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No291 newslettr daily e-9-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/9 -NO. (291) “Explosives” are the Gifts of Al-Nusra in Damascus Contradictory news about the brigade no. 80 PAGE 4 A Tunnel, hospital and station in Alsbeinah The Army of Islam ….For the immigrants an address PAGE 4 PAGE 4 Al-Zawahiri cancelled ISIS…And Al-Baghdadi will not give up PAGE 4 Syria is committed with UNISCO PAGE 2
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )291( Page NO .2 2013/11/9 “Explosives” are the gifts of al-Nusra in Damascus Jabhit AlNusra announced distributing more than 1500 explosive belts till the moment on the gunmen in the southern countryside of Damascus as preparing for the largest battle, according to opposition sources. A Tunnel, hospital and station in Alsbeinah The inspection works are still continued by the Syrian Arab army in the large and the small Alsbeinah towns and Ghazal in the countryside of Damascus after it controlled it for two days .A military source stated that the army released the abducted people of the towns, who were used by gunmen as human shields; and it found a tunnel which its length 150 meter and it extends from the large Alsbeinah to the public road of Ghazal, and it seized a factory for manufacturing explosive devices ,mortars and bombs and a field hospital .The army found a station of “The legal board” and a field court and a torture chambers of the kid- napped people. In addition to that, the confrontations are still continued between the Syrian Arab army forces and the gunmen of opposition in Yarmok camp, Alhajar Alaswaad, Jober, Harasta and Barzzeh.While the opposition sources talked that gunmen targeted the cars of the Syrian Arab army on the international highway, and it talked about bombing Harsta, Saqbaa and Daria city by the Syrian warplanes. Two mortars had been fallen on a branch of Rescue police in Kfaer Sousah and injuring two members of the security. while seven citizens were injured because of falling mortars on Qassaa , Alabaseen , Shagerat Aldour and houses in Alshagour district.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )291( Page NO .3 2013/11/9 Contradictory news about the brigade no. 80 The News contradicted about the control on the brigade no.80, which is near the international airport of Aleppo and the military airport “Alnerab”, after announcing the Syrian Arab army the complete control on the brigade yesterday, which is the military strategic base for protecting the international airport of Aleppo. Also, gunmen had been killed during battles with the Syrian Arab army in the east of Aldouereana and in the brigade no.80, including the leaders of the armed groups .Informal media reported that the Syrian Arab army besieged gunmen in the two headquarters of the air defense battalions and it killed gunmen in “the battalion 600”, most of them Battles and killed gunmen are in Maheen A military source stated that the Syrian Arab army clashed with an armed group tried to cut the way and attacking the passers near Missiaf bridge in the surroundings of Homs, and the army killed 6 gunmen in Maheen in the countryside of Homs during an ambush .Also, the army targeted the headquarters of the gunmen in Rastan ,Maheen, Tibah and Tal Daw villages. The sources of opposition that is close to Jabhit Al-Nusra and the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham announced the continuing of battles with the Syrian Arab army in Maheen. The Army of Islam ….For the immigrants an address The army of Islam’s leader Zahran Alloush announced the opening of an office of “recruiting the immigrants” for receiving the foreign people who want fight beside the gunmen in Syria. Alloush published a photo shows a means of communication with the office through an account on “Skype” for the people who want. Alloush welcomed joining of the foreign gunmen to the army of Islam for participating in the fight from Jabhit Al-Nusra and it controlled the region of cotton gins in Aldouereana. The local coordination committees reported the announcement of the Free Army the control on Alrashedeen district in Aleppo during “the battle of Alqadessiah”, it declared the call up in Alsaqour district after the disappearance of gunmen in it and news talked about their escaping, while their relatives asserted that they went to the east of Aleppo for participating in the fierce battles there. Gunmen withhold confidence of the board of AlHasaka The armed battalions in Al-Hasaka announced withholding the confidence of the military board because of its weakness during the fighting, according to what Almayadeen channel had said.In Deir Ezzor, an official source said that the clashes are still continued between the Syrian Arab forces and the gunmen of Jabhit alNusra in Alrashediah ,Alsinaa and kanamat. Also, the former head of Alashara city council had been killed after storming his home by gunmen
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )291( 2013/11/9 Page NO .4 Al-Zawahiri cancelled ISIS…And Al-Baghdadi will Arab killed in the counnot give up tryside of Hama…and nounced the Islamic state of Attacks in Idleb The leader of Al-Qaeda organization “Ayman AlZawahiri” cancelled the organization of (ISIS), and he asserted that Jabhit AlNusra is a branch of it in Syria and Al-Zawahiri said in a record that the Sheikh Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi made mistake when he an- Iraq and Al-Sham without asking us and Alsheikh Abu Mohamed Algollani committed a mistake when he rejected “ISIS” and when he showed his relationship with Qaeda without telling us. He explained that “the spatial state of Iraq is Iraq, and the state of Jabhit AlNusra of Al-Sham people is Syria. While Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi announced that the Islamic state in Iraq and Al-Sham will remain as long as we are live, and we will not give it up. Syria is committed with UNISCO Syria announced its commitment to continue the developing cooperation with “UNISCO” organization in different important fields, in spite of the current challenges that Syria face .In his speech during the works of the thirty-seventh session of the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, the minister of education Hazwan Alwazz asserted on participating of Syria in building more humane world for achieving an equitable sustainable development that its first concern is the human being . Developing the countryside of Latakia The ministry of Social affairs works for launching a project for developing the rural areas in Latakia in cooperation with United Nations organization of Food and Agriculture “FAO” and the council of the province through studying the possibility of ensuring income for the coming people from the temporary accommodation centers and securing their stability, in addition to giving them indemnifications for the damages of their property A military source stated that the Syrian Arab army clashed with an armed group in “Kafer Nabodah” in the countryside of Hama, and it killed Saudi “Shahoud Mahmoud Alnakdi”, Iraqi “Ahmed Albakeer”, Egyptian “Ibrahim Ezz Alden”, Yemeni “Shadi Alfares”, Libyan “Bahjet Qadora” and two Jordanian “Abed Alwahab Almansour” and “Yusuf Ahmed Yusuf”. Almayadeen channel talked about killing the leader of “Ahrar Al-Sham” battalion in the countryside of Hama “Osama Bin Saad” .On the other hand ,the gunmen of opposition announced their control on Alallaf checkpoint between Soran and Kawkab villages in Hama’s countryside. In the countryside of Idleb, a military source declared that units of the army faced attempts for attacking the military checkpoints and the private and public possession in Alfouaa, Kaferraiah and Een Qaraeei villages, while the sources of opposition announced the killing of the Emir of Binish “Mohamed Bakhouri” during the clashes with the Syrian Arab army