NEPAD) Sheila Bunwaree (University of Mauritius) Meeting MDGs in Africa:Challenges and Prospects Marcelin Ndong Ntah (African Development Bank). IS AFRICA RECLAIMING Meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): THE 21st CENTURY? A South African perspective Edwin Okey Ijeoma (University of Pretoria). Challenges and Prospects of NEPAD in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Francis Nwonwu (Africa Institute of South Africa). Public Sector Reforms in Africa: The role of NEPAD Capacity Development Strategy. Edwin Okey Ijeoma Entrepreneurship and Wealth at the bottom of Africa’s pyramids Alain Ndedi Anticipating the African Future: Methods and Challenges Edited by: Charles Wasikama (UNDP) Alain A Ndedi Edwin Okey Ijeoma © Ijeoma EOC, Ndedi A A, Bunwaree S, Ndong Ntah M, Nwonwu F, Wasikama C, Foreword by: S. Vil-Nkomo ISBN 978-0-620-40513-3