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My Fiverr PowerPoint creations. This is two slide portfolio of some of my work.

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Alabama Birdman Powerpoint portfolio

  1. 1. Hello My name is Tim McGee and I have created this Video entitledThis information is to help individuals determineif and when they should start their own business.
  2. 2. What You Will Learn  This VIDEO will let you know 100% if YOU should even consider starting any business and working for yourself. And if do you meet these 6 requirements this then becomes: “The 6 Keys to Finding the Right Business & Succeeding”
  4. 4. Life is aPitch then THE 2007 ANNUAL you Buy RECRUITERS CONFERENCE 4 – 5 May 2007
  5. 5. NB Life is aPitch then  Only negotiate (sell, service, decision-making) if : you Buy  You have a relationship  You are adding value  But understanding self, the other and some persuasion can dramatically improve your success rate.
  6. 6. Authentic Peasant Recipes From Little ItalyANGEL MARINACCIO
  7. 7. Angel Marinaccio O Hello, my book of authentic peasant recipes from the Little Italy section of New York City makes Italian cooking easy,Angel Marinaccio simple, and exciting.
  8. 8. Fast SEO Results Search Engine Optimization Analysis! 24hrMaxSEOThe Best SEO Company
  9. 9. 24hrMaxSEOAffordable SEO with Fast SEO Results. Go to Page One, Fast Search Rank We Get You Very Fast SEO Results, First Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Dont Just Wait to be Found, Go to Page One! Phone - 1-646-736-7360 Send an E-Mail
  10. 10. Blue Ocean Internet Marketing Seminar 突破蓝海网上行销! Today Topic: Speaker: Stephen Hong Y Generation Coaching Sdn
  11. 11. Traditional Way Mcdonald, KFC, Apple, Big Apple Gen- Y WayLawyer, Forex, PropertyDoctor etc investment, Mutual fund, Self Improvement course etc
  12. 12. Bookkeeping and Accounting How to become the best in Bookkeeping and Accounting13
  13. 13. Chapter Overview Chapter 1 Overview What is Covered Pages General Overview 3 The Bookkeeping Function 4 - 12 The Ledger 13 - 19 Vertical Accounts 20 - 24 Recording Stages 25 - 2714 Association of Practical
  14. 14. Presents the
  15. 15. About Me Aristol Solutions• Upstart ABOUT US• 6 months into the local market.• Ready to take Boom Energy Drink to new levels
  16. 16. Branding Your OrgStanding out from the rest of the herd
  17. 17. Branding 101What is a brand?Why is branding important?What does it mean for your organization?
  18. 18. The Biggest Obstacle• If you’re attempting to lose weight or maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, one of the biggest obstacles is that of eating out.
  19. 19. Increasingly Popular
  20. 20. Calorie Counters Calorie counters are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people make attempts to watch what they eat and how they maintain their weight. Calorie counters typically come in several different formats.
  21. 21. Calorie Counting Apps Calorie counting made easy!
  22. 22. Calorie Counting Apps In today’s mobile age, one of the most desired types of apps are calorie counting apps. This is partially due to the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of their weight and health and are therefore attempting a more conscious approach to controlling them
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Des OConnor is now one of the top Relationship Coaches in the UK and has coached thousands of men and women over the last 2 years on providing them with simple proven techniques on how they can find, attract and keep the right partner for
  25. 25. CAPTURE More LeadsCONNECT With Them Immediately CLOSE More Business
  26. 26. Cross Channel Marketing UNBELIEVABLE STATISTICS!1. 80% of leads gathered at trade-shows are not followed- up.*2. 76% of those who attend trade-shows select the vendors they plan to see, before they step foot on the trade-show floor.*3. 59% of all attendees make their purchase AFTER the show is over! **ProAccess Inc,* CAPTURE More Leads CONNECT With Them Immediately CLOSE More Business
  27. 27. Date the Right PartnerLearn the 7 Steps on How to Date The Right Partner Des O’Connor The Top Relationship Coach
  28. 28. THE SEVEN STEPS• Have a plan • The reasons • Prepare yourself • The questions • What to avoid • Take advantage • Three simple things
  29. 29. Does it cost a lot of money in order to lose weight?
  30. 30.  Many people are under the impression that it costs a lot of money in order to lose weight. This is due in part to commercials and reality shows, not to mention the price of “health foods” that you see in stores.
  31. 31. Steve Garrod -General Manager Steve Garrod -General Manager Driving Instructor Business Coaching
  32. 32. Driving Instructor Business Coaching
  34. 34. What is requested from you! All I ask is that you put these strategies to the test and when they prove profitable, visit my site to learn how a chance encounter at a bar in New York City took my business from barely afloat to profitable practically overnight.
  35. 35. 7 STEPS ON HOW TO DATE THE RIGHT PARTNER By Des O’Connor Relationship Life Coach
  36. 36. QUESTIONS TO YOU…• Have you already found the Right Partner this year?• Why Do You Think That is?• Is it because of the lack of available partners?• Do you see yourself REALLY meeting the RIGHT PARTNER soon?• How DO you Know who the right partner is?
  37. 37. “Every Job Autographed with Excellence”
  38. 38.  When you call Comfort Guard Contracting LLC, your call will usually be answered by owner Fred Hirsch, a 45 year veteran of the home improvement and remodeling industry.
  39. 39. Copyright © 2012 Coach for the Military. All rights reserved
  40. 40. Coaching The Military – From Military to Mainstream About Me• I’m your host Coach Jaynine• Retired United States Marine•• 910-539-2810• Jerri Jaynine Howard Copyright © 2012 Coach for the Military. All rights reserved
  41. 41. Des O’Connor’s EDAMS COACHING MODEL
  42. 42.  Describe you Goal in a short sentence with the date and imagine you have fully achieved it!
  43. 43. The fast food options
  44. 44. • For many people who are watching their weight, fast food is an option that seems like it needs to be cut out completely. It is widely known that fast food is typically high in fat and calories.
  45. 45. WE Followed, Tracked Interview top athletes and Interviewed US Army Bowl on Alumni in NFL NBCOver 11 Years The11 Years Methodology1,100 athletes20% Make It to the NFL Followed, Tracked and Interviewed Alumni in College The Study of Top Players Shows
  47. 47. THE TIME LINE 1. Substitute Trustee 7. Final Report 2. Notice of Filed Hearing The Foreclosure Cycle 3. Personal6. Sale Day Notice Served 5. Notice of 4. Hearing is Sale Setup HTTP://MAITINLAW.TYLERCOINC.COM/
  48. 48. What Have You Done to Grandfather Siller & Cohen Some or All of Your Expiring $5,000,000 Federal Estate Tax Exemption? Presented by: Randy P. Siller, CPA*, MS in Tax, CIMA®, CRPC® In Conjunction with: Randy Siller Michael Palumbos ChFC 250 Park Avenue 7th Floor 200 Meridian Centre Suite 150 New York NY 10017 Rochester NY 14618 Tel: 212.572.4874 Tel: 585.350.7273* Licensed, not practicing CRN 201203-2066030
  49. 49. SILLER & COHEN – Our Team Siller & Cohen Randy P. Siller, CPA*, MS in Tax, Yona Klein, CIMA® Director of Investment Services CIMA®, CRPC® Jeffrey S. Cohen, CFP® Nela Govic Administrative Manager Principals Josh Marriott, CFP® Gregory J. Thompson, JD*, CFP® Case Manager Director of Advisory Services Devi RamkumarRichard E. Austin, JD*, LLM, CIMA®, CRPC® Insurance Support Specialist Director of Financial Advisory Services Jeffrey Medina Anthony M. Leonardi, MBA, CFP®, CRPC® Investment Operations Coordinator Advisor Connie Tsamparlis Kelby Edwards Administrative Assistant Advisor
  50. 50. F CS F i n s Re v i e ws 3 exus R ewH N evi
  51. 51. User Summary:• Based on price alone, most user expectations are justifiably very high when testing this fin setup.
  52. 52. Healthy Foods For Less Than $1• It is a common belief that any and all food that is considered healthy is also expensive.
  53. 53. Frozen Raspberry
  54. 54. Healthy Frozen Meals• We live in a day and age where most people work and the ability to be a stay at home mom or a housewife (or even a stay at home dad) are virtually gone.
  55. 55. 59Company Proprietary and Confidential Copyright Info Goes Here Just Like This
  56. 56. 60 • Silver has a far more storied history that simple use in investment! Silver has been used for thousands of years as a way of storing wealth, trade, and in treasure. VS Silver as investment Storing for wealthCompany Proprietary and Confidential Copyright Info Goes Here Just Like This
  57. 57.  As with most іmроrtаnt transactions, wе dоnt know what wе dоnt knоw.
  58. 58.  Тhіs relates tо real estate and оthеr transactions fоr whісh wе hаvе lіttlе experience and іs whу іt іs іmроrtаnt tо consult аn experienced realtor whо саn represent thе fіrst time buyer. FIRST TIME HOME BUYER MISTAKES
  60. 60. Attendees see your banner for the contest At the end of the show, we text & email them the Attendee text 8837 to Winner Announcement 72727 with a link to your website. 48 hours later, we sendthem a reminder emailwith links to your website Home Show They receive an automatic reply message on their cell phone Follow Up System 24 hours after their first text message - we send them another follow up Flowchart of step They click on a link in the message to visit a special webpage - this webpage text message reminding describes your show them of your offer of Follow Up special and has your logo System When they click the They enter their Name & confirmation link, they Email to finish their automatically go to your registration website They receive a confirmation email with links to your website
  61. 61. A US tour to help increasemilitary moraland encourage patriotism
  62. 62. • The direction of the Salute to the Troops Tour is to tour nation wide at each one of the 250+ military bases throughout the country.
  63. 63. The art of “Affiliate Marketing”.
  64. 64. The topic  What is Affiliate Marketing? How do I promote Affiliate Products? Do I need a Website? Do I need any software’s to get started? Are there any Online Courses? The conclusion.
  65. 65. Ice cream is definitely not off-limits
  66. 66. • There is a large misconception that if you are trying to lose weight, ice cream is definitely off-limits.
  67. 67. info@hand Features: Industry-Leading CRMCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)
  68. 68. The info@hand System has a best-of-breedCustomer Relationship Management system
  69. 69. 73Company Proprietary and Confidential Copyright Info Goes Here Just Like This
  70. 70. Investing In Silver 74 • When amateur investors think about investing, they often think about investing in a company or a product such as oil or coal, not in a precious metal like silver! VSCompany Proprietary and Confidential Copyright Info Goes Here Just Like This
  71. 71. 2012 – The Year Of Warrior
  73. 73. NEW PRODUCTS PROCESS Ideas Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) Product Requirements Document (MRD) Technical Requirements Documentation $hip Product
  76. 76. Hello from Larry!
  77. 77.
  78. 78. Low Vision Specialist For TheEye Medical Center Of Fresno Donald C. Fletcher Donald C. Fletcher, M.D Karen Myers, C.O.A. (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant)Donald C. Fletcher MD
  79. 79. Things you should know.• What is Low Vision?• Classifying low vision• Magnitude of visual impairment• Pathologies which may cause vision acuity loss• Distribution of visual impairment• Low vision, its lifestyle implications and rehabilitation
  80. 80. Des O’Connor Number One Black Relationship Life Coach MEN VS WOMEN’S BRAINS How They Cope With Stress Differently
  81. 81. HANDLING THE PROBLEMMen• Solve the problem – He feels better
  82. 82. Des O’Connor qualifiedas a Life Coach in 2009.He has been specialisingin providing SingleBlack Women with toolsand resources toimprove every area oftheir lives, to benefit andhelp them in finding andattracting the right BlackMan for them.
  83. 83.  Please be mindful as children are present Keep ALL comments/questions POSITVE Raise your hand to ask a question Please do not shout at Please do not whisper Respect one another Show love to one another Remember why you are here
  84. 84. Welcometo WE SPECIALIZED IN SUPPLYING LIFTING AND HANDLING SOLUTIONS - Solutions for Marine, Offshore & Deep-sea Cable Laying
  85. 85. FYNS KRAN UDSTYR A/SThe Company History The Company Vision The Company Solution - Solutions for Marine, Offshore & Deep-sea Cable Laying
  87. 87. 1. Attendee sees banner 10. Winner 2. Attendee announcement texts into email system9. 48 hour email 3. They receive sent Home Show auto reply text Follow Up System 8. 24 hour 4. They click on reminder text sent Flowchart the link 7. They click to 5. They enter your website name & email 6. Confirm email sent
  88. 88. The goal of any business is to... Profit and Succeed... or call 866-321-3580
  89. 89. Today more than ever, in order tomake this happen a business needs the right resources on their side
  90. 90.
  91. 91. About the Memorial• The Political Black Women’s Memorial of Pennsylvania at the Crystal Bird Fauset House celebrates the work and lives of black women elected or appointed to positions in the three branches of government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  93. 93. Mobile handset subscribers  In Australia, according to a report from the ABS (Internet Activity, Australia, Dec 2011 8153.0), at the end of December 2011, there were 11.0 millionMOBILE WEB MARKETING mobile handset subscribers in Australia, which is an increase of 13.6% from June 2011.
  94. 94. Pac Woods Inc.Custom Cabinets
  95. 95. About Pac Woods• Privately owned and operated since 1986• Licensed, bonded and Insured• We design, manufacture and install• We are fully committed to provide an exceptional product• Personalized service• Competitive prices
  96. 96. Proton Cancer TreatmentChristian McGrath, now 8, underwent proton therapy at UF in 2009. Cancer & Proton Cancer Treatment
  97. 97. What Is Cancer? Cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases in which cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. Although there are many kinds of cancer, they all start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Untreated cancers can cause serious illness and even death. Proton Cancer Treatment
  98. 98. RAS Testing Strategy
  99. 99. Why Rulesware ?Expertise.Scale.On demand.Focused exclusively on PRPCBPM implementations over the Exclusive team of PRPC Onsite- professionals with anlast 7 years Partnered with Near-shore average of over 8 years Pega Pegasystems, IBM, mix consulting experience Partner Accenture, TCS, and Virtusa 100% of our 100% resources are Success certified rate The right ingredients PRPC Industry experience includes Testing insurance, government, Industry experience : COE healthcare financial services and insurance, government, payment processing industries Full SDLC healthcare and financial services industries Expertise
  100. 100. How To Easily Reduce Your Calorie Intake • The key to losing weight is reducing the number of net calories that you consume. This does not simply mean that eating less is the only solution.
  101. 101. 111Company Proprietary and Confidential Copyright Info Goes Here Just Like This
  102. 102. Silver Coins 112 • Silver coins are both a wonderful collector’s item and a great way to invest in a manner that is largely stable.Company Proprietary and Confidential Copyright Info Goes Here Just Like This
  103. 103. The importance of excellent self promotion.
  104. 104. SELF PROMOTIONEvery self-publishedauthor will at some pointlearn the importance ofexcellent self-promotionin the success of his orher book.
  105. 105. Legendary Hot Pepper Sauce Made with all natural ingredients"Where Theres SMŌK... Theres Flavor!"
  106. 106. The SMOK Mission• "SmokBrand Sauces, LLC caters to the discriminating palette of hot sauce aficionados everywhere by introducing the industries first Ultra-Premium hot sauce SMŌK and forever raising the standards of hot sauce worldwide." "Where Theres SMŌK... Theres Flavor!"
  107. 107.
  108. 108. The MAYAPUR Framework™for Krishna Conscious Success (Intro) Presented by Krsnendu dasa
  109. 109. The Memphis Grizzlies theThe goal is to find next: Memphis Grizzlies Do you have what it takes to become a staff member?
  110. 110. Jerry West – The Moderator The former President of the Memphis Grizzlies will coach, evaluate, educate, motivate and critique the participants The throughout the course of the show. He willScout make the cuts based on the performance of the scouts. Jerry West - "Mr. Clutch,"
  111. 111. The Perfect Storm
  112. 112. The Africa Resourcing Paradox
  113. 113. The shortages
  114. 114. There’s a shortage
  115. 115. The Power of FocusHow to remove the mental clutter that keeps us goingin circles. Traci Lewis
  116. 116. The Power of Focus• How You Feel is a Result of What You Are Thinking About.• Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World. Traci Lewis
  117. 117. And how to make the most of it!
  118. 118. Booth design ELEVEN POINT PLAN FOR SUCCESSFUL BOOTH DESIGN1. Clear message 6. Use open space2. Use your creativity 7. Make a welcoming booth3. Create the most attractive booth 8. Banners in unexpected locations in the show 9. Use three-dimensional visuals4. Proper images 10. Scrolling banners5. Table covers Alluring booth that no one will be able to ignore
  119. 119. Using powder coating to createa beautiful, smooth, and glossy finish
  120. 120. The concept of painting a car. Most people find it pretty easy to understand the concept of painting a car, because even young children use paints and it is easy to see how a colored liquid can be spread over an object to change its color.
  121. 121. Separating yourself from the competition:
  122. 122.  Working with the internet consumer.  This is one of the hardest consumers to work with and does need a little fineness. Separating yourself from the competition  You may think this is hard to do but really it isn’t.
  123. 123. Unity InternationalUIECL Education Company Limited (UIE) Presents
  124. 124. The Thai Student Recruitment MarketOverview • 300,000 Thai students graduate every year • 4,300 Thai Students study in The UK annually (source: Thai Embassy London) • OCSC offers scholarships to 1,422 students to study in UK in 2012 (source: OCSC) • ODOS (One District One Scholarship) 900 scholarships offered for Bachelor degrees abroad • Less than 10 UK universities have an office in Thailand • More UK Universities are expected to open a Thai office in 2012
  125. 125. Do I have WritersBlock?
  126. 126. Everyone faces it eventually.
  127. 127. 4 Ways To Have Straight Teeth How to have a pretty smile.
  128. 128. 4 Ways To Have Straight Teeth The St James Dental Group• Having a straight set of teeth is enough to make a pretty smile. It builds your confidence and your social interaction.
  129. 129. Ancient Voices Healers of the RainforestElders of Brazil, Columbia and Peru reveal the mysteries of ancient plant-based medicines and healing traditions. A Documentary Film and Social Enterprise by Jose Marcio Dias and Gustav Alsina
  130. 130. “ “She remembers when the forest was filled with animals. And she remembers when the river ran black with crude oil. She seems to remember everything, [but] Marina is one of the last Cofán ” women who remember how to sing in the way of her ancestors.” --San Francisco Chronicle Cover Photo Credit Marina Aguinda Lucitante, an elder of the Cofán tribe in Ecuador. ©Mitch Anderson
  131. 131. DO-IT-YOURSELF One of the cornerstones of do-it-yourself car maintenance jobs is the home oil change.Its a simple process that requires few tools, and its a sure way to save some money while you avoid the hassle of sitting in a dull waiting room somewhere reading outdated magazines.
  132. 132. 143 Gordon Moss Jack SternbergVeteran Real Estate Broker Noteworthy Newsletter Quixote Ventures Inc.
  133. 133. 144 Meet Scott Carson• Welcome Scott Carson.• Real Estate Coach for 4 years• Full time investor since 2005• President of Inverse Investments LLC
  134. 134. Jesse LivermoreWall Street • Jesse Livermore is a stock market legend, known as the “great bear of Wall Street”. In a life spent on Wall Street, he made and lost four fortunes. “Jesse Livermore - Market Master”
  135. 135. Welcome Back to Session #2 My Success Circle Marketing Copyright @Yvonne A Jones 2012
  136. 136. WHAT IS LINKED IN?Review of Session #1 My Success Circle Marketing Copyright @Yvonne A Jones 2012
  137. 137. California DUI Lawyers Association -San Diego, CA Canadian Immigration Lawyer Attorney at FWCanada Marisa Feil, B.A, LL.B, J.D, LL.M November 3, 2012
  138. 138. California DUI Lawyers Association -San Diego, CA One single DUI• Most people do not realize that one single DUI (or any other alcohol related driving offence) will prevent them from entering Canada. Given our shared border • What are the rules regarding inadmissibility to Canada? • How can you help your clients overcome inadmissibility? • How you as attorneys in the U.S. can help your clients who have to travel to Canada?
  139. 139. MOBILE APPSFOR SMALL BUSINESS Your customer are mobile. Is your business?
  140. 140. Mobile Industry • The growth of the mobile industry’s is inscribable. • In just over 3 years over 20 billon apps have been downloaded between IPhone and Android devices. IPhone Sales in Millions400003000020000 8737 8752 8398 7367 5208 4363 3793 231510000 16,000 14,102 16,235 18,647 30,000 Q3… 16,500 Q1… 29,000 1119 1703 270 717 689 0 Q3… Q1… Q4… Q1… Q2… Q3… Q4… Q1… Q2… Q3… Q4… Q1… Q2… Q3… Q4… Q2… Q4… Q2… Q3… Q4…
  141. 141. Nutrition from the ground up!
  142. 142. • Webster’s definitions:• ENERGY - the capacity for vigorous activity; 2) often an exertion of energy; effort; 3) forcefulness of expression; 4) Physics: the capacity to do work; 5) source of usable power, as fossil fuel
  143. 143. Real Estate SyndicationIn Plain English Private and Confidential
  144. 144. Real Estate Syndication Real estate syndication is an excellent way to invest in real estate. It provides an opportunity for multiple people to combine their money to invest in real estate. The method is popular in situations where no other financing is available. It is also a good way to purchase property that might otherwise cost too much. If a person or organization cannot afford a piece of property, a real estate investor can contact other interested parties and invite them in on the deal. This is the idea behind real estate syndication. Contrary to popular belief, real estate is not the only investment that can be syndicated. You can pool funds to purchase a number of different assets. In addition to real estate, a syndicate can purchase personal property and equipment, such as airplanes, yachts and expensive cars. Any type of real estate is suitable for a syndicate. However, apartment buildings, shopping malls and commercial office spaces are the often the best candidates for syndication.Private and Confidential
  145. 145. Hello, and Welcome to Pelican Profits A Division of Pelican Business Solutions!The ‘go-to’ experts in simple, inexpensive & profitable text message marketing for small businesses.
  146. 146. • Quick Question: “Do you ever ignore a text message on your cell phone?• Well, guess what? Neither do your customers!
  147. 147. Welcome to
  148. 148. THE LORD’S SERMONS Sermon 41: The Raising of the Young Man of Nain Now when he came nigh to the gate of the city, behold, there was a dead man carriedout, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow: and much people of the city was with her. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, ©
  149. 149. Overcome your sugar addiction!
  150. 150. • Overconsumption of sugar has tremendous negative impact on our health and wellbeing.• There are reasons why we get hooked on sugar – and ways to overcome it.
  151. 151. Thank you For Looking