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No298 newslettr daily e-16-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/16 -NO. (298) Depots in Tal Hassel … and killing an agent of Intelligence Operations room in Qamishli “The Isolation of Qalamon PAGE 4 operation” starts…and The Coalition in Controlling depots in Nabek Ghazi Entab PAGE 4 PAGE 4 A plan for destroying the Chemical weapons in Hague PAGE 4 A net of gunmen in France PAGE 2
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )298( 2013/11/16 Page NO .2 “The Isolation of Qalamon operation” starts…and Controlling depots in Nabek The local coordination committees reported the calling of Jabhit Al-Nusra, Ahrar AlSham movement and the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham in Qalamon, which called all the gunmen to join Qara front during the battle of “Isolation of Qalamon” for facing the attack of the Syrian Arab army on the region which is considered the way for entering Qalamon and it is a basic road to Homs and Aleppo, after the army controlled Alhmeira town in the countryside of Damascus. The Islamic battalions denied the entrance of the Syrian Arab army to Qara, and it asserted the fierce clashes at the range of the region, while the Free Army announced targeting Sidnaiah with mortars as a react of the Syrian Arab army bombing on Rankous town ,and controlling on the depots of weapons “413” in Nabek.Also, the confrontations between the Syrian army and the opposition gunmen rose in Alhajar Alaswad ,Babilla ,Zamalka ,Jober, Barzzeh and Al-Saida Zainab (the Lady Zainab).On the other hand, a military source said that the Syrian Arab army found a factory for manufacturing the explosive devices, bombs, mortars and it included some chemical substances that are used for manufacturing “TNT” between Hegira and Alhagar Alaswad. Depots in Tal Hassel … and killing an agent of Intelligence A military source stated that units of the Syrian Arab army found depots of weapons included mortar, cannons, missiles and heavy machine guns in Tal Hasel .The units of the army dismantled bombed cars and explosive devices, and it targeted the legitimate court, which are affiliated to the opposition and the headquarters of the Islamic state of Iraq and Al-Sham , Alnasar brigade, Jabhit Al-Nusra lions brigade ,the front of the northern countryside and Alsakour front. Also, the Syrian Arab army announced yesterday its control on Tal Hasel and Alnaqareen in the countryside of Aleppo. At the same context, the battles are still continued between the opposition fighters and the Syrian Arab army in the surroundings of Umayyad mosque, central prison, the scientific researches buildings and Salah Aldeen district. While the sources of opposition said that its gunmen targeted the forces of the Syrian Arab army which were gathering in the military airports Nerab and Koeras with missiles and mortars, the gunmen controlled many buildings in Alshoihna Mountain and Aljazzera region near Maraat Alartiq Mountain. Also, unofficial informational sources talked about killing Haytham Darwish and it described him as the most important agent of the American central intelligence (CIA), and she said that he is the representative of “Feras Talas” in the “Maraat Alertik” in Aleppo, while opposition sources said Darwish was killed during a Syrian army raid .while other sources reported that he was killed through clashes between the armed groups. Also, four citizens were injured as a result of falling missile shells on the municipal palace building in Aleppo.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )298( 2013/11/16 Page NO .3 Gunmen surrendered to the army Gunmen surrendered to the Syrian Arab army units in Beet Gen,Kafer Hour,Darbeel ,Babeilla, Beit Sahem and Yalda farms. A citizen was killed during falling mortars at the range of the French hospital in Qassa, Alabaseen and Almansour School. It had fallen on Chaldean, Latin and Syriac Catholic churches in Bab Touma, also it caused material damages in the place. Operations room in Qamishli The sources of opposition announced forming a joint operations room, which includes Ahrar Al-Sham and the Islamic battalions and this after the arrival of the reinforcements from Idleb, Dair Ezzor and Raqa for liberating Al-Qamishli in the countryside of Hasakah and opening fronts on the axes of Rass Aleen, Tel Hameis and Hasakah.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )298( Russia invites the coalition officially 2013/11/16 Page NO .4 The Coalition in Ghazi Entab The sources of opposition announced that the temporary government of coalition agreed on establishing a temporary headquarter of the government the Turkish city Ghazi Entab near the borders with Syria for working as closer as possible of the Syrian lands. The national coalition of the revolution forces and the Syrian opposition received an official invitation for going to Russia to participate in discussing Geneva conference, while the spokesman of coalition Loay Safi declared that they have not taken any decision about the invitation. A net of gunmen in France “Nighty internal” Carthage in The French authority discovered a net that recruits and sends gunmen for fighting with the armed groups in Syria, and the French authorities arrested four men who are between 22 and 35 years old in one of Paris districts. The Syrian play “Nighty in- A plan for destroying the Chemical weapons in ternal” participates in the sixHague teenth term of the Carthage theater days, and the play was written and directed by the journalist and the poet Samer Ismaeel. The idea was taken from a text of Gabriel Garcia Marquez entitled “diatribe against sitting man” and the artists Rouben Essa and Basam Albader participated in The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons the performance of the show. (OPCW) during its executive Council approved the proposed plan for eliminating of the chemical weapons in Syria at the middle of June of 2014 on Friday evening at the Hague. While the Special Coordinator of the joint mission of OPCW and the UN, Sigrid Kaag, said that due to the difficult circumstances under which the mission is working, they intend to work flexibly and take into account the developments on the ground, continuing their work with the aim of finishing it by June 30th 2014.