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No276 newslettr daily e-25-10_2013

  1. 1. 2013/10/25 -NO. (276) The army regains Hatitat Alturkeman… soon Al-Assad thanks the workers of electricity and petroleum Al-Nusra adopted Alnuzhaa bombing…And an ambush of the army in the countryside of Aleppo Clashes on the Iraqi borders PAGE 4 For the Second PAGE 4 The Chemical Mission visits new sites PAGE 3 time the Coalition postponed its meeting PAGE 5 Riad Saif to Geneva PAGE 3
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )276( Page NO .2 2013/10/25 The army regains Hatitat Alturkeman… soon A military source announced that the Syrian Arab army regained Hatitat Alturkeman in the countryside of Damascus ,which is considered a crossing connects the Eastern Ghouta with the Western Ghouta and one of the important hideouts of the gunmen and their leaderships, where the army cut one of the supplying way of the gunmen ,the way that connects the two parts of Ghoutah and cracking down on ,militants in the Eastern ghouta and keeping their risk away from the international airport of Damascus .Besides that fortifying Shabaa town and closing one of the ways that were used by gunmen to arrive Almulieha, by this way the Syrian Arab army arrived the surroundings of Alassafeer town, the source added that the army killed about 100 gunmen and other 150 from “Jabhit Al-Nusra” and the Islamic state of Iraq and Al-sham organization “ ISIS” and Serag Alhak battalion ,besides destroying hideouts that included weapons and vehicles which carried heavy machine guns in Hatitat. The army continued its operations and it killed 40 gunmen who are affiliated to “Jabhit al-Nusra” and “the Islam brigade” during an ambush at the range of Aleteeba Lake in the countryside of Damascus, and it confiscated Israelimade anti-tank missiles, PKC machine guns and RPG shells, and it seized a hideout included automatic rifles, hand grenades and sophisticated communications devices, according to a military source. Also, the source talked about clashes between the units of the Syrian Arab army and the opposition gunmen at the surroundings of Tameco factories in Almuleha and the Syrian Arab army killed a leader of an armed group “Muhaned Alkasser”, and he added that the army killed gunmen from non-Syrian nationalities who are affiliated to “the Islam brigade”, in Albouida farms, and they are the Saudi “Wissam Alanezi” and a leader of an armed group “Abo Sahib”. While the opposition sources mentioned that the Syrian warplanes bombed Almudameia and Nabek, while the gunmen used anti- air craft cannons as a reaction after targeting their hideouts by the Syrian Arab army on Zamalka axis. A bombed car was exploded near Osama Bin Yazeid mosque in Wadi Barad market during preparing for bombing it and this caused killing many citizens and wounding other people, while the opposition sources mentioned that the car was prepared to be bombed in Aldemass residence. And a dark-blue bombed car, which contained 50 kg of TNT and it was stopped in the entrance of Saad Aldeen mosque in Alhama district, was dismantled. Also, unofficial informational sources talked about expectations that a military operation will be launched in Qudsseia in Qassion mountain after closing the entrances of the town and all the ways that led to the capital.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )276( 2013/10/25 Page NO .3 Al-Nusra adopted Alnuzhaa bombing …and battles Depots of weapons are for controlling Sadad in the countryside of The “Jabhit Al-Nusra” adopted bombing a bombed car yester- Lattakia ,Idleb and Daday in Alnuzhaa district in Homs, and it caused killing a citiraa zen and four personwere injured .While two rockets had been fallen on the citizens houses in Alinshaat district but no one was wounded. Also, a military source said that the Syria Arab army restored the security and stability to Alsuhnaa town in the countryside of Tadmour, after it killed many armed groups and dismantled explosive devices inside homes. The Syrian Arab army clashed with the opposition militias during their attempt to sneak to Muheen town and Arak village. In addition to that, the opposition sources talked about continuing battles between the Syrian Arab army and militias of “Jabhit al-Nusra” and “ISIS” and Alkadraa battalion and “Baba Amer Adventurous” battalion that seek for controlling Sadad town. According to the local coordination committees a curfew on civilians was announced at Alwaer district for any reaction may be carried out by the Syrian Arab army against civilians. An Ambush of the Syrian Arab army in Aleppo… and clashes on the Iraqi borders Military sources mentioned that the Syrian Arab army killed gunmen during an ambush in Salah Aldeen district after fierce clashes, and it thwarted an attempt for sneaking to Suliman Alhalabi district .Also, it attacked the hideouts of gunmen in Erbeed, Jadeda ,Koueras and at the range of Raseem Alaboud and Tadeef. And it destroyed weapons on the way of Kastello and karam Maessar at the north of AlNerab airport, while the confrontations are still continued in Alsufera. The legal agency ”Alshariah” in Albab city and its countryside announced in its statement that it will not admit of “ISIS” under the pretext of preventing the seditions and the agency asked the people to admit of it as a fighter troop and if any attack happened by the “ISIS” members will be faced with the same way. In Alhassaka, units of protecting the Kurdish people dominated Almazraa and Alseha villages at the range of Alyarubiaa surroundings on the Iraqi borders, after fierce battles with “ISIS” gunmen and “Jabhit Al-Nusra” and other battalions. Also, Almayadeen channel announced that the head of the legal agency “Alshariah agency” of “Jabhit Al-Nusra” Rakan Rashdi A l z o u b a a was killed with two non-Syrian people during bombing of factory for manufacturing explosive devices. In the countryside of Lattakia ,a military source said that forces of the army targeted depots of weapons in Aldouraa village that included Grad rockets, and it killed the leader of “ISIS” Abo Alkatab Almarawi , Ali alsheik Mohamed ,Mohamed Rishan and Ahmd Markabawiand others in Alkouz mountain village. In the countryside of Idleb, the army targeted a depot of weapons and ammunition in Marat Masreen and Yemini gunmen had been killed, the army targeted the gatherings of gunmen in the Eastern Kastoun,Ein Lawuz in the surroundings of Alarbaeen mountain and Sarakeb. In Daraa, unofficial informational sources talked about killing the leader of “Saifu Allah Almaslool” battalion “Mohamed Eissa Alaeesh” as a result of a military operation by the Syrian Arab army in daraa, while the warplanes targeted a hideout of “the Unifying the south” brigade.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )276( 2013/10/25 Page NO .4 Al-Assad Thanked the Electricity and petroleum workers The president Bashar AlAssad thanked all the workers, the observers and the engineers in the Electricity and the petroleum ministries for their efforts for returning and continuing the basic services after trying damaging the infrastructure by terrorists, especially the rapid fulfillment of the workers to restore electricity to the citizens after targeting the gas pipeline by a terrorist act on Wednesday, and this in a telephone call with the ministers of electricity and petroleum. For the Second time … the Coalition postponed its meeting The member of the opponent Syrian coalition Sameer Nashar announced postponing the date of their meeting which was determined at the first of November in Istanbul to the ninth of the same month for discussions about the Geneva conference, and attempts to affect for changing the positions and he referred to the American and international efforts for convincing the coalition to attend Geneva conference and Nashar said that the international parts tried to gather a largest number of opponents in Geneva conference The Market of Damascus is the Third The index of Damascus Securities Exchange market took the third rank in performance among all the Arab stock market.
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )276( 2013/10/25 Al-Jaafari …The Economic measures distorts the international commercial system The unilateral coercive economic measures against Syria have inflamed the crisis instead of extending a helping hand, left very bad impacts on the livelihood of the Syrians and increased their suffering, Syria ‘s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said. “These measures are a completion of backing terrorism and extremism approach,” al-Jaafari on Thursday addressed the Economic and Financial Second Committee at the United Nations during discussing the item of issues related to macroeconomic policies including international trade and development. “Those countries and entities especially the so-called friends of Syria approved and implemented a series of unilateral economic, financial and commercial punitive and coercive measures without distinguishing between the government’s establishments, private sector or ordinary citizens,” These measures have affected negatively on the Syrian economy and the long-term growth, “ al-Jafari said, stressing that the motives and arguments of those political parties are pure political and aim at punishing the Syrian government and the people who elected and supported it.Such measures violate the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter and resolutions and the rules of International Trade Law,” he said. A new Site the Chemical weapons team will visit The joint mission team of prohibition the chemical weapons organization and the United Nations visited a new site in Syria of the chemical weapons and it prepared the containers inside it for destructing it under the agreement between Syria and Prohibition the chemical weapons organization. Page NO .5 Riad Saif to Geneva The spokesman of the national coordination body for the forces of the democratic change in Syria Munzer khadam revealed that the body approved to attend Geneva Conference with participation of a joint delegation of the Syrian opposition ,which is headed by a member of the National Coalition for the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition Riad Seif .He explained that the conference will be held because of an international need for holding it and because it represents a process for opening the political solution which could take many months of negotiations, and he considered that the final statement of foreign ministers of Damascus friends meeting in London a positive step on the right way.