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No273 newslettr daily e-22-10_2013

  1. 1. 2013/10/22 -NO. (273) Rockets in Damascus and Homs.. A military operation in Gota Sabra.. No participation for the coalition in Geneva PAGE 3 Army restores Al-Hadath.. Saddad in the hand of Front Victory PAGE 5 PAGE 4 Khatib.. The condition to attend Geneva is non-political Assad.. Success factors of Geneva conference is not available and escaped elThe Chemical Missionfight ements returned to visits new army. sites with the PAGE 4 PAGE 6 Aids in Homs
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )273( 2013/10/22 Page NO .2 Mortar also.. Deaths among civilians in Bab Touma and Jaramana Twelve people were injured after the fall of mortar shells at Bab Touma in Damascus, as other shells landed on Jaramana in Damascus countryside led to the injury of nine citizens. To that formal sources mentioned that the Syrian army is preparing for a military operation in Beit Sahem, Yalda, Babila and the surrounding towns of Saide Zainab to cut insurgent supply routes in Damascus countryside from Golan, Daraa and open the main road leading to Saide Zeinab, while military operations in the vicinity of Omari mosque continued in Kaboun , Duma and Harasta, also killed a sniper in Jobar and an armed group on the axis of Zamalka, and in Maliha continue the clashes between the Syrian army and the militant opposition near the company Tameco Pharmaceutical Industries resulted in killing, “Khalid Kles” and “Muhammad Shaghour”, while clashes took place in Darya killed, “Khalid Asaad” the leader of a group, in contrast, opposition sources spoke of violent clashes on the road to Damascus International Airport on the eastern Gota on the Western Front for Medmah. In a related development Fighting continues between the Syrian army and gunmen in Maloula ,Yabroud , Nabek , Qalamun and Adra resulted in killing, “Ahmed Diab” the leader of armed group, while the Syrian warplanes pounding the militants in the Syrian mountains bordering Lebanon from Ras Baalbek until AlKaa. This Al Mayadeen TV talked about the transfer of three Syrian wounded to Israel Medical Center in Nahariya. Battles recede in Aleppo prison.. Deaths for the Northern Brigade Fighting subsided in the vicinity of Aleppo’s central prison after four days of violent clashes and suicide attacks carried out by Front Victory which killed more than fifty militants, Syrian Red Crescent has managed a team to deliver food and medical materials to the inside of the prison. Fierce fighting broke out between the Syrian army and armed groups in Bostan Basha neighborhood and Khalidiya, also targeted warplanes headquarters for gunmen in the countryside of Sferaa and tlaren, destroyed rocket launchers and vehicles equipped with machine guns in Eyen Aljmajmh, and perimeter military airport, this confronted the army’s attempts to infiltrate the neighborhoods of Sief Dawleh and Zubair Mosque in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din. So clashes took place between units of protecting Kurdish people and militants organizing from D’aash in the village of Maran in the countryside of Aleppo, while were killed sixteen armed men follower’s to storm Brigade in clashes with D’aash near the crossing border of Bab Salameh, this media sources said that the gunmen followers to “Haeaa Shariah” replaced the Brigade the Syrian free gunmen in Bostan Kaser and all the points of concentration between the neighborhood mentioned and Masharqa so as to cut the road in front of extends D’aash for control of the crossing and financial resources.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )273( 2013/10/22 Page NO .3 Army restores Al-Hadath .. Sddad in the hand of Front Victory In Homs, rocket-propelled grenade landed from Al-Hosson town towards the village of Al-Mzaena led to inflict material damage to property and no injuries among the local people. The Syrian army managed according to official military sources to expel militants from the village of Al-Hadath in Homs countryside after targeting their headquarters, the sources said that the army foiled an infiltration attempt on two military bases in Zara in rural Talkalkh. Moreover, according to opposition sources, the Front Victory managed to control of the battalion Hagana in Homs and a detachment of security in the village of Saddad after they entered, and managed to free three stations for Hagana on the oil pipeline, while continuing clashes in the town of Mohen, this targeted Islamic battalions targeted with five Grad reckets the troops stationed at the Altifor airport in Homs- Palmyra road. Missiles in Hama An injured woman and her daughter injured after the fall of rocket-propelled grenades near Al-Hal market and the street and by one of the gas stations in Alsagalbeh in Hama. The official sources said that the competent authorities had arrested the gunmen who assassinated the director of the transfer of Hama Nayef Trad Sirhan. Non-Syrian nationalities in the countryside of Lattakia In the countryside of Lattakia targeted the Syrian army headquarters for the gunmen’s “Islamic State of Iraq and Sham” in the village of Kabeer lead to the deaths of leaders of not Syrian nationalities, including Palestine, “Ahmed Jaradat” The Tunisian “Abu Muslim Tayeb” The Egyptian “Abu Khamees” and the Iraqi “Abu Ahmed Anbari” they are leader terrorist groups of the socalled” Islamic State in Iraq and Sham “affiliated with al Qaeda in addition to Subhi al-Emadi, EzzatJomaa and Abu Obada Alsracba. The source said that the operation also resulted in the destruction of equipment and heavy weapons for terrorists and weapons depots, rockets and mines. The source pointed out that the units of our forces inflicted terrorists’ dead and injured in targeted gatherings in the village of Suda and among the dead Aref Aldoshi Tunisian nationality and Dar- wish Ibouhtab of Jordanian nationality Rashid Hamdan Bo Rasheed Moroccan nationality. The source mentioned that one of our units destroyed equipment and ammunition for terrorists In Zahi village, succeeded in killing number of them, Terkawe Jamaat Libyan nationality and Ahmad Hassan and injured others , while other units ruled terrorist groups in Farnlak among them Shadi Shaker Lebanese nationality and others also injured others and destroyed tools and equipment.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )273( 2013/10/22 Page NO .4 Al-Asaad .. Escaped elements return to fight with the Syrian Army.. And military plans under wraps President Bashar al-Assad said that success factors of Geneva Conference 2 is not available neither a specific date nor the factors that help to take place, he added in an interview with Al Mayadeen TV: If Geneva conference includes stop funding terrorists with money and providing them with weapons and help them to come to Syria, then there will be no problem in Syria, regard to concerning the escaping of the Syrian army, Assad said: All of them fled to a different reasons good number decided to return and welcomed this and some of them returned to work and happened to fell dead in recent months, and some of them cooperate with the Syrian army excellently, He pointed out that Syria in the time being is in a state of war against terrorism, and was not a day with terrorism, “and added that his country was targeted because of its foreign policy, with regard to the US strike on Syria, said Assad: that Syria was ready to the blow, but our planned military kept under wraps. President Al-Assad called Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN envoy to Syria to abide by its duties and the neutral must be subject to a process of dialogue between the conflicting forces on the ground, adding: Brahimi tried to convince me not to stand for election in 2014 and the answer was that this is an internal affair. And about the Palestinian resistance AlAssad assured that the return of Hamas to Syria is the decision of the Syrian people, and if Hamas decided to be a true resistant we are with it but if it wanted to be the Muslim Brotherhood do not have to do with it, and mentioned the president that his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections based on two points first is the personal desire, and the second popular desire, and I do not see any objection to the candidacy for the upcoming elections. This President Bashar Al-Assad received yesterday a delegation from the Women’s International Democratic Federation, Marcia Gambos the head President of the Federation.
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )273( 2013/10/22 Page NO .5 Sabra.. No participation for the coalition in Geneva Sources for opposition quoted from George Sabra head of the Syrian National Council that the Syrian National Coalition will not participate without guarantees of government transition does not include officials from the present Syrian government, adding that the coalition will hold a crucial meeting in Istanbul on 1 and 2 November to take a final position from participation or not of Conference Geneva 2, pointing out that the formation of a transitional government in the presence of President Bashar alAssad and his regime means its ability to disrupt the work of this government and control entirely, and this is completely unacceptable. Khatib.. The condition to attend Geneva is non-political Said a member of the Syrian National Coalition Maaz Khatib that any participation in Geneva Conference to be held on 23 next month conditional subject of human and not a politician, a release of detainees and children captured in prisons, pointing out that this condition has put it in his first initiative negotiating and then the second is still going.
  6. 6. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )273( Page NO .6 2013/10/22 2811 tons of cotton in the provinces the General Organization for cotton marketing announced that the amount of cotton transferred from farmers to centers and cotton gins of the Foundation reached since the beginning of the season of 2811 tons of which 348 tons were delivered in Hama and Idlib gins. Aids in Homs The International Organization for Migration began to distribute aid to the families affected and displaced due to the work of armed groups in Palmyra and nearby areas in collaboration with the official authorities and the Church of Theresa of the Child Jesus in Palmyra, where the aid is enough to more than 800 families and distribution is under the family card to ensure the arrival of aid to beneficiaries.