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Mca video finish

  1. 1. The goal of any business is to... Profit and Succeed... or call 866-321-3580
  2. 2. Today more than ever, in order tomake this happen a business needs the right resources on their side
  3. 3. One key resource a business will always need is access to... Working Capital!
  4. 4. In today’s economy when Banks or Personal Credit Lines are not the answer...
  5. 5. There is a surprising cash flow alternative... Right inside your own business!
  6. 6. A cash flow alternative that comes simply from generating sales!
  7. 7. Imagine getting a cash advanceagainst your future credit card sales!
  8. 8. That’s right... It’s referred to as aMCA or Merchant Cash Advance
  9. 9. A Merchant Cash Advance?1. What is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?2. How can a Merchant Cash Advance help my business?3. How do I qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance?4. What are the Benefits and Obligations of a Merchant Cash Advance?
  10. 10. What is a Merchant Cash Advance or MCA?
  11. 11. There is no doubt a Merchant CashAdvance or (MCA) is a pretty unique funding product.
  12. 12. In its basic form, an MCA is simply a debt free way to fund or finance Your Business... From Future Credit Card Sales
  13. 13. With an MCA at your disposal... Businesses Owners who processcredit cards can obtain the Working Capital they need from... Sales They “Already” Generate!
  14. 14. By understanding what an MCA is and how it works... A business owner has a clear picture of how this cash flow option can work for them!
  15. 15. A MCA is not a loan! It is a debt free alternative that is actually a sale.
  16. 16. Our clients are selling theirfuture business at a discount... In order to receive the cash they need now!
  17. 17. A qualified business can sell a fixeddollar amount of credit card sales to Raise the Cash it Needs... To Succeed and Prosper!
  18. 18. For example – A qualified businessmight sell $26,400 of future credit card receivables to receive a $20,000 Cash Advance
  19. 19. How is a Merchant Cash Advance paid back?
  20. 20. Once the funding is approved, the cash advance is deposited directlyinto your business checking account
  21. 21. You are free to use these funds torun your business in any manner you see fit!
  22. 22. When it comes to paying for the advanced cash... The remittance is handled automatically by your credit card processor
  23. 23. You simply instruct your credit card processor to forward the fixed percentage... That was agreed upon at the time the advance was negotiated.
  24. 24. The payment amount, is determined by your daily credit card sales
  25. 25. The cash advance is repaid eachtime you batch these daily credit card sales
  26. 26. If you don’t have any sales for the day... Then there is nothing applied to your balance
  27. 27. It doesn’t matter if it takes 5 weeks, 5 months or 1 year to pay back...• There are no penalties• There are no time limits• There are no late fees.• When you get paid... we get paid!
  28. 28. This all happens automatically so you to focus on running the business!
  29. 29. Once the advance is paid backthe automatic payment stops
  30. 30. How much funding do I qualify for?
  31. 31. When determining how much a business qualifies for... We look at your total gross Visa and Master Card sales over a 3 month period
  32. 32. We can advance up to 1 to 2 timesyour average credit card sales or... Up to $5M per location!
  33. 33. A simple application and review process will determine... If you qualify and what your discount rate will be?
  34. 34. How can a Merchant CashAdvance help my business?
  35. 35. With a Merchant Cash Advance inyour tool box it can provide you with several options!
  36. 36. Our Clients are Using their Cash Advances for...• Expansion• Remodeling• Product Development• Advertising• Inventory• Operating Capital• Debt Reduction• It is up to you how to best use the advance!
  37. 37. What are the Benefits and Obligations of a Merchant Cash Advance?
  38. 38. The Benefits• A Cash Advance is quick and easy to fund• It is not a loan• It requires no personal guarantees• It requires no financials or tax returns• There are no up front fees and• It works even if you have bad credit
  39. 39. There are 2 important factors abusiness owner needs to understand when considering an MCA... The Benefits and The Obligation
  40. 40. The Benefits• A cash advance can be used for any business need• Is paid back automatically as you generate sales• But, the main benefit of a Cash Advance its ability to... – Increase Cash Flow and – Hopefully Improve Your Profitability!
  41. 41. The Obligation• When considering an MCA it is important to understand... How the resulting obligation will affect your businesses...• The two factor you will want to consider are how this obligation will affect ... – Your Monthly Cash Flow and – The Cost of Capital
  42. 42. Structuring Your Cash Advance
  43. 43. Once a discount is established itremains fixed throughout, howeverby adjusting the funds you receive... You can determine how the Cost of Capital will affect your Monthly Cash Flow!
  44. 44. Example Client... Let’s assume aMerchant qualifies for a $32,500 cash advance at a 22% factor The Merchant had 3 options...
  45. 45. Option 1 - Take 100% of the advance or $32500 @ 22% of CC Sales for a repayment of $48400
  46. 46. Option 2 - Take a $28,000 advance@ 22% of CC Sales for a repayment of $39200 for $9000 less money
  47. 47. Option 3 - Take a $20,000 advance@ 22% of CC Sales for a repaymentof $26,400 for $13,000 less money
  48. 48. As you can see adjusting theamount of cash you receive... This will have a direct affect your Cost of Capital and your Monthly Cash Flow!
  49. 49. To Summarize...
  50. 50. We learned that a MCA is thepurchase and sale of future credit card receivables
  51. 51. We learned that a MCA is not a loan but a unique funding alternative that requires no personal guarantees
  52. 52. We learned why MCA’s are becoming so popular... Because the qualification process is quick and The payback is easy!
  53. 53. We learned that the repayment ishandled automatically by the credit card processor
  54. 54. We learned that a Merchant CashAdvance can be used in any way you see fit... Working Capital at Your Disposal!
  55. 55. But most importantly, we learnedthat a Merchant Cash Advance gives Business Owners the Cash Flow Option... THEY NEED - WHEN THEY NEED IT!
  56. 56. With “Merchant Cash Advantage” by your side... ”Getting The Working Capital You Need Has Never Been Easier!”
  57. 57. To Learn More orTo Receive A Free Quote... You can email Michael Bell @ or call 866-321-3580