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No288 newslettr daily e-6-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/6 -NO. (288) Battle of “al-Rashedeen and Scientific Research” Warehouses of Mihin under the control of the gunmen PAGE 4 There is not any necessity for the coalition to be in Genève PAGE 4 PAGE 4 A main room of operations in Damascus and its countryside Chemical trucks to Syria PAGE 5 Lebanese university students to the Syrian universities PAGE 2
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )288( Page NO .2 2013/11/6 A main room of operations in Damascus and its countryside 8 citizens were killed and others were injured because of mortars were fired on the commercial market of Midhat Basha and on al-Hijaz Region in Damascus,in addition to material damages. The local coordination committees announced that the ( Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham and the battalions of Shabab al-Hudda and the brigade of al-Habib al-Moustafa ) formed “the main room of operations “ in Damascus and its countryside. On the other hand, the confrontations continued between the Syrian Army and the gunmen in al-Qaboun, Jobbar , Zamalks and Harasta, a military source said that the units of Syrian Army killed by an ambush all the members of an armed group on the way of al-Sein , seized a car loaded with RPJ Shells and medical devices in the valley of Bara- dah and targeted a headquarter of gunmen in Yabroud. The sources of opposition said that the Syrian Army bombed the main market in” Yabroud” and “al-Nashabiah” by rocket launchers in the eastern Ghouta, Dariaa and Isbaina. Battle of “al-Rashedeen and Scientific Research” The sources of opposition mentioned that the Islamic battalions announced the start of the battle of “ al-Rashedeen and the Scientific Research” in Aleppo, the battles between the units of the army and the gunmen of the opposition continued in the villages surrounding of al-Saferra Region in the countryside of Aleppo including “Tal Irin” and “Tal Hassel” , where the army killed many gunmen of for- eign nationalities according to a military source. Unofficial media sources said that the army advanced in “Tal Erin” and progressed in “Al-Lairamoun”. A military source said that the army foiled many attempts of infiltration to Dahrat abd Rabouh in al-Jaddidah , while the sources of the opposition mentioned that the gunmen foiled an attempt of the advance of the Syrian Army and hey targeted the forces of Syrian Army by mortars and rockets. Unofficial media sources talked about the attack against the thermoelectric Station near to al-Saferra by the gunmen of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham by mortars.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )288( 2013/11/6 Page NO .3 Kurdish People Protection continues “ loyalty to the martyrs” The units of the Kurdish People Protection announced for the end of the second stage of the campaign of “ Loyalty for the martyrs of Sreeh Kaneh”in Raas al- Ein in the countryside of Hassaka , where they dominated on Tal-Hilef and al-Manajeer. In Raqa, Fierce confrontations happen between the Kurdish People Protection against the gunmen of “ISIS” and the front of al-Nusra in the village of “Sosak” in Tal-Abiad. Warehouses of Mihin under the control of the gunmen In the countryside of Homs, the sources of opposition announced that the gunmen dominated on the strategic warehouses in al-“Mihin “ Town and killed many of the soldiers of the Syrian Army. Military sources said that the army confronted the attacks of gunmen against military posts in “Mihin” and foiled an attempt of infiltration to the town of alHolla and killed the sniper “Walid Nihily” in the town of al-Hossin. Press information talked about the injury of the Media Coordinator of the opposition in Homs and in the countryside of alQueser. A military source in the countryside of Lattakia said that the Syrian Army killed the Bosnian “Omar’ the head of some of the armed groups in addition to “Saleh al-Domany”.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )288( Page NO .4 2013/11/6 There is not any necessity for the coalition to be in Genève Ahmad Ramadan, the member of the political Body of the opponent coalition announced that the Syrian Opposition in spite that it received an invitation to participate in the triple meeting in Genève, but it did not find any necessity to attend it. On the other hand, sources of leadership of the coalition denied the participation of Rafaat al-Assad in Genève, asserting that the purpose of these rumors is to distort the reputation of the opposition, denying any relationship between any party of the coalition and Rafaat al-Assad. Smashing of chemical weapons goes very well The coordinator of the common mission of the organization of chemical weapons prohibition asserted that there is an advance in the operation of smashing of chemical weapons, indicating in its report that the operation goes very well. Al-Ibrahimi.. the opposition hampers the holding of Genève Al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi, the national Envoy to Syria considered that the opposition is on of the reasons which hampered the holding of Genève, asking the opponents of Syria to attend the conference, indicating that the triple meetings in Genève do not reach for any agreement to specify the date of conference and it was agreed on a triple meeting on the 25th of November and on 23th of November, it will be prepared for the meeting.
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )288( Page NO .5 2013/11/6 Genève conference is delayed Diplomatic sources revealed for an American- Russian Agreement to delay the conference of Genève, asserting that after the preliminary meeting of Genève that the conference will not be hold before December , clarifying that the parts of Syrian Opposition became more divided and put impossible conditions. Civil plans transport fighters to Turkey to smuggle them to Syria The American Channel of CNN previewed a report shows that the civil plans which came down on one of the airports of Iskenderun Brigade transported fighters of “Al-Qaeda”, asserting that most of them are going to Syria. Shaaban.. we will attend Genève The media and political consultant of the Syrian Presidency, Bothaina Shaaban asserted that the Syrian Government will attend Genève in order to stop the support of terrorism, arming and violence in Syria. Reconstruction in Syria Syria announced that it will reconstructed what destroyed in the Syrian Crisis by the Syrians themselves and that during a meeting of ministers which asserts that the gov- ernment will not allow any gunmen to be on the Syrian Lands.