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Pbm gig draft finish

  1. 1. Des O’Connor qualifiedas a Life Coach in 2009.He has been specializingin providing SingleBlack Women with toolsand resources toimprove every area oftheir lives, to benefit andhelp them in finding andattracting the right BlackMan for them.
  2. 2.  Please be mindful as children are present Keep ALL comments/questions POSITVE Raise your hand to ask a question Please do not shout at Please do not whisper Respect one another Show love to one another Remember why you are here
  3. 3. • April 22nd – FREE Webinar training session Sunday, 22nd April 6pm - 7pm• May 4th – 25 Black Men to Meet 25 Black Women – 7.30 – 10.30• May 7th – FREE Family Whole Day Business and Life Coaching Workshop• May 26th Positive Black Males Part 2
  4. 4.  Friday May 4th, 7.30 until 10.30 25 Black Men to Meet 25 Black Women Speed Dating Secret Location Serious, Focused and Mature FREE Relationship Coaching Courses Worth £197 Meet The ONE!! £27.00
  5. 5.  Free all day workshop, Improve Your Income and Life
  6. 6.  Improve Your Income and Life FREE Family Workshop Bank Holiday Monday May 7th 10am until 4.30pm
  7. 7.  Free For ALL Attendees From Today’s Event Life Coaching Business/Marketing Coaching Learn & Earn Project Training BRING YOUR CHILDREN Easy and Affordable Help You and Your Family Find Your Niche
  8. 8.  FREE Webinar April 22 6pm – 7pm
  9. 9.  Improve Your Income and Life FREE Family
  10. 10.  How to use PBM to increase your income
  11. 11.  Prepare you for the workshop
  12. 12.  EDAMS model and more
  13. 13.  Invite ALL the family
  14. 14.  I Will Coach You From Your Home
  15. 15. Adults Life Coaching £97 per hour Inspire you to achieve your goals Relationship Coaching Improve your current relationships Single? Let me help you find, attract and keep the right partner for you Special Offer – Buy One Get One Free for the whole of April 2012 2 Life Coaching Sessions for only £97!
  16. 16. Children and Teenagers Improve their schools grades and use coaching models to help them How would you like to help your child to achieve more in their life? Improve their confidence Help them to recognize and set goals Set up a business with a website and full support, so they can start to earn right away Coaching and Mentoring is £47 per hour Buy 3 sessions for £97.00!
  17. 17.  All coaching sessions will be over the phone, by Skype or email One to One sessions will be charged at an increased fee
  18. 18.  7.30 Our Panelists are Mistri, Robert and Enomfon Ntefon, Michael Spence and Nicci Wilson 7.30 Yaw Isayami is a Film Producer searching for aspiring actors to join his team 7.40 Steve Rock is a Poet, he will provide words of inspiration
  19. 19.  7.50 Dr. Chris Imafidon and his children 8.15 until 8.45 Break time for networking and food 8.50 Announcement of the winner of Des O’Connor’s Female Coach
  20. 20.  9.00 Ruby Cagney Binns a Qualified Relationship Coach 9.05 Des O’Connor Coaches a young boy live on stage 9.40 Des O’Connor’s FREE Coaching Course and Webinar announcement
  21. 21.  10pm Earn and Learn Project - How You Can Be Paid... 10.15 Improve Your Business and Life Coaching Workshop FREE on 7th May 2012 10.25 25 Black Men to Meet 25 Black Women Seminar on 4th May 2012
  22. 22.  10.30 Information about Positive Black Males Seminar Part 2 on 26th May 2012 10.35 Q and A, networking and a chance to eat more food! I hope that you have a very enjoyable evening.
  23. 23. Seminar to Help Our Youths The First Ever Seminar 100% For Those Who Want To Be Part of Our Team Whole Day Exercises Brain Storming Date To Be Announced
  24. 24. Earn and Learn ProjectHow You Can Be Paid...
  25. 25.  How much would it be worth to you if you and your family could have access to mentoring, coaching on: Education History and Culture Business and Marketing Hundreds of videos supporting all this Access anytime you want
  26. 26.  Join a network Be inspired Hundreds of role models And so much more... How Much Would this Be Worth? Hundreds of Pounds? Thousands?
  27. 27.  Development Time e Coaching Website ONLY £9.97 per month Access to the PBM Membership Learn and Earn Programme
  28. 28.  How many people do you know who would want this? Everyone you refer WE PAY YOU £5 per sign up You will also receive for FREE: Website Business Cards Flyers So you can start to build your business ALL AGES CAN DO THIS
  29. 29.  www. yournamePositiveBlackMales.com Dedicated template for you Video Photo Visitors go to your site Sign up for the membership We trace you with our affiliate system This Will Be Live on May 7th at the Family Whole Day Workshop I will train you all on how to make this work for you.
  30. 30.  10 members £50 every 30 days from signing up 20 members on another day £100 every 30 days 50 members £250 per day You could easily Earn Hundreds or Thousands Per month USE THIS GLOBALLY
  31. 31. Positive Black Males Part 2 Saturday May 26th, Tickets: Adults £15 Children £7 Purchase Tickets Today only and Have For Only Adults £10 Children £3
  32. 32.  Please Can I Take a Photograph With You and Your Family? Please provide a video and written testimonial Thank You and Have a Safe Journey Home (my photo and love heart)