Final presentation for 97 2003 type


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This is my PowerPoint presentation for my final project in my Education class at IUPUI!

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Final presentation for 97 2003 type

  1. 1. GamesClassroom /Educational use Ashlee Lacer Educ W200
  2. 2. MenuFor years, teachers, administrators, and parents are trying toease children away from their gaming hours like it is a badhobby. What if introducing educational games into thestudents’ lives will help them with their studies andhomework? There are sites out there and ideas that agreewith mine that help children in school. These articles and sitestell why they think it can be helpful to students and teachers. The Education Arcade Using Computer Games for Instruction: The Student Experience
  3. 3. Click Here to Visit Site!The Education Arcade “The games that are made at the Educational Arcade are based on what its researchers observe of kids in the classrooms and combine this with the lessons game developers and console manufacturers have learnt over the years of how to get their audiences engaged within the medium by making compelling games and control systems.” This website describes how they take assignments from the classroom and turn it into games that make students motivated to learn.
  4. 4. The Education Arcade “Our mission is to demonstrate the social, cultural, and educational potentials of videogames by initiating new game development projects, coordinating interdisciplinary research efforts, and informing public conversations about the broader and sometimes unexpected uses of this emerging art form in education.” This website included projects and games that are tailored to mathematics, science, history, literacy, and language arts.
  5. 5. The Education Arcade My Thoughts…  Through this website, it is said that you can do so many things and use all of these games in the classroom, however, I did not see an easy way to get a hold of these games.  You had to make an account to get a hold of these resources, which I found a little tedious.  They did, on the other hand, have great inspirations and resources to let the public know that games do help in the development of learning for students, no matter what the grade level.Ah-Ha! Moment: Make sure you find agame site that is easy to maneuveraround to use in your classrooms.
  6. 6. Click Here to Visit Article!Using Computer Games forInstruction This article was written by Michael Grimley and he mainly wrote about how he studied the motivation of computer games versus traditional lecture in a classroom. “Instruction was split between lectures and computer games, and student experiences were recorded using an Experience Sampling Method to capture real-time experience and feelings of flow.”
  7. 7. Using Computer Games forInstruction “Results indicated that student experiences in the game mode showed increased alertness, increased feelings of being active, increased feelings of involvement and an increased perception of challenge.” The article concluded with the final say in that games can help students get involved in their schoolwork and the games also tend to help students retain the information.
  8. 8. Using Computer Games forInstructionMy Thoughts…  I believe every aspect of this article. I think it shows great evidence that students like to be visual learners and by giving them something they can have fun in a game and competitive way, they will retain and be motivated to learn more about the subject.Ah-Ha! Moment: Having evidencethat shows that games are definitelyuseful in education helps me as afuture educator to believe in themand the positive influences they cantake on a classroom.
  9. 9. Click Here to Visit Site! This website is an actual online gaming site made just for students that need help in a number of subjects! In the About Us section, you can see how they were incorporated and how this website may be helpful to teachers, students, and parents.
  10. 10.  “Funbrain, created for kids age preschool through grade 8, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.”  Here is an example of a game in which you have to guess the word to keep the boat afloat. It is much like the classical game Hangman. You are able to choose whatever theme you like and just click play! Just click on thescreenshot to play the game!
  11. 11. I think this website is a great way to get children involved in their learning and education. It is perfect for memorization of all types of subjects, in which we all know, memorization is hard for all of us!Ah- Ha! Moment :Making memorizationeasy by playing games,students will not evenknow they are learning!
  12. 12. Conclusion… With all of the insights and evidence of these websites, I have decided that online gaming for education if greatly beneficial to teachers, students, and even parents! I will be using in my classroom and with my own children because I feel it will help them get involved in their education and will help them succeed in their educational goals!
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