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My presentation at BioHackathon 2010


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My presentation at BioHackathon 2010,, an event devoted to semantic web for life science

Published in: Education, Technology
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My presentation at BioHackathon 2010

  1. 1. Alberto Labarga Computer Science Department University of Granada Spain Projects Bionotate, Qfactor, EGC
  2. 2. Research interests • Bioinformatics – Gene expression analysis (microarrays, RT-PCR, MPS) • Text mining – Automatic names and relations extraction – Collaborative annotation and tagging • Semantic web – LinkedData • Data integration – Web services
  3. 3. @Biohackathon2010 • Bionotate ( – Science Commons text annotation service – Integration with BioRDF – Publish results as LinkedData • Beyond Elsevier Grand Challenge – Integrate Reflect, Coraal, Whatizit – Semantic navigation of the literature ecosystem (authors, citations, topics, etc)
  4. 4. How can we use technology to make us smarter, individually and collectively? Enable Collective Intelligence Bring Intelligence to the Interface Serendipitous Finding Integrated search Search/Discover Continual queries Collaborative Searching Paper recommendation Structural Search Alert Gather Collecting Project and Personal Manage Internal search Refereed and Grey literature Organizing Create Annotating Tag, annotate, rate Review & Rate Multi-author authoring Describe Write Share Publish Linked Data Interfaces Sharing