Daily newsletter-no425 e 23-3-2014


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Daily newsletter-no425 e 23-3-2014

  1. 1. 2014/3/23 -NO. (425) PAGE 4 PAGE 2 PAGE 4 Confusion over coalition’s place in Kuwait summit. AkbikcallonUSto helpFSA Turkish jets fly- ing at Syrian borders Opposition leaders kill in Latakia 50,000 fighter-army to lay siege at Syrian Coast PAGE 2 FSA operations in Aleppo
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )425( 2014/3/23 Spokesman of FSA military council said that the best strate- gic solution to overthrow the Syrian regime in to form of 50 thousand fighter-army to lay siege to the Syrian coast,and cut off all supply routes, according to Anatolia agency. Turkish General Staff de- clared that Syrian army’s ra- dar systems tracked 8 Turk- ish “F-16” fighter jets while flying near Syrian borders in a training flight. For the 3rd day in a row, clashes between Syrian army and opposition fighters continued in Latakia, during which dozens of FSA and Al-Nusra front leaders were reportedly killed. FSA controls the strategic Shoihna mount in Aleppo countryside, acts as the main defense line for Syrian army, as well as several buildings in Alleramoun, in parallel with Syrian warplanes drop- ping explosive barrels on the city.Battles re-erupted in Azizah and Nairab Military Airport in southern Aleppo In a related context, Syr- ian army brigader-general “Sami`e Abbas” and colo- nel “Hassan Makhlof” were killed in Aleppo and Hama respectively. 50,000 fighter-army to lay siege at Syrian Coast Turkish jets flying at Syrian borders Opposition leaders kill in Latakia FSA operations in Aleppo
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )425( 2014/3/23 Mortars hit Damascus Israeli forces on alert ISIL crucifies man in Raqqa 4 injured and several car damaged as mortar shell hit Abu Rumanah neighborhood in Da- mascus, another shell fell on al-Jalla Park, limited damagereported. Israeli army gathered about thirty “Namir” armored ve- hicles near a small camp for the elite of Israeli army in or- der to be relocated inside the occupied terrorists in Golan Heights and Assal valley. ISIL radicals have cruci- fied a civilian after execut- ing him in Syria’s Raqqa, where the group has been holding a permanent base. A video was circulated over the internet showing a man’s corpse fastened to a cross with a banner hanged above his head which read “the man was killed because he had murdered someone to steal his assets”
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )425( 2014/3/23 Rubenstein: military solution in Syria ‘illusory’ Confusion over coalition’s place in Kuwait summit. Akbik call on US to help FSA Discharged employees to be paid The newly-appointed US special envoy on Syria Dan- iel Rubenstein affirmed at his first press speech that sup- porting and unifying moder- ate opposition will be one of the prominent duties of his mission, in addition to fight “Al-Qaeda”, considering that Fayez Sara, media and politi- cal advisor for Ahmad Jarba said that the latter`s speech to be delivered in the Arab sum- mit in Kuwait in 24 and 25 March will urge Arab coun- tries to provide Syrian oppo- sition with weapons neces- sary to change the balance of power. Sara pointed out that Arab states` attitude on grant- ing the Coalition the place usually taken by Syria has not changed, however, implemen- tation delays are due to orga- nizational procedures only. Interim Syrian government says it will be paying salaried for 1200 employees from different governorates who had been formerly dismissed by the regime. Chief assistant of Coalition head, Monzer Akbik, has appealed US to help FSA fight ‘terrorist groups’ and overthrow Assad regime. Akbik said that al-Nusra and ISIL are targeting FSA field commanders. the ability to have a military solution in Syria would be ‘ illusory’. “Washington will reject Assad’s stay in office, we should take steps to solve the dilemma and cooperate with the opposition and the international society to find a solution for the Syrian crisis.