Increase Revenue Opportunities by Offering Cloud Services


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Increase Revenue Opportunities by Offering Cloud Services

  1. 1. Increase Revenue Opportunities by Offering Cloud Services<br />May 5, 2010<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Speakers<br /><ul><li>Al Afflitto
  3. 3. Channel Manager, ReliaCloud
  4. 4. Johnny Hatch
  5. 5. Product Manager, ReliaCloud</li></li></ul><li>3<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> ReliaCloud Background
  6. 6. Why Cloud?
  7. 7. Cloud Servers
  8. 8. Cloud Storage
  9. 9. Partner Channel</li></li></ul><li>4<br />Background<br />About ReliaCloud<br />ReliaCloud is an enterprise-class cloud designed forbusinesses and partners that need dynamicinfrastructure.<br /><ul><li> Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul region
  10. 10. 2 data center locations (SAS 70 Type II)
  11. 11. 10+ years in data center business
  12. 12. 24x7x365 live support</li></ul><br />Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN<br />
  13. 13. 5<br />Why Cloud?<br />Advantages of Cloud Computing<br /><ul><li> No CAPEX and no infrastructure to acquire and maintain
  14. 14. Pay-as-you-grow model
  15. 15. Dynamic platform that scales with your business
  16. 16. Greater reliability than most traditional computing architectures</li></li></ul><li>6<br />Why Cloud?<br />Cloud Forecast<br />
  17. 17. 7<br />Why Cloud?<br />What’s Driving Cloud Adoption?<br /><ul><li> Cost, the recession, and the CFO
  18. 18. Time to delivery
  19. 19. Security and regulatory requirements</li></li></ul><li>8<br />Why Cloud?<br />Top 5 Cloud Applications<br /><ul><li> Collaboration applications such as email, chat, file sharing solutions such as SharePoint
  20. 20. Cloud-hosted web infrastructure and software
  21. 21. Moving back-ups off-site to the cloud
  22. 22. Moving efficiency and compliance apps like CRM, ERP, Human Resources and Financial solutions to the cloud
  23. 23. QA Development Testing</li></ul><br />
  24. 24. 9<br />Why Cloud?<br />Case Study<br /><ul><li> The Company
  25. 25. Preston Kelly
  26. 26. The Challenge
  27. 27. Finding a cost-effective way to handle dynamic traffic spikes over a short time period
  28. 28. The Solution
  29. 29. ReliaCloud’s pay-as-you-go cloud server platform
  30. 30. The Results
  31. 31. 100% availability and performance during peak load without breaking the budget</li></li></ul><li>Why Cloud?<br />Advantages of Cloud Computing<br />
  32. 32. 11<br />Cloud Servers<br />ReliaCloud Servers are deployed within a robust andresilient virtualization environment and architectedto maximize uptime and performance.<br /><ul><li> Features
  33. 33. Benefits
  34. 34. Pricing</li></li></ul><li>12<br />Cloud Storage<br />ReliaCloud Storage transforms storage economics byallowing you to scale storage to meet the everydaychanges in your organization.<br />
  35. 35. Why Cloud?<br />Cloud Comparison<br />
  36. 36. 14<br />Partner Channel<br /><ul><li>Affiliate Partners
  37. 37. Value Added Resellers
  38. 38. Private Label Program
  39. 39. Marketplace Program</li></li></ul><li>15<br />Partner Channel<br />Affiliate Partners<br />Take the less involved route and join our Affiliate Program to quickly earn referral fees by recommending ReliaCloud solutions to your customers.<br />Benefits:<br /><ul><li> $25 one-time referral fee per lead
  40. 40. Interact with a dedicated affiliate manager
  41. 41. View daily data feed
  42. 42. Choose from multiple text and banner ads</li></li></ul><li>16<br />Partner Channel<br />Value Added Resellers<br />Bundle our cloud solutions with your technical offerings and deliver a combined solution. Discounts are given to you based on sales volume.<br />To make lead generation as simple as possible, we will provide you with:<br /><ul><li> Marketing Collateral
  43. 43. Video Tutorials
  44. 44. Cooperative Marketing Funds</li></li></ul><li>17<br />Partner Channel<br />Private Label Program<br />Qualified VARs, solution providers, and systems integrators can integrate ReliaCloud services with their current offerings with our Private Label Program. Sell these combined products under your own brand and receive discounts based on sales volume.<br />Create a single-source relationship with customers as you market your product under a brand they know and trust.<br />
  45. 45. 18<br />Partner Channel<br />Marketplace Program<br />Our Marketplace program is an agreement with companies who would like to work together toward mutual benefits while maintaining individual corporate identities.<br />Work toward your promotional or sales goals alongside ReliaCloud.<br />
  46. 46. 19<br />Partner Channel<br />Why Partner with ReliaCloud?<br /><ul><li> Enjoy recurring revenues or increasing margins when you offer ReliaCloud solutions to your customers
  47. 47. Develop your ReliaCloud sales pipeline by leveraging a variety of resources, including our comprehensive partner portal and Marketing Development Funds.
  48. 48. Interactive, open and frequent communications with our product management, marketing and sales teams to ensure that partners have a clear understanding of the market opportunity.</li></ul> <br />
  49. 49. 20<br />Partner Channel<br />Upcoming Events<br /><ul><li>Get Listed Local University Date: May 13, 2010 Time: 8:00am-12:00pm CST, or 1:00-5:00pm CST Location: Edina, MN
  50. 50. Cloud Camp at GlueConDate: May 25, 2010 Time: 4:00-8:00pm GMT Location: Broomfield, CO
  51. 51. GlueCon Date: May 26-27, 2010 Location: Broomfield, CO
  52. 52. HostingConDate: July 19-21, 2010 Location: Austin, TX</li></li></ul><li>21<br />Partner Channel<br />ReliaCloud – Reliability in the Cloud<br /><ul><li>Visit
  53. 53. Call 612.395.9007
  54. 54. Email</li></li></ul><li>22<br />Albert Afflitto<br />Channel Manager<br />612.395.8913<br /><br />$100 Promo Code: PARTNERWEB<br />A recap of this webinar will be available at<br />by the end of the week<br />