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Daily newsletter-no416 e 14-3-2014


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Daily newsletter-no416 e 14-3-2014

  1. 1. Brahimidescribescandidacyofal-Assadaspoliticalexplosion…al-Jaafarireplies 2014/3/14 -NO. (416) PAGE 3 PAGE 3 PAGE 5 Opposition`s cell cri- sis in Aleppo and Yabrood Maloula`sSistersdon`t representedChurch ISIL`s emirate in Hama Miqqdad cooperates with Syrian army`s intelligence to reveal al-Assad`s work Al-Moallem in a hospital PAGE 2
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )416( 2014/3/14 Al-Moallem in a hospital. Miqqdad cooperates with Syrian army`s intelligence to reveal al-Assad`s work Unofficial Media reported that Syrian Foreign Minis- ter, Walid Muallem, enters to the American Univer- sity Hospital in Beirut at the 08, 30 pm on Thurs- day evening, to make an urgent medical tests in his heart, and according to some information that, Al- Moallem, has been entered through an underground garage, accompanied by a large number of escorts. Preliminary information reported that the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, and Finance Minister, Ali Has- san Khalil, were visiting him at the hospital. Louay Mokdad, head of the Center (tracks of media) “vowed” President Bashar al-Assad to publish more than of 50,000 secret docu- ment that leaked from Da- mascus revealing the un- observed about his crimes against Arabs, foreigners and Syrians detainees, “We will start next Monday to view all the names of Arabs and for- eigners detainees since the starting the revolution that we have form a number of intelligence officers and the Syrian army” Miqqdad said.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )416( 2014/3/14 Opposition`s cell crisis in Aleppo and Yabrood ISIL`s emirate in Hama ISIL withdraws from Lattakia countryside! Iyad Qudsi, Vice Chairman of the interim government opposition announced forma- tion a cell crisis consisting of the coalition of the oppo- sition Syrian and the interim government and the con- cerned bodies inside Syria for dealing with the critical situation in the province of Aleppo and Yabroud in Da- mascus countryside.On other hand, the government decid- ed to specify 200,000 dollars for Yabroud city in Damas- cus countryside, and 500,000 dollars for Darya, Moadamy- eh, Yarmouk camp, Hajar An media unofficial talked about withdrawal of ISIL`s militants from countryside of Latakia and countryside of Jisr al-Shughur in Idlib a week ago of starting the withdrawal, and some means explained that they withdrew to Raqqah and Aleppo east- ern countryside.On the other hand, opposition`s gunmen announced in a video clip their responsibility for the kidnapping 94 women and children from the country- side of Latakia, as hostages to secure releasing support- ers of the opposition from the prisons of the Syrian government, expressing their willingness to swap the kid- napped civilians with 2000 prisoners one year ago. Asouad and Yalda.”These amounts will be spent by lo- cal councils and it considered as a medical emergency help until we can provide all kinds of supporting to all areas in the country”, Qudsi said. The leader of the so-called FSA announced that about three thousands of fighters of the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” and some lead- ers are gathering in Albelaas mountain in eastern country- side of Hama in the Syrian des- ert and holed up in the caves, and they are preparing to an- nounce their Emirate, “ ISIL`s fighters have resorted to these mountains in order to control on the knot of strategic ways in central of Syria for cutting off supply lines and transfer- ring fighters of FSA and its al- lies of the Islamic factions, and also includes two oilfields: Al- Shaer and Jalama.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )416( 2014/3/14 Opposition liberation Adra Battles in Aleppo. Opposition loses control of Alhsrgih hills. The General Command of the Islamic Union of Ajnad Al-Sham in conjunction with the Jabhet Al-Nusra and the Islamic Front in Eastern Gouta announced in a state- ment that they liberate Adra city in Damascus countryside In Aleppo and its countryside, a heavy fighting took place between the Syrian army and opposition`s fighters, especial- ly in the vicinity of the cen- tral prison of Aleppo, Bustan Al-Ksere, Alatareb and An- dan, coincided with bombing of the Syrian military avia- tion on Sheikh Najjar area. Opposition`s sources said that Mujahideen Army targeted a building of Municipal Palace, who are stationed in it snipers of the Syrian army. In light of ongoing battles be- tween militants of the opposi- tion and the Syrian army near the Housin area in TalkTalk countryside in Homs, unof- ficial media sources claimed controlling the Syrian army on the hills of Alhsrgih near Zara town, while sources of the op- position said that militants of opposition stood up to try the Syrian army for storming the Alhsrgih village and liberation a large num- ber of areas and installations in the vicinity of Adra and killed more than of 800 sol- diers from the Syrian army and seize the warehouses of ammunition, weapons and military vehicles.
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )416( 2014/3/14 Brahimi describes candidacy of al-Assad as political explosion… al-Jaafari replies Maloula`s Sisters don`t represented Church The UN envoy to Syria , Lakhdar Brahimi, “warned from an explosion of the Syrian political process in the talks of Geneva if the Syrian government insisted on the nomination of Presi- dent Bashar al-Assad to the new mandate”, according to close media sources to Bra- himi, which quoted the lack of optimism about the possi- bility of a third round in Ge- neva, because of difficulties to make negotiations about the terrorism and format- ting f a transitional govern- ing body , and address the problem of presidential elec- tions .At press conference, Brahimi, pointed to the lack of an official announcement issued from Damascus on the conduct of the presiden- tial elections, “There are a lot of activities that suggest the possibility of organizing a presidential elections, and he Greek Orthodox Patri- archate of Antioch and All the East said that the state- ments of some nuns who have been released lately from coercive captivity do not reflect the stances of the Church but are motivated by the long period of cap- tivity. In a related context, sources in the church point- ed out that, Pelagia Sayyaf, nun she never reflects the position of the church, and from the pre-crisis she has not related with any official act or pastoral of the Church. if that done the opposition`s factions will not negotiate with the Syrian government”, he added.For his part, the Syrian delegate to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Jaafari, criticized linking of, Brahi- mi, the electoral process in Syria in Geneva`s talks and the peaceful solution, stress- ing that the election process in any country is an internal affair that no one has the right to talk about, either it were the elections in Syria or in another country.