Daily newsletter- e no526 2-7-2014


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Daily newsletter- e no526 2-7-2014

  1. 1. 2014/7/2 -NO. (526) PAGE 2 ISIS’s new Islamic State divides Syria and Iraq, Islamic Front Islamic army starts sever battle against ISIS Islamic battalions rejected ISIS new “Islamic Caliphate” Muslim Brotherhood alternative of SNC PAGE 4 PAGE 3 Scholarships for o interim government students Islamic Caliphate is Islamic Bushra, al-Baghdadi PAGE 2
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )526( 2014/7/2 Islamic Caliphate is Islamic Bushra, al-Baghdadi Islamic battalions rejected ISIS new “Islamic Caliphate” ISIS’s new Islamic State divides Syria and Iraq, Islamic Front Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , “the caliph” and “leader for Muslims everywhere “con- sidered the new “Islamic Ca- liphate” is an Islamic Bushra and defends Muslims and regain their rights and their sovereignty, and the succes- sion gathered Caucasian, In- dian and Arab, Egyptian and American, French, German, Australian, as they avenge Moderate Islamic battal- ions rejected ISIS declara- tion of Chief Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi as “the caliph” and “leader for Muslims ev- erywhere”. This the Islamic factions said that this move- ment aims to divide the Is- lamic world, leads to go the wealth and outlets to minor- ities , except this enables foreign countries to inter- vene in the Muslim lands. Hsaan Abboud, the presi- dent of the political Islamic Front said: “ISIS declares of a new “Islamic Caliph- ate” is something slur to Is- lam.” Warning of conspira- cy from various parties that aims to divide Syria and Iraq, where south Shiites Iraq will settle with its oil, as well as North Kurdish, in contrast the Sunni areas will live in war and pov- erty, while in Syria ISIS’s aims became known from the very beginning. the Muslims in the corners of the earth, calling Mujahi- deen and the Islamic nation in the month of Ramadan,” to support the religion jihad for the sake of God to remove tyrants, calling on Muslims to self-sacrifice and money to support religion, calling ISIS soldiers to not fear the enemy and to forgive Sunni families. The statement was signed by all of Mujahideen Shura Council and the whole le- gitimacy of the Union of Islamic Shariah Board in Aleppo and the General Au- thority for Islamic scholars in Syria and the Shariah central region and the Legal counsel of the Islamic Front and the Islamic Foundation in Idlib and the Shariah in the Sahel
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )526( 2014/7/2 Islamic army starts sever battle against ISIS Hijab apologizes attending Coalition’s president elections Muslim Brotherhood alternative of SNC FSA controls missile battalion elections Opposition Sources said that Ahmad Tohme head of inter- im government is preparing to resign f from Syrian oppo- sition Coalition (SNC), this came after Muslim Brother- hood put all their weight in the interim government and took over all the joints, and after the resignation of Ali Bayanouni, head of the Mus- lim Brotherhood of coali- Opposition sources reported the FSA controlled missile battalion eastern Aleppo after fierce clashes with Syrian army. The Islamic army for Islamic Front starts the battle of crush- ing ISIS in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside; this Islamic army has its full con- trol on Marej area from ISIS. Opposition Sources reported that Riad Hijab apologized for attending the session to elect the President of the Coalition to be held in the coming days, sources added that the pro- cedures of the coalition are required that the candidate should attend personally and that means that Hijab would not run for presidency . Me- dia sources earlier said that Dr. Riyad Hijab refuses to run again for the presidency of the coalition after losing the last time in front of Jarba un- less there is consensus on his name among all the parties. tion , and after it announced the U.S. administration to allocate huge amounts of training and arming the Syr- ian opposition, the sources pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood want through several steps, including the formation of new military entity includes many fac- tions working on the ground and also with the announce-
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )526( 2014/7/2 Methods amendments in Al-jazera district Scholarships for o interim government students Special Committee to prepare the curricu- lum of Education in Al-Jazera area, where it is scheduled to cancel the substance of National subject in schools because they embody the ideology of the Baath Party and replace it with democratic nation with amendments in the subjects of geography and history to study in the next year , ex- plained Chief of Education it will perform a ‘France will give scholarships for out- standing students who have been succeed- ed in the secondary exams which were under the supervision of Syrian opposi- tion interim government “, Interim Oppo- sition Government’s Education Minister stressed. “Turkey approval regarding to certificates that are issued by Syria oppo- sition interim government will allow Syr- ians to register in all Turkish private and governmental universities, praising Arabia Saudi decision by giving scholarships for special curriculum in Kurdish through three books from the first grade until the ninth to be included within the new curriculum. He predicted that Abdo rejects Syrian Ministry of Education adjustments but he believes that it is their right to develop the curricu- lum appropriate for them just like the cur- riculum taught by the coalition of the Syrian opposition in the areas of control. 3000 Syrian students, hoping to include all Syrians not just who are in the kingdom”, he added.