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No287 newslettr daily e-5-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/5 -NO. (287) Al-Hazm al-Wastani is in Safe.. “The gates of God does not close” in Homs Rifaat al-Assad with the opposition in Geneva PAGEto3 Reinforcements Sfiera.. Kurds control over villages in Hasaka PAGE 4 Gunmen surrender in Damascus countryside..“Harbun hill” battle begins PAGE 2 PAGE 4 Al-Miqdad West took advantage of the humanitarian situation in Syria PAGE 4 Differentiation of private universities is ongoing .. Open Education is tomorrow
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )287( 2013/11/5 Page NO .2 Gunmen surrender in Damascus countryside..“Harbun hill” battle begins Three citizens were killed and 19 other were injured due to the fall of mortar shells on Vatican embassy in Abu Remmana, Jaramana, al-Wafdien camo, and Harasta in Damascus countryside, resulted in also material damages. A military source stated that more than 400 gunmen of the capital’s shield brigade surrendered, most of them from Dier al-Asafier in Damascus countryside.The source added that the Syrian army thwarted an attempt to infiltrate into Barzah, and thwarted another attempt to attack a military point in Arna, and killed “Abu-Khaled” Com- pany commander of arsenal of Muslims in Harasta. Clashes are still ongoing between the army and opposition gunmen in Nabk, Jobar, Arbien, Adra, Yarmouk camp, and Sbaina, where 11 gunmen were killed, according opposition sources. The sources also announced the death of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards “Mohammad Jamali Zadeh” in clashes near the shrine of Sayeda Zeinab. Media quoted a military source that the Syrian army operations center in the southern Damascus allowed to block supply lines of the armed groups that are stationed in al-Hajar al-Aswad, Yarmouk refugee camp Babila, Yalda and al-Tadamoun in conjunction with blocking supply lines from the east. The one banner alliance at the western Ghota, announced the start of the battle of liberation “Hrbun hill” at the top of Mount Hermon, where opposition sources stated that gunmen attacked air defense company of the Syrian army on a Hrbun hill, it also stated that opposition gunmen attacked a convoy of the forces of the Syrian army in Harfa, and targeted another convoy on al-Salam highway.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )287( 2013/11/5 Page NO .3 Reinforcements to Sfiera.. Kurds control over villages in Hasaka Opposition sources revealed that gunmen of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant sent reinforcements to support gunmen of al-Nusra front, southwest Sfiera. It also admitted the progress of the Syrian army in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. A military source stated that the Syrian army targeted a convoy of 70 vehicles of gunmen, near cement Laboratory in Aleppo countryside. It also targeted their headquarters in Jdieda, Kweris, Nasrullah, and at the surroundings of Aleppo central prison. Protection units of the Kurdish people, announced in a statement that it controlled over twenty-one village of Ras al-Ain and Ha- sakah, in the first phase of the “campaign of loyalty to the martyrs of Sri Canet”, as stated in the statement. Shariah authority in “Hayyan” in Aleppo contryside, and battalions (Descendants of Omar, Jund Allah, Noor alSham, al-Ansar, al-Shahbaa swords, and martyrs of Hayyan) pledged allegiance for alNusra Front, in a video. while al-Nusra pledged to prosecute abusive people in the region, in its court. Al-Hazm al-Wastani is in Safe.. “The gates of God does not close” in Homs In Homs, a military source stated that the Syrian army controlled over al-Hazm al-Wastani, at the surroundings of Sadad and Maheen. And killed members of an armed group affiliated to alGurabaa “strangers” brigade at the rail, in the surroundings of Maheen, and confiscated Israeli-made machine guns and military rifles, while al-Nusra front, al-Khadraa battalion and Ahrar al-Sham in Maheen, in Homs countryside, announced the start of battle “The gates of God does not close”. A rocket and mortar shells fell at Homs refinery, led to a fire in a tank containing fifty cubic meters of “naphtha”, in addition to material damage Iraqi deaths in Lattakia countryside.. Israeli rockets in Hama In Lattakia countryside, military sources stated that, the Syrian army killed Iraqi militants in al-Beda and Rawda, including an expert in manufacturing explosive devices. The army also confiscated Grad rockets, while the militants were attempting to enter Froulluk forests.In Hama, the Syrian army, in al-Ashqar Mosque in “Jouret Hawwa” neighborhood, seized on Is- raeli-made Lao missiles, , military rifles, RPG launchers, ammunition, silencers, explosive devices and drugs. It also seized on factories for the manufacture of explosive devices, in Khalidiya and Khattab. A military source stated that the gunman who assassinated “Salim Mohammad Bakri”, a member of the Council of Hama, has been arrested.The gunmen of Hama province, of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, broke into a headquarter of brigade “ al-Mutahabbien bellah” and arrested the brigade commander, “Abu Badr al-Hijazi”.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )287( Page NO .4 2013/11/5 Al-Miqdad .. West took advantage of the humani- Differentiation of pritarian situation in Syria vate universities is ongothat humanitarian services do not reach Syrian citizens. The ing .. Open Education is tomorrow Minister said at a news conDeputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Faisal alMiqdad, accused Western and Arab countries, which contribute in the economic embargo on the Syrian people, including the United States, France and Saudi Arabia, that they are trying to reach the political goal by making sure ference that the Syrian government is doing its best for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Syrian citizens, and that it is responsible and concerned that all vaccines reach every Syrian child, regardless of where they are. He pointed out to the destructive role of the Turkish government that allowed the insurgents from more than 83 countries to enter Syria. Al-Zuabi .. Al-faisal leds Saudi Arabia to disappointment Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, described Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud alFaisal, as a desperate Minister, the result of all files he has worked on, was the failure, perhaps due to the lack of experience, so he always leads the Saudi policy to failure and to a deadlock. Al-Zuabi in a telephone interview with the Syrian TV, called on Saudi Arabia to stop adopting terrorism policy against Syria and the countries of the region, because it is the respon- Ministry of Higher education announced that the registration in the differentiation of private universities will continue until Thursday 11/07/2013. While Damascus University announced that the registration for the differentiation of Open Education for the academic year 20132014 will be at the period between 6 and 19 of this month. One Billion S.P the incomes of Tartus port sible for the destruction of the nation. He added that Saudi diplomacy will fail, whether Geneva happened or did not happen, and we will not go to Geneva to hand over power The incomes of the General Company of Tartous Port reached 1.955.791 billion S.P so far. While the number of ships that arrived the port was 874, carried on board 5.210 million tons of cargo. Rifaat al-Assad with the opposition in Geneva A diplomatic source revealed the arrival of Rifaat al-Assad to Geneva to join the delegation of the Syrian opposition, which will conduct consultations with representatives of Russia and the United States and the Arab UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, on 5 and 6 November ,in preparation for the Geneva Conference.