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Flash Voyager Review


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Flash Voyager Review

  1. 1. Flash Voyager ReviewWhat do you get when you combine USB 3.0 speeds, 32GB of storage space, and ruggedconstruction that is both water-resistant and shockproof? You get the Corsair Flash Voyager GT($64.99 direct for 32GB), a rough-and-tumble flash drive that outpaces its slower cousin, theCorsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 ($40 street, 3.5 stars) and provides a storage solution that goesjust about anywhere.DesignThe Corsair Flash Voyager GT $48.27 at Amazon Marketplace is a ruggedized USB 3.0 flashdrive that combines high-capacity storage (32GB) and speedy transfer rates (via USB 3.0) andwraps it all in a rubber housing that defends against bumps and dings and seals out moisture.At 0.57 by 1.0 by 4.8 inches (HWD) and weighing 0.8 ounce, the Flash Voyager GT may be justa bit big for adding to a key ring, but it’s definitely small enough to stow in a laptop bag. Just becareful when plugging it in, because it may crowd the neighboring ports a bit.I also own the 8 and 32 and 64GB voyager, all are every bit as reliable as the 16GB drive.Over the course of the last 8 years I’ve had a number of USB drives. Iomega, Corsair, Apacer,PNY, Sony and SanDisk. I’ve upgraded each time I felt the storage increase justified the cost. Iwork in information technology so they are tools more than toys, anyway on to the review. This16GB drive is massive and well worth the money. I’ve used this flash drive in all sorts of 1/2
  2. 2. systems and also have a .bat file that allows me to sync my data. I also keep an encrypted container on the drive, my point? Whether you are transferring data, encrypting data, saving data, or syncing data it works quite well. I also use some U3 applications like Firefox portable which allows you to run the browser from your flash drive and keep personal info off the local computer. Once again the drive works flawlessly. The 32GB Flash Voyager GT sells for $64.99 direct, coming out to $2.03 per gigabyte. For the capacity and performance, that’s not too shabby. By comparison, the previous, slower Flash Voyager USB 3.0 sold for $1.25/GB and the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2 (32GB) ($80 street, 4 stars) sells for $2.35/GB. The Flash Voyager GT is preformatted to FAT32, offering out-of-the-box compatibility with all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is no extra software included with the drive, but Corsair does back the drive with a 5-year warranty. Performance The Flash Voyager GT is equipped with USB 3.0, which more than doubles the speeds available via USB 2.0 without losing backward compatibility. The resulting performance is certainly speedy. In PCMark 7, the Flash Voyager GT scored 799 points while using a USB 3.0 connection. This more than doubles the 335 points scored by the previous Flash Voyager, but it still falls far behind the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G2?s $61.83 at Amazon Marketplace score of 2,131 (USB 3.0). When transferring data to and from the device, the performance was similar. In our timed file transfer tests, the Flash Voyager GT delivered write speeds of 36.7 MBps and read speeds of 95.6 MBps using USB 3.0. Performance-wise, this places it somewhere between the Flash Voyager USB 3.0 (34.5 MBps write, 63.4 MBps read) and the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 (61.8 MBps write, 99.4 MBps read). The Corsair Flash Voyager GT is one of the larger USB 3.0 flash drives on the market, offering slightly better performance than its cousin, the Flash Voyager USB 3.0. If you need still faster data transfer, you might consider opting for the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate USB 3.0, but for most users, the Flash Voyager GT is a sensible buy. ...Full Review Flash Voyager Review 2/2Powered by TCPDF (