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Motorola Walkie Talkie


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Motorola Walkie Talkie

  1. 1. Motorola Walkie Talkie [imaioVideo v=1] This is my second pair of Motorola 2-Way radios. I have tried other bands like Midland and been very disappointed, but the Motorola walkie talkie has never let me down. I needed two extra radios for a fishing trip to Colorado so that my father, my brother, my son and I could stay in touch. I was amazed at how good these radios did in the mountains. At one point I was over three miles away from my father on the other side of a mountain and we could still talk clearly. Now I know 3 miles in not as far as the 23 miles range that is claimed these radios can reach, but if you know anything about how these radios transmit, then you know that for it to transmit clearly through 3 miles of solid mountain is close to a miracle. I have a pair of Midland G-300 Two Way Radios that claim a 10 mild range that cannot even reach 1/2 a mile through forest on straight level ground. I was also impressed with the battery life. Even after a long day of heavy use these units had plenty of power left. One was left on over night after being used all day and it still had power the next day. Since I want this review to be helpful to people people wanting to buy these, I want to make something clear. The range claim that any 2-way radio manufacturer makes, is base on optimum conditions with no structural or atmospheric interference. In real life you can never expect to get those kinds of ranges out of any unit. Due to the curvature of the earth I would not expect that any radio could reach farther then 10 miles under normal conditions unless each radio is located in an elevated position with a valley in between, such as on either side of the Grand Canyon. So when you buy a 2-way radio, don’t pay much attention to the range claims that are made. Just make sure that they will do what you need them to and don’t expect a miracle that deifies the laws of physics. PROS: Motorola quality, great range and battery life. CONS: None that I can find… THE BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a good pair of walkie talkie 2-way radios for hiking, camping, fishing or similar, look no farther. If you are looking for walkie talkies for some sort of specialized professional use or something else these may or may not be what you are looking for. ...Full Review Motorola Walkie Talkie 1/1Powered by TCPDF (