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US Citizens Blood Now Toxic


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If you're a Lab Rat USA citizen.In all probability your blood is infected with lifetime non irradicatable Toxins.You might be Dying but don't worry Monsanto's profit margins are healthy!The scientists already knew that Bt toxin was very toxic and potentially deadly...

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US Citizens Blood Now Toxic

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  2. 2. Become A SponsorView Our SponsorsAdvertise/CollaborateBecome a MemberBecome an AffiliateLink To UsAbout UsStudies are therefore needed to evaluate Bt toxicity to non-target organisms; thepersistence of Bt toxin and its stability in aquatic environments; and the risks tohumans and animals exposed to potentially toxic levels of Bt through their diet.Thus, we aimed to evaluate, in Swiss albino mice, the hematotoxicity andgenotoxicity of four Bt spore-crystals...The scientists already knew that Bt toxin was very toxic and potentially deadly at levels above 270milligrams per kilogram (basically ppm), so they instead tested levels ranging from 27mg/kg,136mg/kg, and 270mg/kg for one to seven days (each of the Cry toxins were separated out andtested individually to maximize accuracy and total info). It was quite clear right off the bat thatthese Cry toxins were quite hemotoxic even at the lowest level of 27mg/kg administered only onetime and one day as they clearly had damaged the blood, particularly in reference to red blood cells.The quantity and size of the erythrocytes (RBCs) were both significantly reduced, as was theoverall levels of hemoglobin for which oxygen to attach to.All major factors regarding RBCs demonstrated some level of damage present for all levels of toxinadministered and across all Cry proteins, although there were some clear variances presentbetween different proteins and levels for certain factors. The white blood cell count was also quitenoticeably raised, and as expected it dramatically increased depending on the duration the subjectwas tested for.The tests clearly demonstrated that Cry proteins were cytotoxic to bone marrow cells, accountingfor a portion of the measured effects. It should also be noted that a previous study found thatthese proteins caused hemolysis (they killed blood cells) in vitro, particularly seeming to target thecell membranes of red blood cells.Cry1Ab (the protein produced in common Bt corn and soy) induced microcytichypochromic anemia in mice, even at the lowest tested dose of 27 mg/Kg, and thistoxin has been detected in blood of non-pregnant women, pregnant women andtheir fetuses in Canada, supposedly exposed through diet [34]. These data, as wellas increased bioavailability of these MCA in the environment, reinforce the need formore research, especially given that little is known about spore crystals adverseeffects on non-target species.While Bt toxin is not known to bioaccumulate in fat cells and internal organs, it is of note that thestudy demonstrated clearly that there was a significant increase in measurable negative effects ofthe toxin as time progressed especially concerning the higher doses. Also of note was theincreased inflammatory response, while it was quite minor, the scientists consider it to bestatistically significant due to the intricacies of their chosen test subjects biology. No measurablegenotoxicity was found.The full results of the study and a more detailed explanation can be found at, along with fullcitations for this article: GMO research: Health Guide: GMO ResearchFritz Kreiss is the founding administrator of Occupy Monsanto and has run it sinceits inception in October 2011. He is experienced in holistic health with expertise inmassage, exercise, nutrition, stretching techniques, kinesiology, psychologicalcounseling, life coaching. He has had years of experience through his massagepractice working on hundreds of clients and giving thousands of very successfultreatments.converted by
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