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Hss 7 minute presentation


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Hss 7 minute presentation

  2. 2. The Need
  3. 3. The Solution Hometown Sustainability Solutions (HSS) Foster Powerful Initiatives for LocalizedSustainable Change
  4. 4. HSS FrameworkKnowledge Structure Participation Sustainability  Non-Profit  Community Consulting Umbrella Coalition Business  Culture of  Addressing the Directories of collaborations direct needs of Expertise and the community Living Library partnerships  Accessible  Provide services for all professional support to programs with aligned missions
  5. 5. Enterprise Structure Mission Vision Values For-Profit Non-Profit Sustainability Community Consulting Incubator Mission: To foster widespread and collaborative engagement in Prescott, Arizona becoming more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable by providing accessible and comprehensive sustainability services, education, and support.
  6. 6. Whole-System Design
  7. 7. Philanthropic Pay Scale High Income $ $ Low Income
  8. 8. Activities  Sustainability Consulting  Energy Auditing  Area Specific Consulting  Sustainable Business Development  Community Incubator  Non-Profit Umbrella  Discounted Sustainability Consulting Service  Living Library  Sustainably Education  Community Coalition
  9. 9. Appeal to Constituents
  10. 10. First Year Focus Pledge
  11. 11. 5 Years Down the Road
  12. 12. Get InvolvedHSS believes in the power of individuals, and institutionsusing knowledge, resources and relationships to developmore equitable, environmentally sustainable, democratic and thriving communities. If you have the same philosophy, we need your commitment and support.Needed Support:• Financial support for pledge campaign• Community members who wish to commit tomaintaining the health and integrity of Prescott Arizona• Seed capital and start-up investments
  13. 13. More InformationContact:Aryn