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No274 newslettr daily e-23-10_2013

  1. 1. 2013/10/23 -NO. (274) Daash controls on Bab Salam Friends of Syria are settled their presence in Geneva PAGE 3 A missiles are continue in Homs PAGE 4 PAGE 4 14 detained women gained the freedom The Chemical Mission Free’s shells are hit the visits new sites schools of Jaramana PAGE 2 PAGE 6 The government.. The Foodstuffs and Agricultural materials are available
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )274( Page NO .2 2013/10/23 Free’s shells are hit the schools of Jaramana The fall of mortars at Damascus and its countryside are continue, particularly in (Jaramana) where they fell yesterday evening a three shells at a schools of girls “Nazeh Munther” and “Fayez Saeed” of basic education and at the entrance of nursery school, which caused injuring a teacher and 14 students in addition to material damage, as has been targeting a bus of transport passengers at (Harasta) in the unit of water by shot of sniper led to the injury of the driver in the neck. The clashes between the forces of the Syrian army and the militant opposition continuing in (Jobar) , (Barzeh) , (Qaboun) and (Harasta), while a military source talks about the progress of the Syrian army in (Htetay Turkmen) in Damascus countryside and the violent confrontations in the vicinity of Company Tameco Pharmaceutical Industries in (Maliha), while sources spoke to the opposition for the killed a gunmen by a Syrian warplanes targeting (Mleha) and (Htetay Turkmen) and several towns in mountains (Qalamun) , (Zabadani) and (Maloula), the sources also spoke about fighting is continues in Medma According to the Local Coordination Committees said it was targeting the insurgent mortar vehicle management military in (Harsta) The opposition’s sources said that “Saqr Joulani” a Chairman of military council operations room in (Kenitra) and its countryside was killed in cjashes with the Syrian army.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )274( 2013/10/23 Page NO .3 A missiles are continue in Homs In Homs and its countryside the missiles are still get down on the different districts of the province, citizens have been killed and others injured after a mortar fall near the mosque (Fardous)and a library (Zahrawi) in (Enshaet) and on the area (Mokharm) and (Moshrefha). While battles are continuing between the units of the Syrian army and the militant of “Jabhat Nousra” in (Sadad)and perimeter of (Jouret Shiah) in Homs, a military source talked about the death “Ahmed Abdul Karim Rifai” the leader of group in the town of (Moheen) after a clashes with the Syrian army, also the source said the army responded to attempts of attack on the national hospital in (Jouret Shiah) and the national hospital in (Taldo) and on the military point in (Rasten), while the Syrian army targeting a headquarters of the gunmen in farms of (Tal Zahabiha). A clashes in Sferaa and Daash controls on Bab Salam Sferaa in Aleppo countryside stills is witnessing violent clashes between the Syrian army and the militant “Jabhat Nusra”and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, in contrast, a sources of the opposition was spoke about targeting armed by local rockets the airport (Kwers) military, and they were able to mine and blow up the buildings in the vicinity of (Al-Suleiman al-Halabi). The unofficially sources of media said that the militants of (Daash) were progress in (Azaz) in the countryside of Aleppo, also they attacked villages near (Azaz) and the Turkish border, after taking control of crossing (Bab Salam), Daash called to what so-called “army free” to surrender the station (Atareb) in the countryside of Aleppo because its funding is Western, and demanded to put a legitimate in the Court of (Atareb) while Brigades of “army free” are mobilized its forces to repel any attempt of Storming. In Raqqa, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has announced killing of its Saudi Emir “Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Dakhil” during a clashes with the Syrian army.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )274( Page NO .4 2013/10/23 14 detained women gained the freedom Syria has released 14 detained in from its jails in a deal to release kidnapped Lebanese and Turkish pilots, sources reported that the release process begins in batches, the first is which took place yesterday to complete the process in successive days. Friends of Syria are settled their presence in Geneva The conference of the Group of Friends’ Syria in London has make a decision about the conditions of the opposition to go to Geneva 2, where British Foreign Secretary “William Hague” said that there are no preconditions for participation in the conference, while the American foreign minister “John Kerry” said that the opposition does not require the departure of President “Bashar al-Assad” before starting the negotiations, in turn the Syrian opposition coalition has make a condition to vote the General Assembly for the coalition to attend the International Conference as well as the need to secure humanitarian corridors the besieged Syrian areas and release of detainees in Syrian prisons, and the transfer of power in all its organs and then the departure of President “Bashar al-Assad” from power. The Coalition criticizes America The spokesman of opposition coalition “Louay Safi” accused the United States that it does not take a firm stance of President “Bashar al-Assad” and his regime, he said that President “al-Assad” seems comfortable after the agreement of Russian- American, for all that Washington confirm that there is no place for President Assad in Syria’s future. To that a opposition member of coalition “Samir Shaar” said that the coalition alone is authorized to represent the Syrian people, pointing out that attempts international to put a members from the “coordinating body” between the delegation exhibitions which it is possible to participate in the “Geneva 2”, pointing out that the participation of the Commission in the negotiations is a demand Russian its aim to weaken the coalition and reduce its legitimacy.
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )274( Page NO .5 2013/10/23 Kaag .. Damascus is cooperate Sigrid Kaag charged with overseeing the disarmament of chemical weapons in Syria said in a statement that the Syrian government until now is cooperating to support the work of the advance team and the joint mission between the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations. A trilateral meeting on the next October “Said Farhan Haq” a deputy of spokesman for the United Nations said that “Lakhdar Ebrahimi” will holds a trilateral meeting with representatives of Russia and United States in Geneva on 3 November, after another meeting with representatives of the other permanent members of the UN Security Council. Syria calls for Israel to hand over their weapons Syria announced in a speech before the Security Council during a session to discuss “the situation in the Middle East” that Israel ignores the entire United Nations resolutions that relevant to its occupation of Arab lands, it is also providing assistance to the armed groups in the Syrian Golan and through the transfer the wounded gunmen to hospitals Israeli to treated them and the return them to the inside Syrian territory. Dr. Bashar Jaafari has asserted in the First Committee for the session 68 of the General Assembly of the United Nations in their meeting on nuclear weapons that what issue for reviewing the Treaty establishing a free zone of nuclear weapons in the Middle East makes it imperative for the international community to work towards this goal, and through pres- sure on Israel to join the proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-party holder of it, just like all the countries in the region and put all its nuclear activities to IAEA comprehensive safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
  6. 6. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )274( 2013/10/23 Page NO .6 Alternative courses in Aleppo and Idlib The Council of Higher Education gives the students’ Aleppo University and its branch in Idlib, who have making their exam outside their main university and its branch a cycle alternative for the second quarter of the academic year 2012-2013 and additional session of the decisions and competencies asymmetric, and the Council agreed to give students the faculties of science, civil engineering in (Raqqa) who have making their exam outside their main university and its branch had given them a alternative course for the second quarter of the 2012-2013 school year indicating that these exams will be held before the end of the session next November. The Foodstuffs and Agricultural materials are available Syria confirmed that the economic sector is where the strategy stores are available from various agricultural items and materials will not occur on any bottlenecks especially on oil derivatives, flour and wheat. The Council of Ministers approved the draft law pro- hibiting the owners of motor vehicles that registered in the Directorates of transport to outside their vehicles from Syria in order to sell its, but they could sell it after stopping traffic and regulate the statement of export of the vehicles and pay all financial implications. Development loan.. Continuous The Savings Bank grants continues to give a development loan for workers in the state to civilian and militaries, and announcing that their no any intention to stop a granting this loan, pointing out that the cause of congestion and the length of the period waiting for the loan due to the intense pressure and the large numbers of applications, where the granting 1258 loan in a worth 377 million Syrian pounds since the beginning of November until the twentieth day of it.